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  1. skillsaw

    What demon annoys you the most?

    There are annoying monsters that are more dangerous (chaingunners!) or more pressing (pain elementals!) but if we're just talking sheer annoyance factor, for me, it has to be spectres. Like... I'm not sure they even have a purpose other than to be annoying...?
  2. skillsaw

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I didn't make Eviternity but here are some reasons why I only claim support for a limited set of ports for Valiant/Ancient Aliens: 1) It's already massively time intensive as-is to test wads across the 4-5 major MBF compatible ports. 2) Most modern ports support extended nodes which greatly reduce slime trails and thus improve the visual quality of the maps/reduce bugginess, and to me and others this is a worthwhile tradeoff 3) The number of people who play Doom wads is relatively small, and the number of people who do so in non-modern ports is a tiny subset of that group Getting Eviternity running in MBF is a cool project/proof of concept if you're interested in that sort of thing, but it's your project -- Dragonfly does not claim to target MBF.exe at any point. A set of supported ports is provided in the top post in this thread for a reason. What you're asking amounts to saying "don't use features that aren't in my preferred port" but those features exist for a reason, and map designers will continue to use them (and yes, we know that doing so will rule out play with certain ports).
  3. skillsaw

    3030 - my take on a "city map" (Boom+)

    Oh, that's devious. I would never have tried that.
  4. skillsaw

    3030 - my take on a "city map" (Boom+)

    Really cool / creative map, and much shorter than I expected. The screenshots instantly reminded me of the ending of Sunlust MAP06. Anyways, I played in Eternity on HMP. For me the purple section was much, much harder than the rest of the map. Might just be me though. For some reason I especially liked the part with the imps and the cyberdemon. Couple minor nitpicks... There's an issue with the HUD message text in Eternity. it appears to be palletized incorrectly (or maybe it's being translated? in either case, the HUD text looks kinda gross). Other thing is that I think the holographic-bridge-lightbeam midtextures are from Ancient Aliens, and there should be some additional frames in there to make them animated if you like.
  5. skillsaw

    The 2020 Cacowards

    Congrats to all the winners and runners up, and to everyone who got a mention for doing something cool! I've played some of these, but it looks like I've got a lot more Doom to catch up on. Somehow, it seems like the community gets more prolific every year, even as Doom gets older and older. I can't imagine how much work goes into preparing for, writing, and editing this each year, and how tough it must be to make some of the decisions. I'm not the first but I want to shout out another huge thanks to the Cacowards team for all their efforts - I look forward to the Cacowards and love reading them every year. So... Thank you to everyone involved!
  6. skillsaw

