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    No Chance



    This is a ridiculously difficult Boom-compatible map I made in the spirit of Erik Alm's eaxt.WAD. The only incentive for playing this map on UV is purely for the sake of the challenge and to see if you can complete a seemingly impossible task, as this map is otherwise completely unplayable or fun for any other reason. If you want a fairly upbeat, but managable challenge, play HMP. If you want a more casual run, play ITYTD or NTR.
  2. Death-Destiny

    Another New Doom2 Map

    OK, so I've not been inspired last week (hence why I was not posting updates for DP.) It was like I was in a funk or something. Any doom maps I played didn't seem fun and any maps I made seemed bad. =( I made the beginning of this map during that time to try to get my inspiration back. Anyway, I got out of my funk and finished the map up and couldn't believe I hated it. =O Not sure what was wrong with me. Anyway, this map is very difficult. If you've played any of my maps, you know the gameplay style by now. Since I make such hard maps, I put thought into the difficulty, so there are skill levels if you need them. I included a demo of a UVmax run of my map to help you get ideas of what you can do in trouble spots of the map if you're having a tough time with UV. Alternatively, you could simply watch it to admire the aesthetics since I think the map is pretty good-looking. =) The demo was recorded with Zdoom V2.2 and the map requires Boom. The map is titled "Grime" for some reason. =/ Some of you might enjoy this. I did, but then I was the one who said that my favorite maps are ones with lots of Cybs, arch-viles, and revenants, and I think I'm in the minority. =P Here, take it: http://files.filefront.com/Grimezip/;10256339;/fileinfo.html Comment if you want...
  3. DOWNLOAD: http://www.doomuniverse.net/DDChance.html (Yeah, I'm just going to put the download link at the top this time so you don't have to hunt through my rambling for it...) Yay, I finally had some time this weekend to make another Boom-compatible map. OK, the title might be an exaggeration (possible, but not necessarily), but this map is pretty hard, though. Let me preface. The mood around here recently seemed to be giving attention to slaughter maps, so it got me in the mood to make one. Then I figured it would be fun to make something completely crazy like eaxt.WAD. So that's where this came from. UV is balanced such that the only incentive for playing it is purely for the challenge to see if you can complete what initially may seem like an impossible task, and is neither playable nor fun for any other reason. HMP is comparable to my regular UV difficulty, so you can play that if you're not interested in UV. Finally, Skills 1 and 2 are implemented as usual for those who aren't looking for too much of a challenge. Skills 1-3 take about 15-20 minutes and in the hypothetical case where UV is possible, it would take about 40 minutes. I tried to make the map look nice for this type of map (I think I did a fair job). It's set in a Hell cavern, which seemed appropriate. You can see some screenies on my webpage for this map, as well as the downloas link. Sorry, no demo this time. It was as much as I could manage with my schedule just to get this map finished. There's probably some janky glitch I couldn't find anyway where if you do X,Y, and Z in that order, you get stuck or something. I wouldn't want my demo to desync when I fix the map. =( It would probably be better for some public playtesting first anyway. So yeah, that's it.
  4. Someone suggested making a sequal to Congestion 1024 and the idea has generated some interest, so we'll roll with it. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the mappers are required to create a map in which the player's movements are confined to a 1024x1024 box. However, the map itself can be any dimensions you wish and the enemies are not confined to this space. If you've yet to do so, you can download Congestion 1024 here. It's really quite fun. =) Myself and Mechadon will be co-ordinating this project. This project uses a texture pack compiled by Mechadon. (Make sure to take a look at the readme for the credits. People like being credited for their work!) It's also fine to add any additional custom textures on your own as well. However, using custom textures is not compulsory... you may use only stock resources if you wish. The rules for this project are exactly the same as the original. You must make a map where the player is limited to a 1024x1024 box. The maps MUST be Boom-compatible. Texture resource links (V5): http://www.zshare.net/download/17686766b259c688/ - 2.49MB These are all the people who've said they are interested as of now. If you'd like to join the team, say so in this thread. [Edit]There are 0 map slots available![/Edit] 1. Death-Destiny (2 slots) 2. Mechadon (2 slots) 3. Dutch-Devil 4. Architect of Hell 5. gggmork 6. Spertz 7. Butts 8. Fisk (2 slots) 9. Shotgunmasacre2 10.Mik57 (2 slots) 11.StupidBunny (2 slots) 12.Lord_Z 13.TheMionicDonut (2 slots) 14.Dreadopp 15.Jimmy91 16.InsanityBringer 17.Fiend 18.Kyka (2 slots) 19.Stewboy (2 slots) 20.Kingkill33 21.Impboy 22.Alterworldruler (2 slots) 23.Pcorf (2 slots) 24.POTGIESSER 25.Doom Marine 26.Nuxius 27.Fusion When you complete your map, simply PM/e-mail them to me and Mech. You may submit any MIDI you wish with your map. So that's that. Sign-ups and suggestions can be posted here. Otherwise, everyone whose already signed up can get started. You can post screenies here as well. Maps completed: 32/32 (I'm making up names for any maps submitted without them... if you think of one after submission, let me know and I'll change