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Status Updates posted by kristus

  1. I was working on a series of drawings for a project we're having in Uni. I decided to record one of the sessions where I drew one of them.


    1. bytor


      I enjoyed watching it. Thanks. :)

    2. Chopkinsca


      That's neat. It's cool to see the artistic process that goes on in creating art. Usually people just see the end result.

  2. A post of a user mentioning the number of posts a day he has made me check my own. Turned out I had a shitload of posts under my belt. An I got curious who was worse than me so I looked up the top ten list... And As it turns out, to my great dismay, I am on it. ;_;


    EDIT: Ralpis, you're on 11th.

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    2. spank


      #99, ahead of Mordeth. Heh!

      I guess I really don't have the patience to post that often anymore... anyhow when I did, I only posted crap.

      Shit, I've grown up and this place is pretty much the only constant thing.

    3. SYS


      Mancubus II said:

      111th as of this writing, just under Mordeth.

      Now I'm 111th...

    4. Ralphis


      wtf is this kritus

  3. As the title says. I got myself the money to spend on this technological marvel.. :p because I had seen what compact cameras did and I didn't like it.

    Now, today I picked it up and it was a lot like christmas I must say. :) Charged the battery put on the lens, checked out all the stuff you could do. Tested the zoom and wondered, where is the memory card? (or CF-card as the camera calls it)

    I look through everything in case I missed it. After all, they're fairly small.

    I read the list of things that are supposed to be in the package and I realize that there's no CF card featured with the camera. (doh) Something I had completely overlooked, as I basically took it for granted that there would be atleast a small card in the package so you could atleast take a few photos with it. But no... no card.

    So what I got now is a 7000kr or 1000$ or 770€ paperweight. A very nice and cool paperweight with zoom abilities. But a paperweight never the less.

    Of course, I basically ordered a card instantly. (Found a nice cheap one for 400kr at 1gb with 66x speed) But it won't show up before monday. So, yay me. :D

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    2. kristus


      Well, that's not the XP friendly version. But it works all the same.

    3. Use


      Fredrik said:

      Who cares about the games?


    4. myk


      kristus said:
      Believes in this Jebus guy.

      Seems so, from that necklace thingy. And like all the Jebus people, stares at you right through a fork!

  4. Schools back. :o

    Thius year should rule, I can pretty much do whatever I want. In other words. Actually engross myself into a serious project.

    Looking forward to use the computers (G5 :D ) at school to do some 3d modeling. Although most modeling I do will still be from home.

    Paining will be a big part of my day. :D

    Drawing kroki and models will rule. And I will get time and motivation to do a lot of concept art for my other projects.

    This is gonna be good I think.

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    2. Technician


      I'm being forced to go to collage by my 65 year old dad, who if I don't go will disown me and I may not inherit a dime when he dies. He's just that spiteful.

    3. kristus


      Hah, you make it sound like going to college is a bad thing. :p

    4. Technician


      I'm sure I'll appreciate it later. Though the graphic design industry sounds rather thankless.

  5. All the money I've "had" (I've not really had any since I've borrowed 7500sek from my parents to get through the summer) I've spent on food and rent etc.

    Now I am broke again and just don't want to ask them for more money. Specially since I have income coming in 2 weeks.

    I was expecting to get my tax returns today. But for some reason the government decided that I didn't need them until another month. So instead of getting the money I so desperately need NOW, I gotta wait a month to get them, when I will have got my pay from the work I did this summer.

    I gotta phone the phone company and tell them about my predicament so they will hold off calling the dogs on me for not paying that past due bill I got. D:

    Anyway, complaining over. Proceed with whatever you were doing.

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    2. Csonicgo


      This is why I hate money.

      Speaking of money, I had a daydream once that everyone converted to the "euro" or some shit and americans were pissed off.

    3. kristus


      Aren't they always pissed off? :p

    4. SYS


      Bummer. Good shit is always waiting around the corner. Be happy you still have monetary suppport from parental units.

  6. I need to replace one of my teflon frying pans. :(

    I came home at half past 5 this morning and was starving hungry. I made some instant mashed potatoes, and put the pan with meatballs on the stove, and whipped the mashed potatoes.
    But I was really tired and kinda wasted, so I got a bit flustered by whipping the potatoes, so I decided to lay down on the floor for a bit while the meatballs got warm. Then I fell asleep and woke up at about 7 or 8 with the oil in the frying pan turned into some black tar like shit and the meatballs being small hard black and brown balls.

    It was not a very good pan though. And pretty cheap.
    But still,
    it worked

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    2. Bucket


      I once came home late, saw a half-empty can of soda on the stove and guzzled it. I forgot my mom likes to put her pan grease in those.

