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  1. So how much for a copy of Dark Plutonia?

    1. Xyzzу


      Exactly 1024 RUB!

    2. Paul977


      You have my contribution

  2. Death-Destiny

    No Chance



    This is a ridiculously difficult Boom-compatible map I made in the spirit of Erik Alm's eaxt.WAD. The only incentive for playing this map on UV is purely for the sake of the challenge and to see if you can complete a seemingly impossible task, as this map is otherwise completely unplayable or fun for any other reason. If you want a fairly upbeat, but managable challenge, play HMP. If you want a more casual run, play ITYTD or NTR.
  3. I'm not trying to defend myself. I'm trying to get this project back on track. I ask again, would you finish this thing if I just leave and never return?
  4. So what if I said I'll pack my things and give up my leadership position so Mech can lead this by himself? Would that help? I don't have any grudges here, and this project is more important than our quarrells and disagreements. There Mech, would that give you the satisfaction that you've gotten me back for offending you so much so the project can be finished for everyone who has been waiting for it? :(
  5. I'm not denying that I've made mistakes in the past. I clearly have, that much is obvious. But I can't unmake the past, though. If this whole ordeal is about getting me back for my past conduct, then there's nothing I can do about that, and destroying 1024_2 is not going to get back at me for my past actions as much as it will flick off everyone who's contributed something to it. I don't think we should drag everyone else into this vendetta... :( And besides, what more can I do about my past mistakes than to apologize and atone for them, which I've long since done. :(
  6. If I told you I'm sorry for whatever I did to make you upset, would that help? True that I said you were taking awhile to complete your contributions, but that's just because everyone is waiting. I'm not trying to imply that you're useless... I'm just being impatient like everyone else. It's nothing personal. And also, I didn't kick you out of 1024_2. I just said that since we couldn't agree that I'd handle organization aspects of the project so it would get done without us bickering. It's not like I'm telling you not to contribute. I wouldn't have removed your contributions if you didn't ask me not to use them... :(
  7. Wow. This thread really went to Hell since I was last here... @Mech: You're really going to destroy this whole project because of a personal disagreement between the two of us? I hope you're happy watching this go down in flames knowing that you've gotten me back completely for offending you with my judgements. :(
  8. Death-Destiny

    Men are better then women

    That dude is just attention-whoring. He says all that stuff just because he knows it will bother people so they will give him attention, even if it's negative attention.
  9. Death-Destiny

    Doom on Piano

    Quoted for truth. IMO, technical perfection is the least important component of art.
  10. Death-Destiny

    Two light levels by Eternal

    It's really pretty easy. These floating metal thinga-mabobs are just sectors of architecture lowered from the ceiling. As you are no doubt aware, Doom renders the sky on any sectors marked with the flat "F_SKY1". The two screenshots below have identical architecture, except the top one uses the sky flat and the other one uses a generic, solid looking flat. You do not need to do anything strange with the surrounding sector to achieve this effect.
  11. Sorry, the damage gradient in the COLORMAP is still screwed up. Mech's got someone on this right now, though I'm not sure what will come of it. I'd say this thing's probably going to be released on 10.24 no matter what. If Mech's modder can't get it fixed soon, we're just going to fix it ourselves or use another playpal. I know you all are tired of waiting for something like that. :/ Another announcement, if you remember anyone who signed up for and was pushed out of 1024_2 that's not on the roster because I forgot them, please point them out. There's only two slots left and I want them to get one. :_( Also, no one is allowed to make second maps at all for this project. I want to leave the remaining slots open to new team mates for the rest of the project (unless they stay open for like 2 months straight, which won't happen.) Finally, we need someone to make an Icon of Sin map for MAP30, someone to use the 666/667 triggers for MAP07, and two people to put secret exits in their maps for MAP15 and MAP31. Any volunteers? Thanks guys. :)
  12. Death-Destiny

    Two light levels by Eternal

    Look closely. They're just made of 5 layers of midtextures, though they look really good! I'm going to reserve my judgements until I actually play this. Eternal is an awesome mapper, so it should be an interesting pair of maps. These maps appear to be of a surreal nature... :D
  13. Death-Destiny

    Vanilla Map Complete!

    No. I like it the way it is. That setup with enemies raising out of the floor in completely none-obvious places is one of my favorite set-ups. I'd leave it, though you're free to do as you please with your own map. :) I didn't notice anything out-of-place with the texturing... I actually thought it was pretty nice. The map was easy as has been said, but the gameplay was there (which is what matters), so I enjoyed it. You can release your map stand alone, it doesn't have to be part of some project. I agree that a whole 32 map megaWAD is quite the ambitious project, but I'd recommend perhaps a 5-8 map miniWAD that you can release a bit quicker to get feedback, and that won't seem so daunting. Good work, BTW. :)
  14. I think Kingkill is trying to see if he can exceed the SEG limit within the bounds of a 1024x1024 square! ;) Also, I put this in the first post, but its at the bottom, so a lot of you probably didn't bother to read it. Everyone is limited to submitting 1 map at the moment, since as you can see our roster is already almost full (damn, this 1024x1024 concept is popular... who knew?), and we want to give others a chance to sign up who didn't happen to be around in the last couple of days.
  15. Death-Destiny

    Election '08

    I want to comment on all this media, but I'm just too dumbfounded to really come up with anything. Come on. People just can't possible be that dumb. America lets terrorists be Senators now? Give me a break. I try to be open minded to the fact that some people are dumber than others, but there has to be a limit to stupidity at some point.