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  1. It's nameless as of now. But here's some screenies. Shit textures will turn to nice textures I swear, unless the shitty drawn ones give the style some flavor, but we'll see. Just some concepty shit, I've got someone who can actually draw improving my textures.
  2. Looking for a weapon replacement wad where you could play as different characters. One was Duke Nukem, another was the dude from strife and that's all I can remember but there were a few more.
  3. Is there anyway to have a dynamic light hover over, and follow the player?
  4. How about that bowling alley from 2 I've always wanted to go back, pop in some puzzles and an otherworld that makes the area larger.
  5. Some changes... New Mastermind room and details.
  6. I don't know how many of you remember me, but I was active in this community about 2 years ago. I made garbage maps that everyone laughed at. Well now I'm attempting to map again, this is what I came with in about 4 hours. The ending was done very lazily because I was totally out of ideas... Tell me how I did?
  7. Looking through the screen wipe effects I noticed one called crossfade. Is there a way to force that when going through a door???
  8. Wait, woah woah woah. I didn't know you could make functions like that, do tell how.
  9. Haven't been on here in a while... Anyways I wanted to post this for some feedback it's just a concept map with some bad grammar to entertain myself. Basically I want to make a survival horror mod. What I have here is far from complete and I'm not going to add to it. Doors aren't traditional, the player goes 35% of the original speed. The level took like 2 minutes to map so it's not very pretty. Check out the script if you will and possibly give me alternate ways to do some of the things that I want to do. And I'll pre-thank you now... Thank you. You need GZDOOM!!!
  10. Ok before I port forward for skulltag what dangers will I possibly face? If the dangers are of too great of a magnitude then is there a way to start a server without port forwarding?
  11. Are there any other haunting wads out there that aren't ghouls forest.
  12. Has anybody made a flashlight or other dynamic light source in there game. I wouldn't think it would be all that hard.
  13. It works, thanks.
  14. The "else" script function won't compile, WTF!!! Help please. Here's the script{ if (CheckInventory("SuperShotgun")); TakeInventory("SuperShotgun",1); Print (s:"\cpOh shit bro thanks.\n\cpHere have this."); GiveInventory("PlasmaRifle",1); else Print (s:"\cpIf you see a \cmDouble Barrel shotty bring it here.\n\cpI'll give you something nice.") delay (37*6);}
  15. Are there any other wads like phocas 2. Adventurous, lots of puzzles, beautiful architecture, just as lengthy.