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  1. Just like everyone else I received my grades that I worked very hard for considering how fucking lazy I am. So the scores are as follows:

    (Forgive somewhat strange name of classes, it's directly translated for swedish after all)
    Swedish A - MVG
    Swedish B - MVG
    Mathmatics A - MVG
    Mathmatics B - MVG
    English A - MVG
    History A - MVG
    Religion A - MVG
    Psychology A - MVG
    Naturescience A - MVG
    Societyknowledge A - VG
    Lawknowledge - VG

    Sure these classes wasn't the hardest of classes as they just were there to up my grades so I can apply for high school (College) but it's actually the first time ever that I study instead of skipping school so I could sit at home and work on Ni'mrod or whatever.

    If anyone is confused by the geeky grade system, here's the rundown:
    IG - Not Granted (Useless)
    G - Granted (Shitty)
    VG - Very Granted (Acceptable)
    MVG - Very Much Granted (Perfect)

    Anyway. I'm now off to Hultsfreds Festivalen (http://www.rockparty.se) and I'll be back on Sunday.

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    2. AndrewB


      That's true. Probably the best indicator, then, is the percentile, where you did better than x% of people taking the class. But that information is generally not available.

      Still, I think that a 100-granularity percentage is a better indicator than a 5 or 6-granularity letter scale.

    3. kristus


      /me is back in da house.

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      AndrewB said:

      Give percentages please. For all I know, A's could be 70's at your school.

      AndrewB comes out swinging his GPA penis size.