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  1. kristus

    Cancelled Doom 3 mods?

    The Dark Mod (Thief TC) is a standalone game these days afaik
  2. kristus

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    The distinction should really be between mod and game. Does the project work more as an expansion to the original game but requiring the original game to run. It's a mod. Does it run on it's own without any of the IWADS holding it up? It's a game. But a mod is ofc also a game, it's just not a stand alone game.
  3. kristus

    Which are the best maps/set pieces of maps?

    I'll definitely check those out. Care to explain what it is you guys find special about them?
  4. Hey people. Been a while since I spent a lot of time with the community I'm afraid. So I wanted to start a little thread to see what you guys like. Looking to find out what your favorit map or set piece of a map throughout the entire history of the Doom community is. If you're a single player fan, which map or piece of a map had the biggest impact on your mind? If you're a multiplayer duel type or FFA , which is your favorite multiplayer map throughout the years (don't say Dwango5m1)? I'm old now, so my brain is shriveled from all the beer. So I think this For Dueling in Doom2, Judas23_ or Map01. But has there been any else that reached that quality (don't say Dwango5m1 :p)? For Single player, Aliens TC always held a special place in my heart as it had an early impression on what could be done within Doom's engine. Batman and Action Doom was impressive for the technical aspects alone, in particular the boat ride made my jaw drop. Zan Zan was crazy impressive for it's time as well. I can list a lot of technical achiements that has made my memory bank as well such as Phobos: Anomaly Reborn or the top picks in the 10 sector contest. But I am struggling to think of specific areas of game play that had me floored. And not because I didn't encounter them. But more because I need a reminder. The most specific case where I can recall enjoying a map or mapset for game play alone would probably be @Jayextee's mapset Murderous Intent. So which maps was the most important for you?
  5. kristus

    Cancelled Doom 3 mods?

    yeah those are from Nails. They had a few more shots but I guess they are lost to time.
  6. kristus

    Joke Threads are underrated.

    Yeah, please no memes. We got twitter for that shit.
  7. kristus

    Caverns of Darkness 2.0

    I never did pass the "underwater" maze platform map so this makes me happy.
  8. kristus

    Joke Threads are underrated.

    IDK, a certain amount of shitposting is to be expected to keep a community alive. But generally the threads getting deleted that I've seen has been where shit has gone down the toilet pretty hard. If your "jokes" are passive aggressive shit talk or at the benefit of a person or minority group then it's not really all that funny. But I admit I don't frequent the forums like I used to. Like @Redneckerz asked, I would like some examples of what the joke threads were that you felt was deleted unnecessarily were. Then I could make a stand on where you are coming from.
  9. kristus

    DOOMBRINGER release event June 5th

    Cheers. I was hoping more interest would be garnered from DW. But I understand that making it using the Doom engine would probably have made more DW frequents more interested.
  10. kristus

    Health "Megaarmor" for Doom?

    Because you can't have 0 health and thus there is less reason to have a 200 max health outside of the Megasphere.
  11. kristus

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    Last night we had a release event together with TimConLan and Tastyspleen.TV https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1046844216
  12. kristus

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    DOOMBRINGER Episode 1 has been released to Steam Description DOOMBRINGER is a game about speed, brutality and complex level navigation. In the same vein as the granddaddy of FPS, Doom, DOOMBRINGER is a bombastic FPS romp. Set in a wartorn post apocalypse where life is defined by scarcity and rivalry, you play as a member of the Brotherhood of R’whin, infiltrating the Order of Sil’Ocy’s life support silo in the hope of improving life for your own. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam with the first episode released. The Grindhouse of Todelmer is the first of three episodes of 9 maps each. Filled with deadly enemies looking to take a piece of you. Two more episodes are planned to follow up to expand the game play and explore new devilish ways to challenge the player further. To facilitate a quality single player experience, the game is working hard at challenging the player, without being random. Every enemy attack is avoidable and the player will know that it's up to them to survive. The game won't cheat them with unavoidable attacks. History Started in 2015, DOOMBRINGER is the brain-child of esteemed Doom map and mission maker, Kristian ‘Kristus’ Kjall. Intended to bring the ultra competitive game play of Arena FPS to a single player game featuring his exceptional level design, a skill he's honed over two decades in the Doom community. As part of testing and developing the game play about a dozen tournaments have been held in DOOMBRINGER’s competitive multiplayer modes, both online and on LAN since 2015. In 2020 DOOMBRINGER was featured in 3D Realms’ ‘Realms Deep’ cross-promotional event for similar first person shooters. Features 11 transformative power ups 7 deadly weapons 7 vicious enemy types Robust Speedrunning support Co-operative multiplayer Competitive multiplayer, with battle proven latency handling 9 cavernous single player levels
  13. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, we are ready to release the first episode of DOOMBRINGER on June 4th to Steam. To commemorate this event and get some extra eyes on the game and it's features, we are together with Tastyspleen.TV hosting an online release party on the 5th.
  14. kristus

    Can someone link me the Original Doom?

    I just use the command prompt (run) in windows
  15. kristus

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    It's official. The Doombringer Multiplayer Demo Beta Early Access Thing is now available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1156120/DOOMBRINGER/