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  1. Aaron

    [Project] Unnamed TC - Playtesters Wanted

    Looks great so far.
  2. Aaron

    New map wanna playtest?

    Very nice wad. I like the frantic race for the shotgun at the beginning.
  3. Aaron

    Another New Doom2 Map

    Very Dues Vult-like in the difficulty. I like it.
  4. Aaron

    Dawn of Reality - GZDooM big city map

    That first shot sort of gave me the impression of half life as well. Very nice.
  5. Aaron


    I know that already, that's not what I'm asking about.
  6. Aaron


    Others that make use of crouching?
  7. Aaron

    Deus Vult II underway

    Sweet. Can't wait to play it. How many levels have you finished so far, btw?
  8. Aaron

    Deus Vult II underway

    Heh, yeah.
  9. Aaron

    Deus Vult II underway

    Looks badass. When is it coming out, or is it already finished?
  10. Aaron


    Ok, so it's been done before, my bad. What wads have done this then?
  11. Aaron


    This may sound kind of like a dumb idea, but I think it could work: Double the amount of damage that bullets do to you to make it more realistic, and be sure to add plenty of cover to duck behind. This could make a whole new kind of gameplay, or it could just suck, depending upon how the level layout is. Anybody know of any mods like this? Anyone think it's a good idea?