it.) COMPLETED: ALL OF THEM!!! MAP07: "Dead In, Dead Out" by Mechadon MAP15: "The Inmost Con'dens'ed" by Jimmy91 MAP30: "Claustrophobic Concluson" by Death-Destiny MAP31: "Somewhere that's Green" by TheMionicDonut "Mudbath" by Stewboy "Bitter Sanctuary" by Kyka "Handful of Dread" by Dreadopp "Corrosion" by Shotgunmasacre2 "Metallic Echo" by Stewboy "Enough Space?" by Lord_Z "The Black Serpent" by POTGIESSER "Twilight of the Demons" by Alterworldruler "The Blood Factory" by StupidBunny "Spitshine" by Fiend "End of the Line" by Kingkill33 "Calypso Station" by Mik57 "Diminished Apparatus" by Mechadon "Hex of Depression" by Paul Corfiatis "Severed Survival" by Fisk "Technicfear" by Paul Corfiatis "Second Assault" by Spertz "Oil Rig" by Mik57 "Forgotten Fortress" by Dutch Devil "Graytech Industries" by Impboy "Abstraction" by gggmork "Slaughter 1024" by Death-Destiny "Checkpoint" by InsanityBringer "Dismalady" by Alterworldruler and TheMionicDonut "Aura of Evil" by Butts "Proceed with Caution" by Kyka "Obliteration" by Butts "Fear No Evil" by Dutch Devil In Progress: NONE :D OPEN: NONE :(
  5. Alright, a bunch of you have apparantly started your 1024_3 maps, so might as well get this going. 1024_2 is just about done, so keep your eyes out for it. I just called this mapset Constriction to follow the excessively long C word that means small theme. You guys can argue about it more in this thread if you want. For those who are (by some miracle) unfamiliar with the 1024 concept, mappers have to create a map in which the player's movements are confined to a 1024x1024 area, though the map's dimensions are not limited and monsters are not restricted to that area. If you've yet to play Congestion 1024: GET IT NOW If you've yet to play Claustrophobia 1024: Coming 10.24.2008! Same deal as last time. Your map has to restrict the player to a 1024x1024 box and it has to be Boom-compatible. Make sure to put co-op starts in your maps so diehard co-op players can play co-op in this mapset. Again, same procedure as last time. When you get done, send me your map with whatever MIDI you want. You can post any screenies of your map here as well as comments anything 1024. Sign up in this thread as well. Don't call specific mapslots because as you saw in the 1024_2 thread that just makes things more confusing. If you don't feel like naming your own map, I'll name it for you. Here's the list of people who have expressed interest in 1024, got chased away for 1024_2 while it was full, or got kicked out for whatever reason. I'll post a status list later when maps start getting submitted. No deadlines right now. Most of you guys can balance real life and mapping. The deadlines will start when progress stops. If I forgot you (which I'm sure I did for many of you), just let me know... I'm only a bee after all. :3 [Edit]Also, mappers are limited to one map a piece. Slots are too limited to allow multiple map submissions.[/Edit] OPEN MAPSLOTS: 3 1.Death-Destiny 2.gggmork 3.Butts 4.Mik57 5.Stupidbunny 6.TheMionicDonut 7.Doom Marine 8.Fusion 9.Kingkill33 10.InsanityBringer 11.Joshy 12.Kyka 13.Spertz 14.Solarn 15.Stewboy 16.Craigs 17.Dreadopp 18.Dutch Devil (MAP15) 19.Pcorf 20.Fisk 21.The Lag 22.Kimo_xvirus 23.Lord_Z 24.Impboy 25.Jodwin 26.Brinks 27.TheGreenHerring 28.POTGIESSER 29.JohnnyRancid (Do you still want to participate???)
  6. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    I'm not trying to defend myself. I'm trying to get this project back on track. I ask again, would you finish this thing if I just leave and never return?
  7. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    So what if I said I'll pack my things and give up my leadership position so Mech can lead this by himself? Would that help? I don't have any grudges here, and this project is more important than our quarrells and disagreements. There Mech, would that give you the satisfaction that you've gotten me back for offending you so much so the project can be finished for everyone who has been waiting for it? :(
  8. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    I'm not denying that I've made mistakes in the past. I clearly have, that much is obvious. But I can't unmake the past, though. If this whole ordeal is about getting me back for my past conduct, then there's nothing I can do about that, and destroying 1024_2 is not going to get back at me for my past actions as much as it will flick off everyone who's contributed something to it. I don't think we should drag everyone else into this vendetta... :( And besides, what more can I do about my past mistakes than to apologize and atone for them, which I've long since done. :(
  9. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    If I told you I'm sorry for whatever I did to make you upset, would that help? True that I said you were taking awhile to complete your contributions, but that's just because everyone is waiting. I'm not trying to imply that you're useless... I'm just being impatient like everyone else. It's nothing personal. And also, I didn't kick you out of 1024_2. I just said that since we couldn't agree that I'd handle organization aspects of the project so it would get done without us bickering. It's not like I'm telling you not to contribute. I wouldn't have removed your contributions if you didn't ask me not to use them... :(
  10. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    Wow. This thread really went to Hell since I was last here... @Mech: You're really going to destroy this whole project because of a personal disagreement between the two of us? I hope you're happy watching this go down in flames knowing that you've gotten me back completely for offending you with my judgements. :(
  11. Death-Destiny

