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  1. icecreamsoldier

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    Wow that was a lot of fun giving it a quick play through. Thanks Death-Destiny! If there's to be another release I have a couple of suggestions: my level was designed with a different sky texture in mind, so if we're using the night one all the way through then the global light level in my map should be reduced by 10 or so. Also the custom sky texture in the second episode (after finishing the new levels and reading the nice text ending) doesn't tile properly.
  2. icecreamsoldier

    My first level, kind of finished!

    I agree with the above suggestions, although to me there were lots of parts to the level, especially at the start, that would be nicer if they were a little less cramped (for the player, monsters and aesthetics). Also I was looking for something to shoot me and to shoot at while waiting for those three raise/lower platforms, otherwise they're just an irritation...or maybe I'm just impatient. And yeah definitely put some (more) health in the middle sections there. Otherwise a good start to Doom mapping, some very interesting and imaginative stuff in there!
  3. icecreamsoldier

    New project

    Not at all I'm glad you did, I'd somehow missed this thread before and now all I can say is wow, awesome.
  4. icecreamsoldier

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    Looking good! As you say, quite ultimate Doom, I like it. It's a shame about people dropping out without letting anyone know till the last minute, but all will be forgiven once I get my hands on the finished product!
  5. icecreamsoldier

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    I agree. Architecture allows a lot more creativity and variation, whereas things are limited if only by the amount of time it takes to make custom sprites. But if you neglect architecture your WAD risks looking at best like a '94 WAD, or worse an old Wolfen3D map. Personally I hardly notice things a lot of the time, and too many can be annoying if they're impassable. But like with everything, a good balance is the key.
  6. icecreamsoldier

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    How's progress? Are we all set for release?
  7. icecreamsoldier

    First Megawad here is a demo

    You've certainly got lots of imagination, and you're a fast mapper. I quite like some of the new stuff but the archviles are a bit tough in such a big group. I never put more than two in one place in my wads, as they move fast and you need to be able to get out of their line of sight. Keep going though, you're only getting better.
  8. icecreamsoldier

    A new level

    The link is down, possibly gone. It was working fine 10 minutes ago.
  9. icecreamsoldier

    A new level

    You're clearly getting better, though it's still very blocky. A few curves here and there might be nice, some stairs and other height variations. It's all too claustrophobic. I ran out of ammo on those barons of hell but other than that the gameplay was alright.
  10. icecreamsoldier

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Sorry, I do tend to get the two games confused... but you understand my point anyway which is the main thing.
  11. icecreamsoldier

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I agree with printz. Whenever I play Ultimate Doom I find myself wishing for the SSG. Killing demons, hell knights, barons of hell and cacodemons is a real pain without it. Aside from that though I rank them pretty equally.
  12. icecreamsoldier

    First Megawad here is a demo

    There are texturing problems (textures that don't match, doors about 96 or 112 pixels wide with 128 pixel textures, unmarked doors that aren't "secret" etc), the levels are way too small and far too easy. I got through the whole thing in a couple of minutes (most of that loading between levels), always at 100% health. Don't put so much health and ammo into your levels, and don't bother with invulnerability for just one cyberdemon.
  13. icecreamsoldier

    My first map ever

    It's very simple, the texturing could be a lot better, but congratulations for making a WAD without any errors! I'd recommend you change the yellow skull texture to a door texture and make a short strip of yellow skulls on either side, or on a separate pillar(s). For the exit, make a switch, hole in the ground or something rather than just a wall with a walk-over line to exit. Generally it's best to make doors 64 or 128 pixels wide so that the door textures fit them properly instead of tiling half a dozen times. And replace all those ashwall textures with something nicer. Lastly, don't put the BFG right at the start with so many cells. Different weapons are good against different monsters and if all you're taking on is revenants and arachnotrons just put in a SSG and a box or two of shells.
  14. icecreamsoldier

    NDCP2: Absolute Evil

    This is great stuff, as always. Yes there's a lot of red, but as long as that doesn't get in the way of gameplay (damn, which red room was that SSG in again??) it shouldn't be a problem. Aesthetically its perfect.
  15. icecreamsoldier

    [Community Project] Untitled New Years CP.

    My map is all done and emailed, at last. Good luck to everyone who's still working on theirs!