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  1. Prince of Darkness

    Quirks and trends in modern games that bother you

    My biggest problem? Only 2 weapon carrying. I recently played through resistance 2, which is like a completely different game from the original because of that- instead of having (in some cases, literally) having tens or hundreds of different ways to deal with an enemy or situation, there's barely a handful. It's never "Here's a few ways to deal with these guys/rooms/ect." it's "HEARS A ROCKET LAUNCHER AND THESE BIG GUYS CAN ONLY BE HURT BY THEM"- one of the final levels in the aforementioned Resistance 2 had one of their final levels in the bayou, against a bunch of guys who need some serious ordinance to take down- so the game gives you a rocket launcher, just like that. And there's no other way to do it.
  2. Prince of Darkness

    Collecting mushrooms (non-psychoactive)

    I live in a forested area of Nebraska near the platte river- I find Morels all the time. And its true- they are fucking delicious.
  3. Prince of Darkness

    Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Doom

    I might as well raise my hand and see what happens. I was actually thinking of rewriting the page itself in it's entirety, but I don't know if I want to take on such a task again. And no Planky, I will not reference "Over 9000" in the article. Even that gets old.
  4. Prince of Darkness

    Most depressing quote

    Or "Always look on the Bright Side", which would be ironic, in a sense.
  5. Prince of Darkness

    Custom title thread

  6. Prince of Darkness

    Music/Media Players- what should I use?

    For years I have been running Winamp as my main media player, for everything from music to videos. As I have recently upgraded to a Lenovo T61 running Windows 7, I have been wondering if I should just use Winamp or if I should use a different (or better) music player. But does anyone else here have any better ideas?
  7. Prince of Darkness

    So you think you're fast?

    It's enough.
  8. Prince of Darkness

    Just started playing through F.E.A.R.

    Oh GOD yes.
  9. Prince of Darkness

    Music/Media Players- what should I use?

    Who doesn't use VLC these days?
  10. Prince of Darkness

    Penn & Teller: War on Porn

    Did you feel like you needed to complain about something?
  11. Prince of Darkness

    US federal authorities shut down 9 pirate sites

    I find this funny because you're hanging onto a couple of replies in an attempt to prove that all of us are "big bad meanies" or whatever the fuck. Your basing an assumption of everyone on just a couple of posters. And if you wanna bring the *chonz, you aren't being trolled, but you certainly act like it.
  12. Prince of Darkness

    Penn & Teller: War on Porn

    After seeing the actual airing of the show, I can proudly say I pulled a P&T on a woman that was anti-porn for a large group presentation in High School. She was about as dumb, too.
  13. Prince of Darkness

    Amputee Cat gets his Bionic Feet

    I'd give these guys a surgical Hi-five.
  14. Prince of Darkness

    Party Dance Music

  15. Prince of Darkness

    God created everything

    It thinks granite is an element.
  16. Prince of Darkness

    The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

    Here's a better one. I don't know either of these women.
  17. Prince of Darkness

    The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

    Tarnish notte my MANLY TOWER of HATS. (Taken during this weekend's prom. No, that sexy beast I'm holding is not my date.)
  18. Prince of Darkness

    Mech 4 Free Release

    Yeah, even with Mechwarrior: Living Legends, MTX was pretty bad. I dont' know what they'll do to fix it, tho.
  19. Prince of Darkness

    If projects were approved based on their coolness factor

    We really couldn't "steal" another moon- in order for it to have the same effect as our old one, we would need a planetary body of similar size. We would be better off counterbalancing the force of the moon's escape then looking for another one. [quote]Christoph said: About the moon, it would be interesting to have another object reflecting sunlight onto the earth - for energy and aesthetic purposes, though that would probably change the "natural" world too much (probably too different from what it's used to). In my opinion, we already have more than all the energy/resources we need but people are just wasting and abusing them way too much. I like the idea of doing such things (going outside the planet) but given mankind's terrible track record of fucking everything up, I think it would be much better to reverse the problems we've already created before starting new, bigger ones. In order to have a visible effect on the environment, the mirrior would have to be massive. I don't mean a few hundred feet across; I mean hundreds of miles wide, capable of shading an entire state in the US. Really, it would be several thousand, maybe 25x25 mirrors placed in our gravity well to reflect back what it could without causing visible shadows. Either way you look at it, it would be a monumental undertaking, and probably not worth it. Hell yeah. Over there, it's be okay to power everything via solar, 'specially since there are parts in near-constant light from it's orbit 'round the earth.
  20. Prince of Darkness

    If projects were approved based on their coolness factor

  21. Prince of Darkness

    The Great Fish Renaissance Revival-Fest 2010

    Oh, ohhhhhh me next! I've been looking for a way to make the doom 64 logo into a fish, with the face kinda "pulled out" for the front of the fishy. Or something like that. I dunno.
  22. Prince of Darkness

    The KFC Double Down - God bless America

    What kind of sauce comes out of a colonel?
  23. Prince of Darkness

    A better "Christian" America

    Well, at least you got something right- many old school idealists believed violence was the answer to many problems, like Jefferson. Pudding, and naptime after cleanup.
  24. Prince of Darkness

    Logical fallacies

    It's called "Circular reasoning". I can post more Logical Fallacies, if you would like.
  25. Prince of Darkness

    A better "Christian" America

    Yeah, you're not so much of a "fake" as you are a poseur. IMMA START SOCIAL MOVEMENT NAO