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  1. well that was the shortest revival so far.....
  2. literally 2 weeks from releasing and bailed
  3. The ratio of doom legacy rooms in those screenshots is too low they might be fake =p
  4. ermacaz

    Tower of WAR: Beta testers requested

    Its been 8 years and still not released... Mega and I may have to do it for you
  5. ermacaz

    Doom Connector Revival

    Hi Grotug, you should come join us. We could use a good DM game going
  6. ermacaz

    Doom Connector Revival

    [12:30] Dagger: if u build it... whill they come
  7. ermacaz

    Doom Connector Revival

    Hello all, We are trying to start a revival of doom connector. Many of you used to use this service in the early-mid 2000's before it initially went down; the service has been back since then but many of you old members seem to have moved on or forgotten. We want to bring back the community it produced as well as welcome newcomers. While forums like this have helped preserve the online doom community it does not compare to a live chat in a game lobby style. This idea initially started as a ORB clan regrouping but others have so far joined in as well to where we have generally several games a day, but we know this can easily grow with your help. Please come join and play doom together with future friends once again. Even if you log in and don't see many people around yet just start idling to build a community members list. As it grows and more people are on more will be active and starting games. So please, come join us for just one more game of doom http://home.comcast.net/~mrrocket/dcsite_finals/DC3Setup.exe
  8. ermacaz

    Daedalus help

    Hi x it has been a while. I got doom cravings recently so been playing again. Il be on doom connector now and then if you wanna play. Ya I made this topic a whole ago. Figured I'd bump too see if anyone noticed
  9. ermacaz

    Daedalus help

    And hello to you too macro been along time as well
  10. ermacaz

    Daedalus help

    HI zap been along time
  11. ermacaz

    Daedalus help

    So I've started playing through daedalus again, as I could never beat it before, and once again I am stuck. I'm in the crew's quarters and just turned off the lasers blocking the doors to the single man rooms in the middle. I have no idea what to do next. Apparently, I'm supposed to find a console somewhere in the crew's quarters. Any thoughts? UPDATE: Found my way. - =[ORB]=ermac P.S. Hello to everyone I haven't talked to since DC's death.