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  1. Doom builder Vista Problem

    Well isn´t it great, TANNERMANN! you got some credit from a thing you didn´t do. You just decided to claim that you found the solution to the problem, but the truth is that you didn´t. What you say won´t change the fact, that without me the error would still remain!
  2. !!Tutorial on how to Stop Read Error-5!!

    "I almost forgot to add a little somthing" well im not surprised of that. First you take all the honor from this thing, and then almost forgot to thank the one who actually found the solution!
  3. What does this error mean?

    while editing with doombuilder, shut explorer.exe and there is no error 5 while saving. It seems that windows explorer is causing the error. This is what i have tried: every time i get error 5, i restart explorer.exe and after that i can save normally.