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  1. This is a quite exhausting practice. Even though I have alot of free time, cause of few lessons. The free time is wasted on doing homework for hours on end, cause I have so few lessons. I'm exhausted, I did a test today. They asked me all the wrong questions. Damn bitches, I had concentrated on the things I thought was important, which was not what my teacher thought was important apparently. Sigh.

    So I got a hardcore meltdown in my head. Anyway, I think I might have done good anyway. Considering. WTH cares what Charlotte Bronte wrote, she wrote the same shit as all the other women back then, that being her sisters. They all died in TBC. Maybe there's a god after all. HAHA. Ok not funny. Anywya, she wrote books about young women that dreamt of marrying from love and being able to fuck around w/o people thinking they were hoes.

    So the big question goes. (see poll)

    EDIT: I just realised that this was the first poll I ever put up here on DW.

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    2. kristus


      Well, consideirng that my grades are getting about 90% better from this, and I don't really have anything better offered to me.

    3. Sharessa


      What? Your grades are getting better so you can't make as much money? o_O I thought you were worried that they were getting worse?

      Amaster said:

      Sit around eating pancakes?!

      OMG kinky Iraqi pr0n.

    4. kristus


      No, that'd be impossible. I quit school with awful grades, I just got back to school about 6 months ago.