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  1. Maria's walking on the road that leads to the village. She's singing and laughing at the birds in the sky. She's on her way to the market to sell some bread. The sun is rising on the sky and dyes it red.

    Then she meets a lord on his horse. He says. "-I am a man of the king so I take what I want, and you're far to beautiful to not have a man follow me into the forest and I'll show you what I can."

    She's forced down into the grass, and he's touching her body. She's twisting and turning desperately asking him to stop. But the knight just laugs, intoxicated by his heat. So she takes his knife and stab and the knight is dead.

    They imprisoned Maria, she was stoned for manslaughter. But the memory of the knight is celebrated every year. Yeah the masters are made heroes and the people they get doomed, and we who saw how it went are told, we only dreamt.

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    2. myk


      That must have been an inevitable free association of his. But actually, Maria is pregnant with the Kingsman's child.

    3. Bucket


      kristus said:

      However off-topic your comment is, I just wanna say I don't hate americans, I hate your politics though. It's 19th century.

      Maybe a bit leftfield, or by a thin thread, but not off-topic. Maybe you have to be an American to understand...

      Perhaps you heard that some Americans were against the war, but I assume that's as comprehensive an account as any forgeigner will ever hear.

    4. kristus


      Assume all you want. I studied american politics last fall. And that includes where 50+% of america voted for Bush. But that is really of small importnace. The whole political system in America is old and obsolete. You have a voting system that encourage a two party system. USA set out to become the place where people who wanted freedome and be rid of the stale and slavelike living of europe would escape to. But now it have become what it set out to be the opposite of. While Europe have blossomed into a state of acceptance and freedom (of course this can be discussed aswell, there's always another opinion, but noone should be able to claim that USA give more freedom and stability than the European countries.)

      However the text I printed out before you all had nothing to do with America. It was just a kick in the side for any Herarchial society, and that is something that's present in all societies today, especially those who strife to be for absolute equality. Like Cuba. Now excuse me while I go back to drinking my beer.