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  1. I learnt to use 3d studio Max to create hi and low poly models for games during the end of last year. And today it was time to step it up a notch and learn a good hi-poly program, namely Luxology Modo.

    This was the first day. After watching a few tutorials where people basically only showed off that they knew they could do it, rather then showing of HOW to do it. I asked the person who already sat with that information smacked into his brain. And after a few moments I were cracking away with the pen tool.

    It's UI is desperately different from 3d Max, and I've been told it's more aching to that of Lightwave3d. But I dunno since I never used that. But my first experience with this program is that you can model things with it quite rapidly, and it has a few very nice tools and abilities that you just don't get in 3d max.

    It's now 6 in the morning and I've been listening to SYL all night. I'm exhausted. Night... err morning.

    Oh right, I also learned how to make new particle effects in Doom3. Yay me.

    1. Kelzam


      Have you ever used Maya? The art school I go to uses that program to teach us how to model with 3D and such (or rather will be, once I get to that point). I was just wondering how it compares to others like 3D Studio Max. I've actually got no experience in modeling, unfortunately. I probably really should try my hand at it and look at some tutorials.

    2. kristus


      Maya is know to be the worst modeler of them all. However it's also said it's a good program for animation.

      EDIT: The computergame design school in the neighboring town is also using Maya, beats me why though. Cause no game design companies that I know of use it.

      Most common programs in the industry are:
      3d studio Max

      But there's a lot of new programs coming into play too.
      Cinema 4D is relatively new for instance. Don't know much about it, but I would guess it's a competitor to 3d studio.
      Modo as previously mentioned.
      MudBox as a competitor to Zbrush.
      Silo came around a year or two ago. Very simple UI, aching to Lightwave modeling.

      But there's even more yet I am sure. Too tired to think of them now. :p Sleepy time.

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