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  1. aap

    Turd Eating Cat animation

    Just take a closer look. It's only a small reference. Hint: it's in the cargo hold of the plane.
  2. aap

    Turd Eating Cat animation

    Yes, that is Sopwith! I really love that game.
  3. aap

    Turd Eating Cat animation

    Wow, thanks for the positive reactions everyone! :D Haha, I was actually thinking of sending it to him. Not sure what to tell him though.
  4. Hello there! I made an animation. I tried to make it look like an old DOS game. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/554661 It contains references to several of my favourite DOS games, including DOOM.
  5. aap


    Hmm... Yeah, my host told me my site would be offline for like 12 hours or something. Anyway, I have a new version of DoomWord because it didn't worked on Vista. Download it here!
  6. aap

    Animation with DOOM in it YAY!

    Yeah, that's the Dopefish, ofcourse! :)
  7. aap


    Thanks for the positive comments, guys. :) There's one thing though, some of the colors the DOOM palette doesn't like, so it gets a bit messy. Maybe I'll fix this later. Haha, Nightmare font would be cool.
  8. Haha, who are you? Pretty funny that I just jump in here and someone actually already knows me/my animations. :P I could do a map, but I am also too lazy and I don't have time right now. :P
  9. aap


    Oh, hi guys. This is a program I made a while back. It allows you to type in the DOOM font and save it as a .BMP file. http://www.plasproductions.com/vdplas/DoomWord.zip edit: I've updated the link. I think this one should run in Vista just fine! Enjoy.
  10. Hey guys, look at this animation. It has DOOM in it. How awesome is that. http://www.plasproductions.com/cartoons/taxi.html The DOOM part is somewhere towards the end. Plas.