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  1. digit@l_pimp

    ZDoom 2.1.0 Released

    i've been lurking for a while and just needed to post: it's completely different if you view things from a programmer's stand-point. randy is not going to wait around to standardize features when there's only 2 ports that are actually still maintained on a consistent basis. i like the new features but i also like that you can disable most of them. zdoom is good for what it does, i keep prBoom around for demos and vanilla stuff. do the same and life will be better for you. :)
  2. digit@l_pimp

    My Name Is Neo

    how unoriginal of a title... :) http://www.doomworld.com/triggerauto/neo-doom.shtml just kidding... good luck guys.
  3. digit@l_pimp

    Teaser Trailer For Some Movie

    you have to remember too... the original doom didn't actually tell you that these guys were demons until the end of E1. maybe they're throwing this genome stuff in, as someone already mentioned, to keep people who haven't played the game yet on their toes. you think it's a resident evil rip off and then "BAM"... it's exactly what Doom is. If that's the case, then it's kind of nice.. It won't be the first time that the audience finds out what's really going on at the same time as the characters in the movie. Maybe they're saying that because no one really knows what's going on....
  4. digit@l_pimp

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0427964/ I'm confused... Brian Steele .... Curtis Stahle/The Baron Doug Jones .... Dr Carmack Imp Does that mean that humans turn into imps and barons??
  5. digit@l_pimp

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    lol...that's hilarious. the look on the guy's face in the last frame is priceless.
  6. digit@l_pimp

    Uncapped FPS In PRBoom

    It does, in fact. That's really f@cking scary, weird and wrong.
  7. digit@l_pimp

    Doom Movie Casting

    http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0167260/Ss/0167260/lotr3_3AP_94565.jpg?path=gallery&path_key=0167260 And here he looks like he's takin' it in the ass...
  8. digit@l_pimp

    Doom Movie Casting

    ugh. his parents' deaths? what next? barney the dinosaur is the one causing the invasion? that, or they're all invading from the future rather than hell... oh wait...
  9. digit@l_pimp

    Stop Tormenting Me, Tormentor!

    I think that's probably what I was getting at. I know there's people that still edit for it, but not anyone that would need an article like that. It's nice for someone that's clueless, but how many people out there really are clueless about editing... the game's been out for years...
  10. digit@l_pimp

    WildWeasel's Doom Armory

    FP. Page cannot be displayed. Looks like someone robbed the armory. Damn them guys...
  11. digit@l_pimp

    Stop Tormenting Me, Tormentor!

    I don't wanna sound like an ass...but are there still newbies that are learning how to edit for Doom? It's a nice little article, but it's hard to say if anyone will learn anything from it... FP, again.
  12. digit@l_pimp

    AR Tray Spy Now With Doom 3 Support

    Is this like Gamespy or something? FP, btw.
  13. digit@l_pimp

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    Basically, yes. It's really, really bad at making correct geometry, but it'll get you at least a playable, correctly-sized map.
  14. digit@l_pimp

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    Yeah, I'm serious. I'm not saying to just run it through a .map converter and use that. I'm saying to run it through the converter so that you have an idea of relative size in the Doom3 engine. If you wanna make it from scratch, you're bound to come up with some inconsistencies. If you want to stick to the original, then use it as a tool. Don't just be an ass and try and do what you think would most fit the original. There's a reason the original was so popular. Don't f*ck with the formula.
  15. digit@l_pimp

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    This is more of what I'd like to see. In fact, I think I'm gonna try something like this. The easiest way to do this is to run the .wad through the .map converter to get the base, but I'd like to see some heavier editing. I think I'm gonna start this up when I get back home and see how I do (I'm in Arizona right now for a vacation).