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  1. tannermann

    Error 95!

    Ok i've been workin on it and i havent gotton anything yet but i have to say i've gotton pretty far on my map :D although i havent seen anymore Errors i will still keep working on it but now i have to work on my website.
  2. tannermann

    Doom BuilderX

    Can i be like an Error worker? seriously,i am good with error and finding out how they work and what causes them
  3. tannermann

    Crash in 1.67

    they have 1.68....this post must be old...
  4. tannermann

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    You mean me? that would be awsome if he meant me ^_^
  5. tannermann

    Error 95!

    Ok so i found an Error called Error 95 and it has somthing to do with 3D mode, I am running a few Tests to figure out what causes the problem, but ofcourse this little problem chooses its times to show up i'll tell you that now. All i can say is this: SAVE OFTEN AND SAVE WELL! I was in the middle of making a nice map when it occoured. I think it has somthing to do with Leaks in your map or if your on Vista it could be also that you had to close Explorer.exe which i highly doubt. But it could be possible chances are it's not Explorer.exe but i will have more looks cause i did have a few Leaks when it happend and that happend twice so if you have leaks and you try to go into 3D mode... Well than you found out what error 95 is. I forgot what the Error but i'll try to make it happen again and post it.
  6. tannermann

    Doom builder Vista Problem

    I'm sorry man but it does... but its ok now Problem solved! if you need me to help you solve this Problem so you won't have to go through this phase i'd be happy to help
  7. tannermann

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    Well i Released a Tutorial on one of the Problems that occours due to a Problem. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=42056 Very easy steps on making the Read Error 5 leave us the Fuck alone.
  8. tannermann

    !!Tutorial on how to Stop Read Error-5!!

    yea i know... I almost forgot to add a little somthing.. i would like to thank a person for figuring out this problem: Thanks MALCOM!!!
  9. tannermann

    Doom builder Vista Problem

    Ok i finished it!!! http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=42056 Enjoy ppl enjoy...
  10. Ok so i've been having this Problem now and i'm sure i'm not the only one! If you have Doom builder 1.68 on Windows Vista or any other Computer for that matter you might have this Error Message occour: read error-5: Invalid call or argument Procedure or somthing like that. The thing is Explorer.exe causes the Problem so what you are going to end doing is this: Step 1. Open Doom builder, to where it is onscreen. Step 2. Open Task manager with doombuilder right behind it. Step 3. Go to Process and find Explorer.exe Step 4. End Explorer.exe, The button is at the bottom right of the Task manager screen. Step 5. With Explorer.exe closed, your entire Desktop's Icons, Start menu, and all the regamaro will be gone but don't Panic cause you can re-open it which i will add at the bottom. Your Doom builder should be on screen now but dont close or minimalize it or you will have to re do the Procedure. And that Wraps that part up, but now i will tell you how to Re-open Explorer.exe. How to Re-open Explorer.exe: Step 1. Very simple, very simple indeed. Just open up your Task manager again by pressing and holding down "ctrl", "Alt" and " Delete" Buttons. Step 2. When it opens go to the Applications Tab at the top of the Task manager screen. Step 3. At the Bottom right of the Task manager screen there are 3 buttons: 1. End Task 2. Switch to... (Switch to Task) 3. New Task Click the 3rd button New Task and type in Explorer.exe, and your Stuff will be restored safely. !!!!NOTE!!!! Anything at the bottom bar will NOT be erased or anything.If you are downloading somthing it will still be there! May your gaming Experiences be great, my Brothers of the Gaming world.
  11. tannermann

    Doom builder Vista Problem

    Well kid i found out how to stop this Bullshit... i found out that Explorer.exe cause the Problem and ima make a Tutorial just for you and everyone else that has this damned problem.
  12. tannermann

    Doom builder Vista Problem

    Well im sorry... but i need help and generally you would give it to me right?
  13. tannermann

    Doom builder Vista Problem

    Ok so when i make doors i get this problem that just Fuckin ( sorry for the Language its frustrating) pisses me off cause when you make a door and then try to go to 3D mode it wont let you and thats when i the Following error message: Run time error-5: Invalid Procedure call or Argument. And then the Entire fucking thing Just shuts down. I was Soo far on this badass map considering i do doors last to finish it without saving not expecting problems ...Shit happens right?!?!?!?!?!