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  1. kristus

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord.

    Sorry for the late reply @brick Here's a dropbox link to the file. If you want to share it somewhere else, that would be fine by me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/292cemu1tkiypsl/curse2_unfinished.zip?dl=0
  2. kristus

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    As someone who struggled to see what problem or improvement crypto was supposed to solve. This video by Folding ideas made an excellent job of diving in to the fenomena and dissecting the issue for me.
  3. kristus

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Since my last post in 2019 I've learned more about it and it is pretty much just a load of wank.
  4. I can't think of a single thing I would like to stick with until the day I die.
  5. kristus

    Daikatana is so underrated!

    I don't know how active it is. But yeah there is at least a small community of people still playing Daikatana DM.
  6. kristus

    Favorite Doom Midi and why?

    I find all of them having something special but I absolutely love ... The Imp's Song (E1M2) Suspense (E1M5) Demons On The Prey (E1M7) Sign Of Evil (E1M8) The Demons From Adrian's Pen (E2M2) Waltz of the Demons (E2M7) The End of DOOM (Victory) Running From Evil (Map01) The Dave D Taylor Blues (Map08) Into Sandy's City (Map09) Untitled (Endgame/Text) I know it's not a very discerning list. If I would pick one from each game, It would probably be because those were the early ones that I talked about to other people. But Demons on the prey for instance is sooo good. Sign Of Evil (E1M8) Into Sandy's City (Map09)
  7. kristus

    Daikatana is so underrated!

    I have a friend from England that is an avid Daikatana deathmatch player. I haven't tried it in that mode. But I can imagine it being a lot more palatable than the single player campaign.
  8. kristus

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    That kind of reminds me of my friend Mia. Though she doesn't usually wear a head band ;)
  9. kristus

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Been away from this thread of a while now I'm afraid. Spent the first week of the year drawing a series of portraits and now that I have, I am tempted to do them all over to make the colors not suck as much
  10. kristus

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    Thanks @Redneckerz. Really appreciate the support. I have big ideas for episode two 🙂
  11. kristus

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    Hello Ladies, Gentlement and Non Binary! As a little saturnalia present we put DB on sale over the holidays and released a few new screenshots of the upcoming Episode 2. Go check it out! https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1156120/view/3122682018497139710
  12. kristus

    It's ROTT's 27th Birthday!

    Good memories. A friend of mine came home to me one day with the shareware version and we marveled a bit at the dual pistols and music. Such a different game from Doom. Then we had our network set up at school to play the game using the dedicated server technology the game had and that was the first time I played a large FFA game since Doom only allowed for 4 players at that time. So even though Doom was ahead in so many things at the time, ROTT really pioneered the multiplayer.
  13. People play games for a lot of different reasons. Playing every map like Decino however is quite unusual. He obviously spend a lot of time planning and plotting the maps he plays. A lot of failed runs are part of that as can be seen in the cases where he shown "bloopers". Most people wouldn't want to invest that time in playing a map. Generally people play a game to have fun. A bit of challenge is part of that and that surely involves the feeling of overcoming the challenge. But for the vast majority, it's not with the challenge in focus. It's more about the experience, escapism, or community around the game. I myself tend to play without saves. I am not sure why, but I just end up playing like that. Maybe because I always test my maps that way to make sure I can complete them myself without resorting to tricks. On the other hand though, I very rarely complete any games of any kind. And the ones I do complete are not generally for the game play. But for the general experience, like I may want to see where the story goes. Or I like the setting of the game etc. If I played like you suggest, then I would probably not play anything ever. Because it would be too exhausting to me. But I also think you're mistaken in your conclusion. Yeah there is a thrill to overcome a challenge. But where that bar for the challenge is differs between people. If you feel committed and want to deconstruct a map like decino. Then that may be where the challenge comes for you. But if the commitment isn't there, the challenge won't be rewarding and you will either quit or lower the bar to something more approachable.
  14. There is nothing objective about how anyone enjoys any form of entertainment. It's entirely subjective. I encourage people to present their case for their preferences. But remember that it's nothing more than your personal preferences.
  15. kristus

    The 2021 Cacowards Thread Sidebar [Split]

    I used to be quite the asshole around here and I probably had a lot of ways to justify that to myself. But the thing about being part of a community is to build bridges, not tear them down. You have a specific interest in this community. You can't expect everyone to care about that as much as you do by default. You have to cultivate that through positive action. Not by aggressive demoralizing. The only point you're making by acting like this, is that you're not pleasant to be around.