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  1. By being goal oriented. I don't just make maps willy nilly. I have a specific goal with each map that I wish to see fulfilled.
  2. @rf` Sorry you didn't like it, but I understand your frustrations. Had I finished it properly, it would probably had become less unforgiving as development went along. For instance @Alfonzo did a test and sent me a list of suggestions way back. But I never got around to implementing them. It wouldn't have been any massively different changes. But one difference it suggested was that you would get a more intuitive introduction to the first map. So it's possible that you still wouldn't have enjoyed yourself. I don't agree with your opinion of the artifacts though. I think there are a lot of meta game that you can get out of them, and for me that is a lot of fun. Also for this I made the banishment device work differently based on character. For instance, the Cleric gets the best use out of them. As he can banish to tartaros, ie killing any monster that he banishes. The Mage is a bit weaker in that regard and will banish them all to the start of the map. So he can use it aggressively and thus telefragging the enemies into eachother. While the Fighter is the weakest with them and have them just scatter across the map at predisposed points. As for the comboing of gas clouds and repulsion discs. It works in the port that it was made for and that is good enough for me. Also the discs of repulsion can be used offensively to make enemies infight, fall off ledges and just let you get out of a tricky situation or make your way to a better position. Positioning is also very important. @Gez Actually you are supposed to run the past them and it is possible with all the chars. But I realise that it could have been easier. As it is really by the skin of your teeth now without the boots of speed. Also you have to have a running start, so you can't rub up against the first crusher and expect to make it. I introduced this earlier in the world where two sideways crushers got a timing that makes it difficult to get through without exact timing. But that area is not required to reach. Hopefully I'll get around to fixing those bugs you mentioned too.
  3. Doombringer got a regular mode for Duel. But also another version called Arena Duel which is inspired by classic doom Duel. But for this mode to work there needs to be maps made for it. So I am looking for submissions of maps for this mode. IF you made doom Duel maps. Especially if they have been used by the competetive community I'd very much appreciate your layout submission.
  4. That's sort of my point though. It's unreasonable to port in that functionality in GZDoom for instance. When it would be a lot easier to just make a new version of Phobia where any such hacking and legacy specific effect would be replaced with a similar effect done with GZDoom.
  5. After I got thinking of Phobia, I made a vanity search and this came up. And I dunno how many projects were made for Legacy that makes it a meaningful effort for anyone to make sure they are playable in GZDoom for instance. But it seem to me like it'd be easier to just convert the projects themselves to GZDoom. Of course. Someone would have to do it too. But I bet that would be a lot less effort than creating a mirror of Legacy functionality. Since it was a port that you would have to rely on hacks a lot to get anything useful out of.
  6. I hope I'll get back to it eventually. But right now I feel like it's been lingering for long enough to warrant a release of what is there. It's a big defeat for me. But hopefully there will be some enjoyment to be had out of it from people who may have hoped to see it released. Thank you. I'm glad that shone through. Like I said, I haven't given up entirely on it. Though making the maps themselves isn't the most time consuming process. It's all the testing I do on my maps. Like Curse of D'sparil's first map took about a weekend to build. But 4-5 months of playtesting. But if I start working on maps just to finish them. Then I will get very sloppy and quality will suffer for it. (An example of that is for instance Phobia: The age.) The Cleric is definitely the more difficult starting character. You'll have to be smart with how you use the flechettes. The Mage's timebombs for instance is a lot easier to use. But with proper positioning and comboing the cleric flechette with the disc of repulsion you can use them very efficiently. I'm aware people will be put off by the first map. But I felt that it was necessary to "educate" players in using the items more efficiently. And I didn't want to have a long tutorial section. So instead it was to make sure people had to use the items to succeed.
  7. The cleric is the weakest Starting chat . which is why i död the most testning with it. Actually got a vid up of me playing him here. As for the puzzles. Yeah I like puzzles. But I don't think there's all that much in way of puzzles. More a kin to quests.
  8. Thanks. I hope you like it. Even if it's essentially just the preamble.
  9. So after having this project sit on my harddrive for the longest time. I've finally accepted that I won't be finishing this. At least not in the foreseeable future. So I am now releasing the first three worlds of my wad as is. I had high ambitions with this project. But due to my life changing four years ago with my work starting I ended up not getting any work done on it. Then some time later the ball got rolling on Doombringer ( and since then Curse2 didn't really stand a chance. I just don't have the time to work on both projects, and then Curse2 is the one losing out. So unless anyone else for whatever reason would like to finish it. It'll probably end up as one of those projects that just never got done. Big thanks to everyone who helped me while working on it. Especially Khorus who made the secret level and helped me playtest a lot. EDIT: File is up on idstuff. Looks like I was a bit sloppy with the text file though. Khorus isn't listed as a level designer and the name is wrong.
  10. I own a pair of my grandfather's patent shoes. I never met my grandfather because he died when my father was only nine years old in a construction accident. My father and grandfather were home alone when my grandfather had an accident as he tore down the remains of the old barn. The structure fell over him and one of the logs hit him in the head. He didn't die immediately so my father took his bike to the neighbours who lived about a kilometer away for help. Even though after having got the neighbour my grandfather was still alive he couldn't be saved.
  11. Most of the stuff I made hasn't really been finished or released. I started modding with Adventure game creator on the AtariST. Then on PC I mucked around with the resources of Stunts and managed to do some hacking there. Worked a bit with an early game creation suite called Klik 'n Play. Made a few games with that, though only one got released and I am 99,9% sure that it's lost a long time ago too. Then I got hold of DoomEd for Doom. Still worked in Klik 'n Play for a few years. Tried to make a Myst style game in it for instance. Tried out map editors for Warcraft2 (iirc),3 Starcraft and Red Alert. and stuff like that. Basically anything I could get my hands on I took a gander at. Tried modding for Quake1 when it came, but I only had a 486 so it was pretty much not worth the effort. First Quake game I made maps for was Quake3. While I built a complete map for it. I never released it. I also made maps and textures for Quake2 for a while. But none of them were ever completed or released. Also worked a lot in RTCW making maps and textures. Again, nothing released. (Both Quake2 and RTCW was from when me and Kurt Kesler worked together, in trying to create a project together. But we kept having issues and started over several times. And in the end life came in between everything and nothing came out of it) Doom3 was up next. Worked on a mod called Doom3 Phobos for 5 years or something. They are still working on it. But the majority of the work I put in to it will probably never see the light of day. EDIT: then I made maps for Heretic, and subsequently Hexen. Also worked on a texture pack for me and my friends Minecraft adventures. Though it was based off of another texture pack so I never released it. Also tried my hand at making a Minecraft adventure map. But got bored. Tried out to mod Wrack. Found that it had a lot of options. Also fiddled around in Cube. These days I am working with Darkplaces, which technically blends tech from Quake, Quake3 and Doom3. EDIT: added a bunch of other stuff that I had forgotten all about.
  12. I miss Doom Shack and Doomnation.
  13. Doombringer alpha version 0.16b has been released. Check out the website for the project here:
  14. Thanks buddy. Yeah it is going pretty well considering.
  15. After a few hours of good sports and great casting from Jehar we ended the first ever DB cup. We had a great time and now have a lot less money in my bank account. Ö You can check out the VOD here if you would so desire. Thanks to Jehar for casting, and everyone who came to watch or play. Congratulations to CrazyAL for the first price, LKO to second and Chrononaut for third. Participation award goes to Kyto. Great games from you, shame you had to drop out.