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  1. JoelRPG

    Mod Idea

    Well ya know there's a mod for Doom³ that seems to attempt to experiment with RPG aspects, though not online M-P. It's called DungeonDoom {its homesite}. I haven't messed with it much yet myself, but I intend to to see what's up with it. You might give it a try meanwhile. I'll report whenever I do, though. Maybe you can do the same. See, one of the nice things about modding some new game like this is that the modder doesn't seem to be limited to making FPSs only. I bet there's quite a few generes and hybrids of games that could possibly be made in such as Doom³.
  2. JoelRPG

    Mod Idea

    Though it would be nice to see some of those. Aww! :( I love experiments! Otoh, I can see the immense practical value of avoiding a whole lotta experimentation in favor of developing upon what one already knows. Hmm, not done yet. :( Although it DOES look very good. I wanna play it. I just hope it won't be like years or something before we see the finished product. I still think it should be a good idea for people to put good ideas here (or somewhere, wherever), even if they can't be done at like light-speed and stuff.
  3. JoelRPG

    Mod Idea

    Well why not do both then? Who says it's gotta be either/or? Original ideas are great. So how about one--I'm listening.... And never mind for a moment that good remakes might be cool to play, but maybe they would make good "teeth-cutting" game projects for this relatively new engine. The "templates" for such games (which is probably a significant part of the work) is already done.
  4. JoelRPG

    Mod Idea

    Yeah, that was weird. I thought maybe you deleted your post, but then I remembered how I don't have permission to delete my own posts. So I dunno what happened there; that was strange. :/ Yeah see, good idea. I'm sure that there's at least one cool Classic Doom PWAD that each person here (for starters) would love to play in the Doom³ engine. You know some of those I'd like to play hehehehe
  5. JoelRPG

    Ultimate Torment & Torture question

    I've tried to play Torment and Torture 2: Armory of Pain (which, to me, is the best of them all) Co-op with a friend before and it works great...for a while. Trouble is (IIRC) all players MUST enter the Arena area at the same time. If one enters, the others will be locked out and cannot continue the map. (Maybe they can Co-op Spy the other player[s]?) Also, if any players in the Arena are killed, they cannot return to it and finish it, as a large wall rises to keep the players in (or out, as this case may be). The thing is that that PWAD was not made with Co-op in mind but totally for S-P. (Now maybe if someone were to mod it for a good Co-op ver. or something, that might be a different story.) I dunno about the other Torment and Torture games. Maybe you can report your findings about those here? On a side note: One thing that bothers me about Torment and Torture, Lost Episode: The Fury of Fire is it seems that there's not enough ammo to reach the end. I stay alive and kill monsters...until I run out of ammo, then my game is basically over. :( Too bad, because it's an awesome mod like the other Torment and Torture games. If it just had a little more ammo on the map, it would be no less than perfect. I use ZDLv3 also, but more than that I use Unleashed {home & d/l page}. Works well with GZDoom too. Could use a nice little update though to work with GZDoom better. Give it a try and see if you get some better results.
  6. JoelRPG

    Mod Idea

    Well these ideas have been done before (in Classic Doom), so it's not like they have to be thought up much all over again if at all. (Albeit it would have to be thought up how to do these previously done games in a new way [this new engine].) In other words, the "template" for such games has already been laid out in the original PWAD games (the maps, weapons, monsters, etc.). The new remakes could be taken directly from the old originals (meaning in terms of general design, of course). I mean look what they did with Classic Doom³ {its download page}--such great work! Ya know, I think I'm gonna give 'em some money after I reach the end of that mod. They did that quality work so that I could play a great game, so I think I'm gonna give 'em some bucks. (On a side note: The [currently unfinished] Doom Reborn makes an interesting and good alternate, but I, myself, prefer of the two the design that Classic Doom³ utilized.) Yeah, Classic Doom³ is a great way of remaking an older game in a new engine (I think). [Edit:] Heh, whoops! Looks like the post I'm replying to got deleted. Oh wow, man LOL
  7. JoelRPG

    Imagine Doom 3 looked like this

    I like Doom³ the way it is as well. But as far as a mod, that looks awesome! I'd love to see and play a mod like that. From that one pic, it looks very Half-Life 2-ish. Otoh, a Myst-like game in Doom³ would be cool too, if done well. I mean it's not like it's a rule that all custom mods have to be like the original game.
  8. JoelRPG

    Mod Idea

    Yeah ya know, I have a better idea: How about remaking some of the great PWADs for Doom II into Doom³ mods? Strain, Equinox, Hell to Pay, Perdition's Gate, QuakeDoom, Heroes (which is for Doom), The Torment and Torture games, The Darkest Hour, Cold as Hell (bugfixed, of course), A Fistful of Doom, even the old Aliens TC, and especially Sirens (yeah I'd love to see a good re-do of Sirens). I suppose I could name more, but we all know of great Classic Doom mods that any could name. I mean someone's already been doing this sort of thing with Chex Quest. Why not other PWADs as well? (But especially the ones I named heh-heh-heh)
  9. JoelRPG

    Trouble With DungeonDoom

    Crappily coded, eh? Hmm.... So once you did find the key that frees you from the mysterious Holding magik, could you continue and actually play the game? And was it any good, worth playing at all?
  10. JoelRPG

    Trouble With DungeonDoom

    I d/led & installed a mod for Doom³ called DungeonDoom {its homesite}. I have Doom³ updated to the latest v1.3.1 and am using WinXP Home. I do not have Resurrection of Evil (yet). I d/led & installed the one on the top of the list on the d/l page there ("Final DungeonDoom 8.2"). It runs just fine, for a very short time. The trouble is when I enter the towne gate. I get a prompt asking whether or not I want to enter the towne. I enter Yes. I appear in the towne with a window on my screen like so: ... Err...whoops! I just found that DungeonDoom doesn't seem to support screenshots! :( Anyway, a window comes up that says (among other things) something like "Press Down Arrow to Continue". I have the Down Arrow bound to Move Backward, but even if I unbind the key, it still has no effect--the window remains. If I just try disregard the window, even though it fills much of the screen, and simply move on, I find myself stuck, as if bouncing off the border of some invisible...Hold Person/Monster spell or something! :O What foul magik could this be!? And how can I escape it to play the game?