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  1. Last night I couldn't sleep, so I sat down by the computer at 4 in the morning and chatted some with my neighbour. Who couldn't sleep either. And we talked about this and that, and one thing led to another and later I had calculated the budget and agreed that I could afford to buy myself a new flatscreen. :D

    So I did. and now I'm waiting for it. It'll be awesome. It's a Samsung 730BT with 4ms response time. 17"

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    2. Bloodshedder
    3. myk


      The fault lies in the obvious lack of standardization of latency measurements.

      Heh, that is so very typical nowadays. Over here IBM offers some off-shore support, and till recently support provided from India seemed much cheaper... only because the costs were being measured in a way that made it seem so, excluding a bunch of very relevant factors.

    4. DooMer87


      I think gateway got out of the computer business and started making flatscreens.