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  1. I began work on a partial conversion IWAD called Spree... you can get it REMOVED I'm sorry but as of now I do not know how to properly take screenshots (when I use the print screen key, then paste the screencap into Photoshop, the colors are way-off, due to the different color palettes.) Well, check it out if you like, and let me know what you think PS: try the plasma gun...I totally changed it around :)
  2. Forestknight25

    RAEV3N total conversion project...volunteers? Or $$

    Know what? Putting RAEV3N on hold sounds like a pretty good idea. I'm pretty tied up, what with school and all (not to mention several other non-DOOM projects) so it'll wait. I'm not sure I'll evedn call it RAEV3N. As of now, my only real DOOM-related desire is creating this really tough type of enemy, then just placing him in maps as needed...I really love testing my cojones when it comes to fighting extremely badass enemies (damn you Cyberdemon! oh wait...you're already "damned"...lol) I presume I could go the Aliens TC route and combine attributes of several existing enemies/things. The only new DOOM monster I want to make is Kazuma the Shell Bullet (from s-CRY-ed.) I've always wanted to pit him against Doomguy. Now considering his alter (the "power" of the characters in s-CRY-ed) has three stages, I thought of the following: Stage 1: I dunno (sargeant maybe?) Stage 2: Beefed-up Revenant Stage 3: Cyberdemon *using WAVs I ripped from the show as well* *his attacks involve launching himself forward, so the monster to use for that is obvious: Lost Soul* I want to do this one myself. Can anyone give pointers to the proper IWAD editors for this? Kicking Kazuma's ass is the only thing I desire in DOOM at this moment.
  3. Forestknight25

    RAEV3N total conversion project...volunteers? Or $$

    Hey thanks man :) I'm doing my part (to quote Starship Troopers) I'm creating the player sprite right now... EDIT: Wow, why is it you DOOMworld forum goers are so nice and encouraging? Totally not like some of the @$$holes on other forums.
  4. Forestknight25

    RAEV3N total conversion project...volunteers? Or $$

    I understand...however the only map experience I have is with DOOM Builder...though I presume I can learn a few modding tools if I can get my hands on them. As for now, all I can do is sketch characters, weapons, enemies, etc.
  5. Hiya guys, sorry for the long post I have an idea for a total conversion that's so converted it's actually a totally new game, with a whole new story, using the DOOM engine. I have many ideas for games, but it is a shame because I have very little skill with modding or programming. I would really like to know what you guys think about the following ideas, and I would love some volunteers to help with the programming, graphics, sound and/or modding (hopefully I will learn more about it as well.) Preferably without pay, if you really want it I will be willing to pay you if you can't have it any other way...after you say so we'll discuss how much. * The levels would be entirely new, and a great deal of the textures would be new too. * The levels would use cubic designs, blending the Wolfenstein 3D style with the more advanced DOOM style. * The music would be be all new songs, in module (*MOD,*IT,*XM) format. * New enemies and weapons, some replacing existing DOOM enemies, others completely original. * New weapons and totally new HUD * Involved story. * Possible in-game cinematics using sprites, raycasted backgrounds and voice samples (possibly,) as well as text to tell the story. I'm also not sure we can do this, what with all the added features, but I felt like writing it down. Here's the story...I'll go into more detail about the rest of the game later. RAEV3N A mysterious valley region with breathable air, water, plants and other Earth-like necessities exists inside one of the Moon's craters. The Terran Reform Federation (TRF) has had a colony there for many decades now. However, when a mysterious energy signal is detected coming from two adjacent structures in the valley, and when exploring the first structure, a temple of sorts, the creatures inside the temple have escaped and killed all the colonists. As it turns out, the beings that live in the temple are a race known as the Righteous, a species of biomechanoid created by the god of punishment to punish the winged, female beings known as the sakura (seen by him as living embodiments of sin,) and by extension mankind itself, since mankind has forged an alliance with the sakura (since the Terrans, by contrast, see them as angelic, beautiful women.) The leader of the sakura is Sak├╝ya, the goddess of light. The TRF dispatches a squad of tech-marines, elite soldiers capable of using a variety of high-tech weapons. You yourself are dispatched as well, as a mysterious being known as RAEV3N, completely clothed in battle armor, your face only showing on your HUD. The TRF (and the sakura as well) are counting on you to combat the Righteous threat. That other structure in the valley needs some exploring as well...possibly the sakura aren't as far away as you first thought. (assistant characters and NPCs to talk to will show up. Another feature of the game is to rescue hostages: Terrans and sakura who are being attacked by the Righteous.) But what is the nature of justice? The Righteous were created to carry out retributive justice upon those who have sinned...perhaps you are in the wrong for resisting, defending what should not be defended and fighting against what is right and moral. You do not know, so you keep fighting for what you believe in, hoping to find the answer... I apologize firsthand for the shameless anime influence, as well as the shameless references to Aliens, (one of my favorite movies, mind you.)
  6. Forestknight25

    Where to start making total conversions?

    DOOMWorld members? Cruel? Lol except for one guy who told me to rtfm (which I did by the way,) these guys have been some of the most helpful forum members around. Anyway, I'm willing to do most of the work myself, in fact I plan to. What I need is basically a program that can edit/import textures/flats, import graphics and define custom weapons, enemies (though for now I'm just going to change the graphics for existing enemies,) HUD and game messages, and use custom music. Any modding software or programs you know of that can do all of the above? By the way, are any formats other than MIDI supported? like possibly MOD tracker files? Thanks for the information on source ports...I'll read up on that next. I have ZDOOM by the way also. Also, in case you're wiling to be contacted by me on several occasions (I'll try not to ask stupid and/or obvious questions haha,) do you have an AIM or other IM name? Thanks a bunch dude.
  7. Forestknight25

    Where to start making total conversions?

    Thanks for the replies guys! I am fully up to making my own textures, graphics, etc. I also know a really good spriter who can make anything I may not be able to make.
  8. Forestknight25

    Annoying problem - "no IWAD set for this configuration"

    lol thanks, right-o
  9. I ultimately want to create a total conversion with all-new textures, sounds, MIDIs, weapons, enemies and the DOOM face at the bottom of the screen. Where do I start, and can I use DOOM Builder alone to do such a project? I understand I should start out making simple custom maps before I get into something as complex as a total conversion, but I'm just wanting some pointers in the right direction. thanks, -ForestKnight
  10. This is really annoying. Whenever I start a new map, name it, and select the configuration, it gives me an diologue box with the folowing errors: WARNING: You have no IWAD file set for this configuration! WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL A similar message occurs on other times, this time just in a diologue box: You do not have the IWAD configured for this configuration yet. Would you like to browse for the correct IWAD now? When I try to run a map, it just gives me "WARNING: You have no IWAD file set for this configuration!" and yet, I'm able to close the diologue box and edit the map, and run it, yet the errors persist, and I'm sure somethings very wrong. Please help me out. I'm new to this and I don't know what's going on. This is really annoying.