    Doomworld Fantasy Megawad

    Cool idea, rd! If I did a full draft, I'm not sure I'd be able to follow all the rules (it would be really hard for me to pick 32 maps without a few repeat megawads). I might just do that anyway.. Anyways... MAP02 - Underwater Explosions by Tango from Back to Saturn X: Episode 2 I don't know exactly what a MAP02 is supposed to be, but I love what Underwater Explosions is. It's playful (both in its gimmick, and its great music track) and despite the ambitious scale of its architecture (which might lead you to believe it wants to be something much grander), at it's heart this map is a quick, fun, gimmicky romp. I know everyone remembers that E2 opens with Shadow Port, but I think this map is just as effective in welcoming the player back to Back to Saturn X. MAP04 - Seclusion by Mattias Berggren from Alien Vendetta I know there are "better" maps in Alien Vendetta, and I'm sure there are "better" MAP04s in other wads, but this map has a special place in my heart and I'll defend it to the death. Alien Vendetta was the first mapset I played after rediscovering Doom in the 2000s, and Seclusion is the first map in AV that really ups the monster count and density to levels that I really hadn't seen before. Especially not in a map that (at least superficially), looks like it wants to be in an E1 replacement. There's one drab, gray hallway with a monster closet inside a monster closet inside a monster closet, and there are more monster closets outside. Experiencing this monstercloset-ception made me fall in love with Doom again. This map is great. MAP06 - Neo Gerouru by Ribbiks from Sunlust A beautiful map -- I love the neon lights and the contrast between light and dark, and between splashes of bright green or orange and the brown and black backdrop of the map. The ending, in particular is a visual standout, with a descending lift looking at orange and green lights that glow and alternate, almost as if they're dancing, and opening into the super cool neon bridge scene in the screenshot. It's fun to play, too -- the combat is tight and kept to a small scale. It's a good introduction to the combat puzzle/light "slaughter" style that this wad is known for. MAP11 - My Fav by Nanka Kurashiki from Japanese Community Project I think in most megawads this would be a secret map. And I think that's a shame! OK - I am a total sucker for cute concepts, bright colors, and silliness. I know that to many players, Doom wads should be serious, violent, and metal (and sometimes I indulge in that too), but at heart I think I've always enjoyed it more when I think of Doom as a bright, cartoony arcade game and a vehicle for dumb jokes. My Fav totally gets that. MAP14 - Sledge by Darkwave0000 from Speed of Doom This map looked insurmountable the first time I saw it. I mean, it doesn't look as intimidating as Dark Dome or Demonic Hordes, but still... Turns out, though, that Sledge isn't anywhere near as tough as it looks. Speed of Doom gets a lot harder, of course, but at least in Sledge, the name of the game is slaughter with an emphasis on speed, mobility, and player empowerment, and that is right up my alley. It's a great map to run wild and blow off steam in. MAP15 - Cryonology by AtroNx from Eviternity I think this map mostly speaks for itself so I'm not going to write much. It's insanely ambitious, it's great looking, the clock setpiece is unique, memorable, and fun; and the music carries the map in the parts where the combat lets up. Kind of strangely, I've never found the secret exit, meaning I have no idea how to get to the guest map I did for Eviternity. MAP17 - Canyon of Blood by Erik Alm from Scythe 2 I think it's pretty widely accepted that Scythe 2 is a prototype for a school of megawad based on combat, flow, and a visual style that emphasizes tight theming and macro-architecture over micro-detail. Canyon of Blood is one of my favorite maps in Scythe 2 because it goes one step further by conveying a sense of adventure, grand scale, and visual narrative. After making the bloody trek through the canyon, you're allowed to look back and see what you had to overcome. It elevates the experience. Plus, this is one hell of a palate cleanser after Mr. X (I went there, fight me). MAP30 - Game Over by mouldy from Going Down Game Over is my favorite MAP30. If you ignored the carefully planned set dressing, there's not much to it. Do a little switch hunt, run past a couple monsters, exit ... but it's the jokes and references to the wad as a whole that make it so memorable. And I think that's what's important in a finale -- a finale shouldn't be just about challenge, or being epic or visually impressive, it should be about leaving the player with a good feeling about what they just played, and the feeling that the journey was worth it. I can't think of many finales that give me that feeling the way Game Over does. On second thought, it's probably not a good pick for a fantasy megawad, because it draws its cleverness and humor from the 31 other maps you've played through to get to it... but I'm putting it forward anyway (please don't make me shoot rockets at a wall texture anymore).
  7. Just played through the latest version (maps03-06). Here are my thoughts. Rig This map was fantastic, absolutely a highlight. I loved the music, too (as usual). It's a great adventure map -- as soon as I saw rockets and items strewn about the snowfield (and thus knew that it would be accessible later), it conveyed the 'escape' narrative of the level. The layout is great, particularly the use of portals to build a 3d space... I was really impressed with how effortlessly the layout weaves above, below, and inside the rig. Finding shortcuts and getting previews of areas I'd go to later was awesome. This is the kind of layout that anyone who is curious about what EE/Linked portals can do should check out... just great stuff. Also, the escape ending was really cool. I love the visual of doomguy escaping onto the empty snowfield -- again, just felt like this map had a well executed narrative/adventure to it. Minor nitpicks.. I did get really confused after finding the BK -- took me a while to figure out I had to go back to the start and find the RK area from there. In the red area, there are some monsters standing on crates you can lock in place if you shoot them partway over the edges. There are some small, red ceiling light sprites... they look like they float in the air to me (maybe they need a Y-offset adjustment?) The midtex bars where you get the RK block hitscan shots for some reason, maybe this is intentional though (seemed weird to me) After getting the RK and BK, he yellow area felt empty ... mostly because I was able to snipe a lot of the enemies in there before gaining access You can leave the map without killing the big bad at the end (just walk around behind the exit hole and go in, even if the bars are raised still) Temple Another nice adventure map that was fun to explore. Layout is clever again, I suspect no matter where you go it takes you to one of the keys, even though it's very nonlinear and open... I thought it was weird when I found two pinkies just before exiting the map (since every other monster is skull themed!). I also thought it was strange that the lava wasn't damaging. Knee Deep Pretty nice map, very easy but still fun. It kind of suffers from the same thing Knee Deep in the Dead does, meaning, once you get the chaingun it's basically impossible to die. I liked the blue keycard ambush. I wasn't able to exit, though... I couldn't figure out where to go once I had all the keys. Maybe I missed something obvious? Toy Don't really want to spoil anything here, this map is cute as hell -- I liked it a lot. The color coordination is clever. Ammo and health both felt really low to me, though... I savescummed quite a bit to get through this on HMP (maybe I'm just bad though).
  8. skillsaw