    3. AndrewB


      Bucket said:

      I once came home late, saw a half-empty can of soda on the stove and guzzled it. I forgot my mom likes to put her pan grease in those.

      Flavor explosion!

    4. Purp


      /me pukes violently.

  7. I learnt to use 3d studio Max to create hi and low poly models for games during the end of last year. And today it was time to step it up a notch and learn a good hi-poly program, namely Luxology Modo.

    This was the first day. After watching a few tutorials where people basically only showed off that they knew they could do it, rather then showing of HOW to do it. I asked the person who already sat with that information smacked into his brain. And after a few moments I were cracking away with the pen tool.

    It's UI is desperately different from 3d Max, and I've been told it's more aching to that of Lightwave3d. But I dunno since I never used that. But my first experience with this program is that you can model things with it quite rapidly, and it has a few very nice tools and abilities that you just don't get in 3d max.

    It's now 6 in the morning and I've been listening to SYL all night. I'm exhausted. Night... err morning.

    Oh right, I also learned how to make new particle effects in Doom3. Yay me.

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    2. kristus


      Bucket said:

      3D Studio Max is geared more toward game development and low-poly manipulation, while Maya is on the level of CGI for movie production.

      If that was true, then Discreet have fucked up good, since 95% of it's features are completely useless for game development. Unless you're reffering to Myst games. 3d Studio is a complete 3d package, it's got everything. Some think it's for silly noobs, other think it's great and other think it's a good complementary program to their main modeling suit.

      You'll get different reactions from different people.

      Maya people are more inclined to agree on though, it sucks for modeling. But it's good for animation. I have yet to look it up myself. But I've had it's workflow explained to me by someone that used it, and I didn't get very impressed. As for being a good CGI suit, yes I guess it is. But I doubt it's better than 3d studio, since you can actually model in that.

      But I shouldn't talk about it like I knew the program.

      Bucket said:

      The only tools I've managed to work with are Blender and Milkshape. Both have absolutely horrific interfaces. Time to go check out that one that Google recently bought up. Or maybe I'm not cut out for it. Blargh.

      Blender and Milkschape do have terrible interfaces. It's beyond me how anyone can work with them.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      You mean getting High and Drinking? Yeah that, but I also had a really bad teacher at a worthless technical college... so the latter is probably the larger fault.

    4. Manc


      Cinema4D has been around for some time, I don't know if I'd call that one "new" or "recent".

  8. I changed my avatar, after several years of jealously guarding my old ebolafish, (FYI I used to go by the nick Ebola) from any other user, I asked the powers that be here on DW to give help me to a new avatar.

    In a lot of ways this new avatar is like the old. But with a design that better respond to the person I am today.

    But as pritch said:
    <pritch> i will miss the ebolapunk tho
    <pritch> he was a cool fishy

  9. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I sat down by the computer at 4 in the morning and chatted some with my neighbour. Who couldn't sleep either. And we talked about this and that, and one thing led to another and later I had calculated the budget and agreed that I could afford to buy myself a new flatscreen. :D

    So I did. and now I'm waiting for it. It'll be awesome. It's a Samsung 730BT with 4ms response time. 17"

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    2. Bloodshedder
    3. myk


      The fault lies in the obvious lack of standardization of latency measurements.

      Heh, that is so very typical nowadays. Over here IBM offers some off-shore support, and till recently support provided from India seemed much cheaper... only because the costs were being measured in a way that made it seem so, excluding a bunch of very relevant factors.

    4. DooMer87


      I think gateway got out of the computer business and started making flatscreens.

  10. Just like everyone else I received my grades that I worked very hard for considering how fucking lazy I am. So the scores are as follows:

    (Forgive somewhat strange name of classes, it's directly translated for swedish after all)
    Swedish A - MVG
    Swedish B - MVG
    Mathmatics A - MVG
    Mathmatics B - MVG
    English A - MVG
    History A - MVG
    Religion A - MVG
    Psychology A - MVG
    Naturescience A - MVG
    Societyknowledge A - VG
    Lawknowledge - VG

    Sure these classes wasn't the hardest of classes as they just were there to up my grades so I can apply for high school (College) but it's actually the first time ever that I study instead of skipping school so I could sit at home and work on Ni'mrod or whatever.

    If anyone is confused by the geeky grade system, here's the rundown:
    IG - Not Granted (Useless)
    G - Granted (Shitty)
    VG - Very Granted (Acceptable)
    MVG - Very Much Granted (Perfect)

    Anyway. I'm now off to Hultsfreds Festivalen (http://www.rockparty.se) and I'll be back on Sunday.

