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  1. Schools back. :o

    Thius year should rule, I can pretty much do whatever I want. In other words. Actually engross myself into a serious project.

    Looking forward to use the computers (G5 :D ) at school to do some 3d modeling. Although most modeling I do will still be from home.

    Paining will be a big part of my day. :D

    Drawing kroki and models will rule. And I will get time and motivation to do a lot of concept art for my other projects.

    This is gonna be good I think.

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    2. Fredrik


      Sounds awesome. I don't start until September 4, but I have an exam this weekend that I've put up since spring (and eventually another exam next week, though I've already passed that course) so I'm busy studying already.

      Damn, Psyonisis, you were right when you said "Eng phys is a world of pain".

    3. Technician


      Same with me bud. I start sept 5 second year.

    4. Sharessa


      I wish I could afford school. :(

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