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  1. Hey, DOOMKID recomended you as a good consultant foer a hd doom remake, any tips?

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    2. Reinchard


      I don't know what exactly you plan to do. Are you planning to recreate all assets in higher resolution? Whether it be 2d sprotes or 3d models? What about textures? WHat about levels? Are you familiar with other hires projects?

    3. cacodemon101


      What we are planning to do is a higher quality wall textures, Higher quality animation for the flats, use 3D software to make 3D models and use Photography to put them in the game (like the original clay models https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Models), revamped weapons and higher multiplayer capacity. We are going to change the location of secrets and key cards to keep the game fresh and add in a no enemies and a "death wish" mode.

    4. Reinchard


      It's sound great. I wish you good luck guys. Maybe make a topic for this one and keep as update :) BTW, if we talking about monsters sculpts, did you seen this?