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  1. Schools back. :o

    Thius year should rule, I can pretty much do whatever I want. In other words. Actually engross myself into a serious project.

    Looking forward to use the computers (G5 :D ) at school to do some 3d modeling. Although most modeling I do will still be from home.

    Paining will be a big part of my day. :D

    Drawing kroki and models will rule. And I will get time and motivation to do a lot of concept art for my other projects.

    This is gonna be good I think.

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    2. Technician


      I'm being forced to go to collage by my 65 year old dad, who if I don't go will disown me and I may not inherit a dime when he dies. He's just that spiteful.

    3. kristus


      Hah, you make it sound like going to college is a bad thing. :p

    4. Technician


      I'm sure I'll appreciate it later. Though the graphic design industry sounds rather thankless.