    Men are better then women

    That dude is just attention-whoring. He says all that stuff just because he knows it will bother people so they will give him attention, even if it's negative attention.
  12. Death-Destiny

    Doom on Piano

    Quoted for truth. IMO, technical perfection is the least important component of art.
  13. Death-Destiny

    Two light levels by Eternal

    It's really pretty easy. These floating metal thinga-mabobs are just sectors of architecture lowered from the ceiling. As you are no doubt aware, Doom renders the sky on any sectors marked with the flat "F_SKY1". The two screenshots below have identical architecture, except the top one uses the sky flat and the other one uses a generic, solid looking flat. You do not need to do anything strange with the surrounding sector to achieve this effect.
  14. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    Sorry, the damage gradient in the COLORMAP is still screwed up. Mech's got someone on this right now, though I'm not sure what will come of it. I'd say this thing's probably going to be released on 10.24 no matter what. If Mech's modder can't get it fixed soon, we're just going to fix it ourselves or use another playpal. I know you all are tired of waiting for something like that. :/ Another announcement, if you remember anyone who signed up for and was pushed out of 1024_2 that's not on the roster because I forgot them, please point them out. There's only two slots left and I want them to get one. :_( Also, no one is allowed to make second maps at all for this project. I want to leave the remaining slots open to new team mates for the rest of the project (unless they stay open for like 2 months straight, which won't happen.) Finally, we need someone to make an Icon of Sin map for MAP30, someone to use the 666/667 triggers for MAP07, and two people to put secret exits in their maps for MAP15 and MAP31. Any volunteers? Thanks guys. :)
  15. Death-Destiny

    Two light levels by Eternal

    Look closely. They're just made of 5 layers of midtextures, though they look really good! I'm going to reserve my judgements until I actually play this. Eternal is an awesome mapper, so it should be an interesting pair of maps. These maps appear to be of a surreal nature... :D
  16. Death-Destiny

    Vanilla Map Complete!

    No. I like it the way it is. That setup with enemies raising out of the floor in completely none-obvious places is one of my favorite set-ups. I'd leave it, though you're free to do as you please with your own map. :) I didn't notice anything out-of-place with the texturing... I actually thought it was pretty nice. The map was easy as has been said, but the gameplay was there (which is what matters), so I enjoyed it. You can release your map stand alone, it doesn't have to be part of some project. I agree that a whole 32 map megaWAD is quite the ambitious project, but I'd recommend perhaps a 5-8 map miniWAD that you can release a bit quicker to get feedback, and that won't seem so daunting. Good work, BTW. :)
  17. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    I think Kingkill is trying to see if he can exceed the SEG limit within the bounds of a 1024x1024 square! ;) Also, I put this in the first post, but its at the bottom, so a lot of you probably didn't bother to read it. Everyone is limited to submitting 1 map at the moment, since as you can see our roster is already almost full (damn, this 1024x1024 concept is popular... who knew?), and we want to give others a chance to sign up who didn't happen to be around in the last couple of days.
  18. Death-Destiny

    Election '08

    I want to comment on all this media, but I'm just too dumbfounded to really come up with anything. Come on. People just can't possible be that dumb. America lets terrorists be Senators now? Give me a break. I try to be open minded to the fact that some people are dumber than others, but there has to be a limit to stupidity at some point.
  19. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    No, the player has to stay inside the 1024x1024 box at all times no matter what, even if they would die by leaving that area, so even lava pits, death traps, etc. all have to be within this bounds if the player can enter them. For this case, you could probably just put a 64x64 box at the very edge of the playable are to telefrag the player without wasting hardly any space, so that would be my suggestion.
  20. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    Yeah, you can use the sky transfer to apply any sky you wish from Mech's texture compilation. Sky transfer is not really a Boom feature, but most all Boom-compatible ports support it anyway, so it's allowed. [Edit]Heh. Mech answered the question first... oh well, I tried. ;)[/Edit]
  21. Death-Destiny

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    Mionic is joking. This project probably won't be done for quite a while. You've got plenty of time to finish your exams and contribute to this one.
  22. So that means that all we have to do to stop global warming is start a reverse-daylight savings program so that we instead have a total 2 hours less of sunlight per day compared to regular daylights savings time. There. Problem solve.
  23. Death-Destiny

    Claustrophobia 1024: The Sequal to Congestion 1024

    I like this design better, but I can't read whatever the blinking word says. I think that ought to be touched up. :/
  24. Death-Destiny

    Claustrophobia 1024: The Sequal to Congestion 1024

    For those of you who didn't add co-op starts, don't stress over it. I'll add them in for you. I'll probably record some demos as well for some of the more indoor-esque maps so you guys don't have to watch the defaults desync (funny as that might be ;]), but something a bit more interesting anyway.
  25. Death-Destiny

    Which WADs do you like to play on the most?

    Oh no. It's alive!!! Slige owns all. =O