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  1. Necros20

    Doom pre-release/promotional screenshots

    What I find most interesting is that one of these screenshots appears to be from E3M2 yet uses the E1 sky. Makes me wonder if that sky texture was originally going to be used for Episode 3 instead.
  2. Necros20

    Romero Makes New Map, World Rejoices

    Anyone think this is a Cacoward candidate?
  3. Necros20

    List of unused resources in the IWADs?

    I know the Hexen iwad contains the golden rotating skulls from the Heretic menu. It also contains the music tracks chartr and chap_2r and in v1.0 the extra level maze. Strife I understand contains a number of unused voiceovers.
  4. Necros20

    Todd Hollenshead Leaves id Software

    I wouldn't be surprised if Doom 4 suffers a fate similar to Duke Nukem Forever.
  5. Necros20

    Does anyone ever use the automap's numbers?

    I've been playing Doom for over a decade and didn't even find out about this feature until recently. :P
  6. Necros20

    Is id Software slowly dying off?

    I was actually thinking about posting something like this myself. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Carmack calls it quits, disbands id software, and scraps Doom 4 entirely. If I remember correctly Doom 4 was confirmed in 2008 and yet since then almost nothing has been revealed about it. With Rage they attempted to create a new IP but it didn't seem to work out so well. Makes me wonder if they just ran out of ideas. I also recall Carmack saying that he was now more interested in his rocketry projects than in developing games.
  7. Necros20

    Back to the Refinery

    How do I get the blue key?
  8. Necros20

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just today I found out about the secret area in the southeast part of doom 2 map31.
  9. Necros20


    Not to mention that a lot of these bugs were fixed in the patch. And regarding the screenshots, I find it interesting the subtle differences they have from the release version of Hexen. You can see a dark bishop in the shot from winnowing hall, the sky in the shot from the Forsaken Outpost is red instead of blue. And also you can see that the menu text is green instead of red just like in Heretic. In fact the graphics for the golden spinning skulls you see in the Heretic menu I believe can be found in the Hexen iwad but aren't used anywhere of course.
  10. Sodaholic actually posted a thread about that a few months back.
  11. Necros20

    Two questions about corpses

    I remember watching my dad play shareware Doom and wondering what those green corpses were.
  12. Necros20

    Doom misconceptions

    Same here.
  13. This looks great, I said a while back the Shores of Hell was my favorite episode from the original Doom. Can't wait to see how it will be recreated here. BTW what will the 3rd episode be called? Zinferno? :P
  14. Necros20

    Doom misconceptions

    Oh yeah I've been meaning to say that when I saw the cyberdemon on map08 as a kid. I thought that his horns were supposed to be like some crazy hair style. Wonder what kinds of stylists they'd have in hell.:P And as a previous poster said, I also thought the cyberdemon would not leave a corpse when it died.
  15. Necros20

    Doom misconceptions

    I remember first seeing a flaming barrel and shooting it expecting that it would make a more badass explosion than the normal barrels. I was disappointed when nothing happened. I also remember being puzzled at the beginning of map18 when the lion switch didn't respond to me trying to use it. I was stuck in the starting room of that map until for some reason or another I shot the switch.