    How do people come up with map layouts?

    I usually have a large central area that I build the map around (often, an outdoor area with separate buildings, other times a 'courtyard' type area that is encircled by structures, or (rarely) a collection of hub rooms). Usually this isn't too fleshed out to start but I will add loops around the periphery using roughly the following steps: 1) add an objective for the player to the central area (a weapon or powerup the player clearly needs, a locked door, or something that needs to be remotely activated, like a platform or stair that can be raised, or walls that can be lowered) 2) add the solution to that objective (the key or switch) in such a way that it is also visible (or hopefully at least obvious) from the central area 3) build a loop to allow access from the central area to 2) (hopefully quick access to 1) as well) Repeat steps 1-3 but optionally make access dependent on completing a previous loop. The reason I like to place the objectives/solutions before building any new areas is because it lets me concentrate on how I am reusing the central space of the map. This approach also provides clear milestones (another loop done! time to figure out the next one, etc) which helps keep me motivated. As I reread this post I realize I'm probably talking about "flow" more than "layout", but TBH I have a hard time distinguishing the two concepts.
  9. skillsaw

    Creating custom skybox not using map info

    Set the upper texture of the 271/272 line to the sky texture you want to use.
  10. skillsaw

    Ancient Aliens through Marine's Best Friend

    Ancient Aliens wasn't tested on anything other than PrBoom-plus, (G)ZDoom, Eternity, and Zandronum. I believe Doom Retro added support for all required features after AA's release, so it can also be used to play Ancient Aliens. Anyways, you'll also run into issues with the map nodes, which were built using ZDBSP extended nodes (which has the benefit of reducing slime trails significantly, but also limits the wad's compatibility to the subset of ports that also support extended nodes).
  11. skillsaw

    The strange case of a translucent floor

    It's an issue with the way midtextures are drawn in the software renderer. Someone more knowledgeable about the graphics engine could tell you why the midtextures get drawn this way, but to fix it all you need to do is set the sectors on both sides of the midtexture to different light levels (you can just add +1 light level to the sector on the inside if you want it to look exactly the same).
  12. skillsaw

    Sigma-X [5 maps demo version is out!]

