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  1. As the title says. I got myself the money to spend on this technological marvel.. :p because I had seen what compact cameras did and I didn't like it.

    Now, today I picked it up and it was a lot like christmas I must say. :) Charged the battery put on the lens, checked out all the stuff you could do. Tested the zoom and wondered, where is the memory card? (or CF-card as the camera calls it)

    I look through everything in case I missed it. After all, they're fairly small.

    I read the list of things that are supposed to be in the package and I realize that there's no CF card featured with the camera. (doh) Something I had completely overlooked, as I basically took it for granted that there would be atleast a small card in the package so you could atleast take a few photos with it. But no... no card.

    So what I got now is a 7000kr or 1000$ or 770€ paperweight. A very nice and cool paperweight with zoom abilities. But a paperweight never the less.

    Of course, I basically ordered a card instantly. (Found a nice cheap one for 400kr at 1gb with 66x speed) But it won't show up before monday. So, yay me. :D

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      Well, that's not the XP friendly version. But it works all the same.

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      Fredrik said:

      Who cares about the games?


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      kristus said:
      Believes in this Jebus guy.

      Seems so, from that necklace thingy. And like all the Jebus people, stares at you right through a fork!