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  1. Julian Now

    Story/theme of FreeDoom

    Good god... I wrote this story ages ago and the english is just plain awful.
  2. Julian Now

    Klem, Shaw, Pullen, Vickers, Baker or Fong?

    It's always nice to be forgotten... :(
  3. Julian Now

    UDMF v1.0 RFC

    Well, in that case, such a port should simply refuse to load the map, shouldn't it ?
  4. Julian Now

    UDMF v0.99 Specification Draft (aka TEXTMAP)

    You basically end up with a shell and nothing really standardized for the content. That's too bad. Beside, you hinder interesting possibilities for source ports. Take the example of an "ice" special. Does it matter what "mode" the port is in ? If a sourceport can handle icy sectors, then it should be able to do so in any game mode. So you could have icy sectors in Doom, Heretic, Strife, whatever. A sourceport that cannot do icy sectors would simply ignore the name (graceful degradation anyone ?). Of course, it gets really tricky with numbers. If I understand your namespace system properly, it's basically a source port ID, isn't it ? Maybe with version added ? If you go with numbers, where will they be specified for each namespace ? (I'm thinking about the headache for editors here) Well, you can go for what is basically a list of additive flag names separated by spaces. Is it really that complicated to "parse" ? Well, of course, size does not matter. (sorry girls ;)) Thanks for the answers, now onto different questions (for my own personal curiosity): 1) Why use the order of lines, sectors, etc to number them and no "id" parameter (size does not matter, does it ?) ? I suppose load-time memory allocation of arrays ? 2) Why use a proprietary text format and now XML (I do a lot of this nowadays and though it is outrageously verbose, it is also very comfortable once you're used to it) ? Good luck again guys and thanks to all of you for working on something like this :)
  5. Julian Now

    UDMF v0.99 Specification Draft (aka TEXTMAP)

    Hello guys, nice to see something like that coming. Some remarks from a retired doomer. Q, isn't this special thingy issue linked to the fact you still use numbers, which are implementation dependent (heck, most ports actually translate them) ? Since you have a text format, why stick to numbers ? Instead of "15" just put "ice" or "instant_death". All it takes is one hashmap per game type at loading side to translate into correct numbers/flags/whatever the implementation chooses to represent them with. Of course, it may get a bit more tricky for BOOM generalized specials, but, then again, a notation like "special1 | special2 | special3 |..." could do the trick. Also, I noted a lot of flags in the format that basically are all false by default. Why not a notation like "flags = blocking | passuse | secret" ? And regarding line specials, why the "twosided" flag ? Isn't this implicitly determined by the backside value ? Anyway, nice to see all these source ports & editors brains thinking together :)
  6. Julian Now

    Iron Man

    It was a solid bound-to-have-a-sequel movie. All in all, there was few action scenes, the final battle sadly not being the best of them. I particularly enjoyed Robert Downey Jr and I sure hope to see where they'll take the character from there. Also, the coolness factor of the sonic bangs when the armor passes mach 1 is unbelievable.
  7. Julian Now

    Sterotypical stuff

    And to think I though I was safe badmouthing source ports.
  8. Julian Now

    Sterotypical stuff

  9. Hi Linguica from now, mind if I use your time-shifting magic and try and warn five years ago Julian ? So :"Boring baby girl" is NOT the opposite of "crazy bitch" Ties are NOT meant as an hommage to Star Wars, just do NOT wear them, they come with the price you dread In two years, she'll still be a good fuck, but she'll attempt suicide three years after, just before christmas, in your bathroom... oh ! oh ! oh ! You're a quitter, accept it and move on (so to speak) You cannot apologize anyway, so quit blaming yourself, it's just ridiculous Do NOT start playing World of Warcraft : you're meant to burn your i, d & q keys and PRETEND you can play You will try & create your own company like you did two years ago : I'll try my best now owning 15k euros this time.Farewell, frenchy.