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  1. Half Life - I think I've harped on about this game enough. It just doesn't interest me at all. It's also the trend setter into making FPS games boring. Bioshock - The world is fantastic. But the game play is leaving so much to be desired. Could have been a favorite had it not been so disappointing. Dead Space - Started out strong then crawled up into it's own ass with the most boring storytelling ever and just got very repetitive which is a bad combination. Duke Nukem 3d - It's not a bad game, but it's not a great game either.
  2. Sad day indeed. I enjoyed hearing his perspective on things. I watched a bit of his podcast with DJWheat the other day and you could tell that he was getting worse just by the sound of his voice so I am not terribly surprised by these news. Still with his cancer going from bad to worse over the last couple of years to being stabilized it is sad to hear. I was hoping that he would make it through. My thoughts go out to his wife and son. And to all the conspiracy theorists claiming that cancer isn't cured for some monetary reason. Just stop.
  3. kristus

    Doom 3: Phobos

    I don't know if they are still around today. I doubt it. Don't think geX or Shaviro played Strife really.
  4. kristus

    Doom 3: Phobos

    "I almost didn't recognize you" she said. I almost don't recognize the project from when I was a part of it. Though that was some 10 years ago now, so that is to be expected. Congratulations on getting there, glad to see this coming out. Episode 1. Is that like a couple of maps or something? Because I recall it as you only focusing on making the first series of maps we once had planned. How many episodes are planned? What is the size of the episodes? Really liked that mars city scenery. Thought the rest of them looked a bit more generic Doom3 corridor stuff. Though it all went by quite fast so I probably missed a lot even though I watched it a few times now. Doom3 tends to do best when you have time to soak in the atmosphere IMO. One thing I didn't care for at all though was that character picture popping up in the middle of it. Stuck out like a sore thumb. I recall seeing it on the website once and didn't care much for it there either. But in the game it looks even more out of place. Anyway, just my two cents. Looking forward to trying it out.
  5. kristus

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    Linux (on PC, not talking about Android here) certainly has it's uses but I can't be arsed with it because I always feel like it's actively getting in my way of doing things. Always some hoop you have to jump through. Fuck that. I can see how programmers would like it. But for anyone who doesn't delve into that it's nonsense. Plus the artwork programs for Linux (like Blender and Gimp) are vastly inferior to what you can get on Windows.
  6. kristus


    Enormously overrated.
  7. kristus

    Wanting to play Quake mods, but stuck

    Darkplaces seem to have nehara support too
  8. kristus

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord.

    Well, it's been a while and I've decided to upload the compiled resources for this project. Maybe someone will find it interesting to pick through, maybe get some use out of the resources... or maybe even finish what is here. Either way, I'd be happy to hear your thoughts, or see whatever comes out of it. What was released originally didn't exactly make any waves. Which is expected considering the half finished nature of the beast. But this way you can at least get a glimpse of what I was doing. http://www.doombringer.eu/files/curse2_unfinished.zip EDIT: Please understand btw, when playing any of these maps. That the way I work on game play is over a long time and usually starting from an absurdly hard point, and then playtesting it and adjusting it over a very long time. So, game play will be rough.
  9. Been a while since I bothered updating about the game here. But I made a quick video showing off the new hands that I just put into the game this weekend. EDIT: Also aside from the wintercup footage that can be found on my youtube channel. Smilecythe made a jumping around video showing off some crazy shit I had no idea was possible.
  10. kristus

    Please critique my weapon designs (sketches)

    While they look good I wouldn't react to seeing them in a game, because I wouldn't be able to distinguish them from your ordinary weapons you see in your ordinary Modern Military shooter. If you had told me they were weapons that actually exist in the world today, I wouldn't have any reason not to believe you.
  11. Blood physical boxed copy for 2€ and Myst boxed copy for 5€
  12. It's connected to a sector which top ceiling is the same level as the door's floor.
  13. This weekend we had the second Euro Cup in Doombringer. Jehar was once again the caster and we had some great games. Thanks to everyone who came to play watch or participate in any way.
  14. Don't like messes and it was so easy to just make a pk3 out of the zip. Just rename the folder you put it in to maps and replace the file extention. Dunno why you didn't do that yourself since that would have made installing it less of a mess, even if you ask players to unzip it.
  15. Was using DP. I know you said it had lighting issues. But I just turned off the advanced lighting effects and that usually fixes it. Also made a pk3 out of you package and Quakespasm don't seem to read pk3. EDIT: That said I am using an: Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 @3.70 GHz Radeon RX 580 16 mb ram Windows 10