    Really nice maps. The visuals are expertly crafted (blue, gray, and dark gray with lots of vegetation is the secret key to my heart :)), and it's really great to see layouts incorporating 3d floors and swimmable water. I did find a secret rocket launcher on MAP02, but even so, I'll admit that the combination of high monster density and low rocket supply overall made the gameplay a little slower than I like overall. Also - I assumed jumping was OK considering it wasn't explicitly disabled by the MAPINFO, hopefully that wasn't cheating. I'll be watching this thread for more!
  13. Fun maps. I got a pleasant sense of disorientation navigating the passages that twist and turn around (and above and below!) themselves. It feels a lot like Gray Dwarf or One Flew Over the Reindeer's Nest, just on a smaller, 1024 scale. On MAP02 I did manage to get an Arachnotron on a catwalk stuck (shooting him with the shotgun a few times pushed him partway over the edge of the catwalk.. some monster blocking lines should do the trick). I'm looking forward to more!
  14. skillsaw

    Do you wish modern megawads were shorter?

    In my experience, I've mostly gotten the feeling that a megawad is going on too long from community or team based projects (i.e. projects with less strict map curation or a less centralized directorial vision). When you are only committed to making a single map for a megawad instead of making it in it's entirety, I think there's some pressure to make your mark, and no one is going to reject your magnum opus ... but it gets thrown on the pile with all the others, and it's exhausting to play all these efforts back to back. In addition, when it comes to the overall composition of the community project, everyone is working in the dark - no one really knows what map might come before theirs or after theirs (likely because those maps don't even exist yet since everyone is working concurrently!). On the other hand, if you're planning to make all/most of the 32 maps yourself, for the sake of your own sanity you'll almost need to make some small/punchy maps just to have any hope of ever seeing release, and that ends up working in the player's favor. And since you're intimately aware of how all your finished maps play and if any of them have the potential to be exhausting (because you've actually played them all to death while making them), you can make maps that compliment the composition as a whole, and place them in a logical order so that diversity and escalation/deescalation of play are satisfying. And you can identify and plan the maps that you need to make to pull disparate maps together. The best wads, IMO, have a harmony that comes from the quality of the composition as a whole rather than quality of individual maps. I'm generalizing, though - there are definitely exceptions :)
  15. It did not. Although I find gameplay mods an interesting source of novelty, my projects are all intended to stand alone - I do not make any considerations towards any mods or test with them.
  16. skillsaw

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    ya'll are way too nice
  17. skillsaw