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    2. AndrewB


      That's true. Probably the best indicator, then, is the percentile, where you did better than x% of people taking the class. But that information is generally not available.

      Still, I think that a 100-granularity percentage is a better indicator than a 5 or 6-granularity letter scale.

    3. kristus


      /me is back in da house.

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      AndrewB said:

      Give percentages please. For all I know, A's could be 70's at your school.

      AndrewB comes out swinging his GPA penis size.

  11. I just got the acceptance letter for the art school I'll be attending this fall. YAY

    /me does a little dance. :D

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    2. Psyonisis


      Design some sweet Ikea furniture when you finish.

    3. kristus
    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Psyonisis said:

      Design some sweet Ikea furniture when you finish.

      Hahaha. I have an old sticker of Ikea, it has Bullwinkle (I think it is) on it. :D

  12. Maria's walking on the road that leads to the village. She's singing and laughing at the birds in the sky. She's on her way to the market to sell some bread. The sun is rising on the sky and dyes it red.

    Then she meets a lord on his horse. He says. "-I am a man of the king so I take what I want, and you're far to beautiful to not have a man follow me into the forest and I'll show you what I can."

    She's forced down into the grass, and he's touching her body. She's twisting and turning desperately asking him to stop. But the knight just laugs, intoxicated by his heat. So she takes his knife and stab and the knight is dead.

    They imprisoned Maria, she was stoned for manslaughter. But the memory of the knight is celebrated every year. Yeah the masters are made heroes and the people they get doomed, and we who saw how it went are told, we only dreamt.

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    2. myk


      That must have been an inevitable free association of his. But actually, Maria is pregnant with the Kingsman's child.

    3. Bucket


      kristus said:

      However off-topic your comment is, I just wanna say I don't hate americans, I hate your politics though. It's 19th century.

      Maybe a bit leftfield, or by a thin thread, but not off-topic. Maybe you have to be an American to understand...

      Perhaps you heard that some Americans were against the war, but I assume that's as comprehensive an account as any forgeigner will ever hear.

    4. kristus


      Assume all you want. I studied american politics last fall. And that includes where 50+% of america voted for Bush. But that is really of small importnace. The whole political system in America is old and obsolete. You have a voting system that encourage a two party system. USA set out to become the place where people who wanted freedome and be rid of the stale and slavelike living of europe would escape to. But now it have become what it set out to be the opposite of. While Europe have blossomed into a state of acceptance and freedom (of course this can be discussed aswell, there's always another opinion, but noone should be able to claim that USA give more freedom and stability than the European countries.)

      However the text I printed out before you all had nothing to do with America. It was just a kick in the side for any Herarchial society, and that is something that's present in all societies today, especially those who strife to be for absolute equality. Like Cuba. Now excuse me while I go back to drinking my beer.

  13. While the productivity of the D3 mod I'm co leading is quite impressive it did cause me to forget about my obligations to my self and I got seriously backtracked with homework. So I am currently working on catching up there. Unfortunately this requires some serious discipline from me, and that is something I lack. partly to blame for this is my Swedish teacher though, who doesn't set deadlines in stone, so I get pretty slacked off by this and thus never finish my assignments.

    I forgot to write myself up for the high school test (swedish equivalent of college), so I am at loss there. Now I gotta focus on getting homework done and writing applications for schools. This is something I really hate to do.

  14. This is a quite exhausting practice. Even though I have alot of free time, cause of few lessons. The free time is wasted on doing homework for hours on end, cause I have so few lessons. I'm exhausted, I did a test today. They asked me all the wrong questions. Damn bitches, I had concentrated on the things I thought was important, which was not what my teacher thought was important apparently. Sigh.

    So I got a hardcore meltdown in my head. Anyway, I think I might have done good anyway. Considering. WTH cares what Charlotte Bronte wrote, she wrote the same shit as all the other women back then, that being her sisters. They all died in TBC. Maybe there's a god after all. HAHA. Ok not funny. Anywya, she wrote books about young women that dreamt of marrying from love and being able to fuck around w/o people thinking they were hoes.

    So the big question goes. (see poll)

    EDIT: I just realised that this was the first poll I ever put up here on DW.

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    2. kristus


      Well, consideirng that my grades are getting about 90% better from this, and I don't really have anything better offered to me.

    3. Sharessa


      What? Your grades are getting better so you can't make as much money? o_O I thought you were worried that they were getting worse?

      Amaster said:

      Sit around eating pancakes?!

      OMG kinky Iraqi pr0n.

    4. kristus


      No, that'd be impossible. I quit school with awful grades, I just got back to school about 6 months ago.