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  1. kristus

    Is Doom All id Software Makes Now?

    Might be, they wouldn't be the first company that something like that would happen to. IDK if it's true but I heard that QuakeCon even got renamed DoomCon.
  2. kristus

    Doom 3 - 16 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective

    You got me beat, I played it with a GF3 at 15-20 fps.
  3. I made an update over at IndieDB to make people come and vote for the game in the awards. Go check it out.... and vote :) https://www.indiedb.com/games/doombringer/news/state-of-the-game-coming-up-on-steam-release
  4. Your example is flawed. Because there is one square you can press that is guaranteed not a mine. If that square where a mine too and the pattern was 01X 13X XXX instead that would be a better example. As in that case, there is without more squares outside of the nine, no guaranteed way to success. Though I am sure someone who's good at probability calculations could give a best likelihood of a positive outcome.
  5. kristus

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    You haven't ran Quake2 RTX with your card? Then how do you know it was incredible? Speaking of applying RTX . THere's a mod for Quake2RTX that is being made.
  6. Hey, thanks for looking into the game. There's nothing you've done wrong. But the Alpha you downloaded is an old version from a few years back that was mostly just multiplayer, with a single player test map thrown in. All the resources in the single player of that version is just basic placeholder stuff. But we're looking at releasing the game on Steam in january.
  7. kristus

    Your opinion on id's RAGE?

    Rage got really good FPS game play. The game had a lot of promise, which it unfortunately didn't deliver on as it is extremely linear, and there's little room to stretch your legs in the game. The cars are pretty bad, they sound like you're driving a lawn mower. The customizations you were promised were just linear upgrades. No reason to use any interesting configurations, as there are none. Aside from shooting people, which is great, the rest of the game is not doing the world justice and a lot of it comes off as pretty half heartedly done, or paying lip service to an open world. I kind of get the feeling playing it that a lot of the game never made it in though. They spent a lot of time working on it and probably scrapped a lot of work.
  8. kristus

    Quake needs a "doomworld"

    https://quakeone.com/ https://www.quakeworld.nu/
  9. kristus

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Didn't E1 have that issue with bloom as well?
  10. kristus

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Will have to wait for a hole in the schedule
  11. kristus

    Will the Fallout TV show be any good?

    Not being worse, doesn't mean it will be good though. It's not like Fallout 3 was good either. Would be nice if things were good instead of better than trash.
  12. kristus

    Will the Fallout TV show be any good?

    No. Get the original creators or someone with a vision on board and then you can talk. But no one cares about another cash grab.
  13. Am I missing something? Because I am really not getting this criticism. If Wadaholic wants to put Total Chaos on steam he can do that assuming it's not copied anything from a resource he don't have the rights to. This or Hedon hasn't taken that away from Total Chaos. Like them or not, they have every right to be on the Steam store page, since they are stand alone games. Being made with the Doom engine doesn't change that.
  14. Had to reupload the trailer and forgot to update this thread with it. Should be fixed now.
  15. Today we were featured on the Realms Deep 2020 stream event. We had our first trailer shown. I made it myself, so don't expect it to be fantastic. EDIT (Except for the music ofc which was made by @PRIMEVAL)