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  1. What is "IRC" and how do I get an IRC client or program??? Edit: Its a chat thing-amajigger.
  2. Summoner

    Hexen/heretic DM+coop levels

    IdSoftware.com has heretic & hexen for sale. I used to know a programmer that made fun Hexen add-ons.I forget where to get any of them now...
  3. Summoner

    Weather Effects in ZDoom

    Ghostbusters doom has rain sprites & sounds in some maps.
  4. Summoner

    How do I use MP3's in EDGE?

    I don't think you can, at least in the next/newest release of EDGE... I heard they switched to OGG format music... look at the edge site.
  5. Summoner

    Underwater monsters??

    Mars is like Earth, it has ice caps.Look in a space/science book!
  6. Here's somthing funny that happened when I was testing a wad of mine... I was in a team map with two bases and the other guy was in the middle of the arena and I shot him... he turned in the opposite direction and said *Ping!* and continued walking... I shot him again and he said *Ping!* and turned around again.. and said "Quack!Quack!" :)
  7. Summoner

    Internet Deathmatch Doom FAQ

    I knew about this place ever scince I bought Doom. I just had to wait until I got a faster computer... and I do now in case you don't want to guess why I'm here. :)
  8. Summoner

    Why is my ping so high?

    Hmm, I have experience in online gaming and it turns out connection speed AND computer speed make a difference... I used to play StarCraft on battle.net with my old pentium 1 on a 56k connection and I used to be able to rule "Mass attack" games as long as there where only 4 or so other players with under 100 units moving at once on the whole map. Multiplayer Aliens Vs. Predator 2 on my newer Pentium 4 is better. 16 bit color works ALOT faster than 32 bit, even when playing at a 1200 rez with FULL detail and only 32mb vram. Doom at a 37k or higher makes my ping go to 140-190 or lower/higher at an 800x600 rez with packet compression.I can be the LEAST laggyest person in a coop with tons of lost souls and see no lag... only a monster blink once.I say if your connection goes below 36k reconnect to the internet.My average connection is 38.2k I connect at 41.2-44.1k alot.Thats where I get my advantage in dm. My highest connection ever was around 46/7k. Do I have good connection speeds? If it helps, I use At&t.
  9. Summoner

    Prepare For Chaos

    This is why he didn't want mlook! I turned it off... why, you ask?You could see through them! I didn't want to spoil the feeling so I turned mlook off... it looked great!I liked the underwater parts the best..
  10. Summoner

    Prepare For Chaos

    I can't play it!Aaaahhh!!!Nooooo! I can only play the first level on legacy... -Polysize 2048 Heh heh... I'll try it on Edge...
  11. Summoner

    Digital Music On The Edge

    I like the EDGE alot, I do have Windows XP... heh. No Mp3 music!?Ahh well... at least it's been updated! :) Edit: Correction: at least the site was updated! :)
  12. Summoner

    Computer troubles...

    MAN you people have NO idea how to use a computer! Sheesh!My new computer has NEVER EVER crashed, but my old computer has only had ONE huge gigantic crash and it was fixed.It has a pentium but can run without many badly damaging lockups.All it needs is more ram.. and..... something FASTER THAN A PENTIUM!!!!! Edit: let me also note it has 32MB of ram and a 30GB hard drive, you can't imagine how many errors and slowdowns it suffers from... One more thing: My new computer has about 500MB ram while I set it up to have 2GB backup ram on my hard drive. Now let's stop posting in this thread unless it's REALLY important.
  13. Summoner

    REAL Doom editing

    Using big words, are we?
  14. Summoner

    REAL Doom editing

    I have used EdMap on my Dos supporting computer for a while, but using floppy disks to swap data can be boring and sometimes are bigger than 1.44MB.No computer place knows what the hell I'm talking about when I ask about networking... EdMap is only good for Doom maps... but I want MORE... heh. Oh and if Fodders is reading this: Good game :) Edit: One more thing, I don't want to make new weapons but create differen't effects.DeHackED requires Dos, and I'm going to use Win XP...
  15. Summoner

    A new 32 Level deathmatch Wad

    Don't even bother with him, I've been here for 3 days and I already know alot about you people...