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    WHAT IT IS: Valiant is a MBF megawad for Doom II featuring 32 new maps spanning 5 themed episodes. Each map is designed to be played from a pistol start, but some effort has been made to support continuous play as well. Additionally, Valiant includes a number of new monsters and weapons implemented through an extensive MBF format DeHackEd patch. As a result, Valiant is not compatible with gameplay mods, and can only be played in ports with full MBF DeHackEd support. At present, these include ZDoom, GZDoom, PrBoom-plus 11), and Eternity. Zandronum is also supported through DECORATE. If you're using PrBoom-plus, make sure to update to the build. You can download it here. A big goal of Valiant is variety, and although you'll see many of my tropes over and over (hordes of weak monsters, Mancubus and Arachnotron snipers, 3-key doors, the occasional arena fight...) I did aim to make a wide variety of maps. There are short punchy maps (MAP03, MAP22), sandboxes (MAP06, MAP18), long adventure maps (MAP10, MAP28), silly gimmick maps (MAP07, MAP19), and everything in between. Most maps are densely packed with monsters, and occasionally you'll see something resembling full on slaughter (although Valiant is not a slaughter wad, MAP31 aside...). Anyways, on to the good stuff... SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: Final version: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/valiant.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/77yq6ppm3rjt50o RC3 (outdated): http://www.mediafire.com/download/dp6wgs75jgfwegu RC2 (outdated):http://www.mediafire.com/download/uhi8uokal5p4d30 RC1 (outdated):http://www.mediafire.com/download/1b6rxv7t46roakk DIFFERENCES IN SOURCE PORTS: In (G)ZDoom, Eternity, and Zandronum, each episode is selected from the main menu. In PrBoom-plus, Valiant plays like a conventional 32 level megawad with a death exit at the end of each episode. Episode ending texts and splash screens are implemented using MAPINFO and therefore are only present in (G)ZDoom, Eternity, and Zandronum. Music changer objects are used a few times. These are not supported by Eternity, and thus Eternity will simply continue playing the map's default midi track in these situations. The final boss will graphically glitch in ports without DECORATE support but this does not impact gameplay. I recommend playing in ZDoom or Eternity for the optimal experience. If you would like to record demos or play multiplayer, PrBoom-plus or Zandronum are recommended, respectively. PLAY INFO: Valiant's difficulty is somewhat higher than Vanguard or Lunatic. If you've played either of those and found them too difficult, I recommend playing Valiant on skill 3 or skill 2. As stated above, gameplay mods will not work with Valiant due to the extensive DeHackEd patch included. HISTORY/DEVELOPMENT: I started building Valiant in February 2012 as a speedmapped megawad focused on small maps. After making 10 or so of these, I grew tired of limiting myself to small maps and decided to make whatever maps I wanted to. It took three years of off and on work, with breaks from mapping lasting as long as 9 months to get here, and a total of 39 maps, but I'm finally done! You can take a look at the map list and see when each map was made here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/4933m6r0i5tuavl CREDITS: Special thanks to dew, esselfortium, Seele00TextOnly and Tarnsman for testing, quality control, criticism, and technical advice, and also for being chill dudes. Thanks so much for your help! Special thanks to the creators and maintainers of utilities, source ports, and wikis, without which this project wouldn't have been possible. Special thanks to the Doom community as a whole, but especially the Doomworld forums and #doomtwid for making me feel at home. Resource credits are included in Valiant.txt.
  18. skillsaw

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    No need to apologize, thanks for reporting the issue... If a change in had broken the wad, I would definitely want to know. But I'm glad it was something you were able to fix.
  19. skillsaw

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    Thanks erzboesewicht! The MAP31 issue is definitely an issue with the map, I've been aware of it since just after the final release but since demos had already been recorded I opted not to fix it (the map can be completed, but there is a particular route that will mess up triggers and make it impossible to reach the exit ... it's been more than four years, so I don't remember the specifics beyond that). I haven't heard the MAP07 or the MAP17 issues reported before, despite them being played and tested pretty extensively in -cl 11. On a quick test, MAP17 seems to work with the build of on this page: http://prboom-plus.sourceforge.net/history.html ( test r4526), at least, assuming this area is where you encountered the HOM: Archvile gimmick on 07 seems to work as well. Are you on a different build of prboom-plus? Any chance you could reproduce the bug?
  20. skillsaw

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vanguard & Lunatic

    Nice! I'll try to participate this month ... not that I expect to survive! WARNING! Just as a heads up to all who participate - the death exits on Vanguard MAP05, MAP10, and MAP12 are ridiculously janky and slow. Take care not to press anything when you die, or you'll get reset to the beginning of the map.
  21. skillsaw

    New features added in Eternity

    Thanks - I wasn't aware of this. Looks extremely useful.
  22. skillsaw

    New features added in Eternity

    Somehow I missed these changes, I can definitely use those specials to simplify some ugly scripts I have. Being able to put F_SKY1 on walls is actually a huge convenience and simplifies stacked portal outdoor setups quite a bit.
  23. skillsaw

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The textures are mostly OTEX (by Ukiro). The grass is a midtexture applied to lower unpegged two sided lines that trace the cracks between the bricks.
  24. skillsaw

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The grounds of a factory left to crumble.
  25. Valiant: Vaccinated Edition still changes the darkest four colors in the red range to fade to black properly (which is fairly common practice).