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  1. No, just stop regardless.
  2. Maybe, but no one of us really cares. I'm not trying to troll you. I am just saying that whatever emotions you have for or against him does not really concern us. Yeah like @Chopkinsca said, hate is a wasteful emotion. We'd rather you wouldn't spend that on someone you don't even know. But we don't care for hearing about it. All you do is undermine any argument you have against the man since we know it comes from someone who to profess to hate him.
  3. kristus

    Favorit powerups in (FPS) games.

    That's an interesting idea. :)
  4. Nah it wasn't an illusio pit, it was a nukage pit.
  5. kristus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Omg I did the same thing.
  6. Looks interesting, reminds me of stuff from the 90ies, but I fell into an inescapable pit in map02 by the blue key and stopped playing after that.
  7. kristus

    Favorit powerups in (FPS) games.

    Yeah I love the disc of repulsion myself. problem is that it only works in games where you got item inventories.
  8. So I am curious about what type of powerup you enjoy when playing predominantly FPS games, or optionally what kind of powerup would you think would be cool to play with that you haven't come across yet? I've been thinking about it a lot myself, and a lot of my favorit powerups are mostly interchangeable or variations of the same theme. Like Tome of Power and Quad damage, while different in many ways, they do offer the player a boosted sense of power.
  9. Myst 4 got a camera as a gameplay feature to help you keep records of the puzzles in the game. There are more than what has already been mentioned above. But can't quite recall which right now. Recall that some RPG game I heard about had a quest where you were supposed to take pictures of characters in the game for whatever reason and show to a guy.
  10. kristus

    Erock makes Doom cover album.

    I like that he did them pretty straight. Basically making really good clean recordings of the classic tracks.
  11. kristus

    Erock makes Doom cover album.

    Erock on youtube is a metal guitarist that as many others do metal covers of popular tracks. Now he started making covers of game music and the first album he released were a Doom cover album.
  12. kristus

    Looking for a team for a Doomlike game.

    Well, looks like you put a lot of work into it already. Best of luck to you finding a team to help you.
  13. kristus

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    Rather, Level design is the umbrella term, where what you would call Level design is layout as you admit yourself directly after.
  14. kristus

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    You misunderstand, what I where alluding to was that one situation can be a proxy to relate to another with more actual importance. The fact that a discussion as this (which is of ultimately small significance) can cause expressions of this many opinions and different reactions can tell us a lot about why a discussion about social justice can be such a source of conflict.