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  1. Rizera

    Doom Streams

    I apologize for the early bump. My run is starting within the next few minutes.
  2. Rizera

    Doom Streams

    Hi guys, I will be running Doom 2 in the UV-Max category. Personal Record attempt. Run starts 2 hours from now. http://www.twitch.tv/braziliansagainsttime PS: This was supposed to be on Doom Streams. I accidentally started a new thread. Sorry about that.
  3. Rizera

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP03 UV-Max in 10:13 Just one of the demos I have sitting here which I didn't post because I didn't like the final result. Gave up on the sub-10 barrier. May I never see this map again. su03-1013.zip
  4. If Ancalagon can record a demo, so can I. Since it is still Christmas and New Year celebrations, here is H2H-Xmas MAP12 in 6:36. Very fun slaughtermap. Somehow, Grazza stated that this map had a record time of 8:03, but I could not find that demo anywhere. Moreover, I hereby kindly ask for this wad to have its own thread, so people can record more demos in this very nice wad. xm12-636.zip
  5. OK, just now I got home and could play the maps. I completed it all in 25:42, no deaths. Spent long long time on MAP01 trying to figure out what to do and it costed my precious and numerous minutes. Just now I noticed that I was completely destroyed by Demonologist. Maybe next time...
  6. Rizera

    Plutonium Winds demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP16 UV-Max in 4:50 Second exit. Shows off a new route, lucky moments and embarassing mistakes. pw16-450.zip
  7. Is it just me, or two Mancubi always fail to teleport on MAP29?
  8. Rizera

    Plutonium Winds demos [-complevel 9]

    Nice! Doing this in a pacifist way using that route is much easier than my UV Speed, haha. But still different categories :D
  9. Rizera

    Plutonium Winds demos [-complevel 9]

    Hahaha, damn. I just now noticed the invuln "fake secret", but I can't seem to get to it...anyways, how do you get to the Soulsphere secret? AV-Jump only?
  10. Rizera

    Plutonium Winds demos [-complevel 9]

    Not sure if here is where I should post it, but here it is: PW1Final MAP17 UV Speed in 1:26 Best route I could came up with. Didn't study the map much. Regards. pw17-126.zip
  11. Rizera

    So exactly how does the Pinky fit in?

    They are a very threatening kind of enemy in -fast monsters. Especially in Doom 1 and/or in big packs.
  12. MAP29 UV-Max in 7:04 Nice map to playthrough, but a little tough to speedrun as many things can go wrong. Came up with a route which I think that is the best, but there are many options to choose from. I know I exited with a lot of ammo, but most of the ammo I got was in the last bits of the level. My guess is that backtracking would make one lose time. id29-704.zip
  13. Rizera

    End of an era: John Carmack leaves id

    Very sad news, actually... I guess Doom 4 now definitely calls it a day.
  14. Rizera

    I am remaking the entire Doom II OST

    That is truly impressive! I mean, it is really not easy to put your own touch while remaking videogame soundtracks, but you definitely managed to do it well. Keep up this amazing work! By the way, on a scale of one to ten, what is the chance that you remake TNT and/or other wads music (Hell Revealed II, to name one with a VERY notable OST)?