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  1. Ultimablah

    Megamaps, best ones out there?

    Deus Vult :D
  2. Ultimablah

    Best co-op maps?

    Finally found a friend who's into Doom. What are good mods/packs made for (or just work well with) coop? Already did Deus Vult and HR and Memento Mori, all were fun.
  3. I want a grand sense of enormity, or adventure, in my mods. Something like Deus Vult or Supersonic Doom(as bad as the mechanics were), which is huge and overarching and, even if they weren't that long, instilled a sense of adventure and wonder. What maps or megawads have you played that instilled that exploratory sense of wonder for you?
  4. Ultimablah

    Best boss fights?

    I'm looking for a mod with good boss fights like Supersonic Doom or Claustrophobia. Any suggestions that came out in the past 3-4 years?
  5. Ultimablah

    Scoredoom artifacts...

    I'm not quite sure what all of these artifacts do, like Daisy Chainer and Terrorsphere. Anyone have a list of artifacts?
  6. Ultimablah

    Getting Doom 2 at school

    I tried hosting on Doomseeker in class, but Windows Firewall doesn't allow hosting servers here. So, I tried to connect our group of 12 to a server, but all servers only allow two connections from the same IP. If I host a server at home, is there any way that I can remove the "max connection" limit?
  7. Ultimablah

    Epic bosses.

    I want to fight awesome bosses, such as those in Claustrophobia and Supersonic Doom and TUTNT and Zen Dynamics. Any recommendations?
  8. Ultimablah

    Epic bosses.

    Will do. Any suggestions in particular?
  9. Ultimablah

    Regarding monsters that can emit light

    This would be such a cool looking monster. I wanna check it out some time.
  10. Impse on monitor in high-level office lol Firetruck on Bridge has Transformers symbol Also, there're quite a few spots with HoM effects. Looking to the sides of the front porch of the house, inside the shed with the gas can, inside the house there's a really, really bad-looking closet which causes the entire game to garishly jump, if you freeze an enemy on the bus on the bridge and he slides into the door where enemies spawn from you're stuck, same for any place where you can A: Freeze enemies and B: Enemies spawn behind a closing door, there's no notice as to where to go after you kill everyone in the dojo with the sword, why was level 05 not used in the game?, can get stuck in turnsible of subway, more if I remember it.
  11. Ultimablah

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    In all honesty, I jumped at a few points, and it's easily the most affecting game I've played. But, overall, it's not scary... just suprising. How about you?
  12. Ultimablah

    I want epicness.

    I played through Super Sonic Doom a while back, and the boss fights and level designs were absolutely amazing. I'm shocked it didn't make the Cacoawards, personally. I also played Scythe, and the last level was just... amazing. Hellish and kinda pointlessly hard, but amazing, theme-wise. But, now, I crave other epic fights. I want huge levels with great design, that all leads up to a penultimate event. Any suggestions of mods I should play? (Simplicity was also a good one, though... it kinda ended quickly)
  13. I mean, Boom, Zdoom, GZdoom, Chocolate Doom, Skulltag... Why can't we have one universal port that runs all mods for all ports? I'm sick of having to switch between ports every time I want to play a different mod. How did we get so many ports anyway, and why?
  14. Ultimablah

    I want epicness.

    I beat Claustrophobia on difficulty 2. Any higher was annoying, I hate fighting with no dodging room, and having things bite me before I have a chance to react. However, the bosses, and all of stage 4, were epic. Giygas needs to appear in Doom 2 some time, and stage 4 just reaffirms that. Still haven't started Deus Vult 2; I've been thinking of getting a friend or someone to co-op it with me. Hmm...
  15. Ultimablah

    I want epicness.

    I'll get Claustrophobia, and play Alien Vendetta. 3 day weekend for me, yay sickness(-.-)!
  16. Ultimablah

    I want epicness.

    I beat Deus Vult on HMP. Wonderful, amazing, BRILLIANT. Will play Deus Vult 2 next, as soon as I have time to. Epic was also a great wad, but Deus Vult was... stunning.
  17. Ultimablah

    I want epicness.

    Hm... I'll try the recommendations, thanks! Although, it appears that I may have mis-presented what I'm looking for, exactly. I'm not just looking for pure, massive difficulty, but something that screams out "THIS IS A LARGE SCALE THING, IT'S BIG, IT'S COOL LOOKING, IT'S IMPORTANT, PLAY ME" TUTNT was a very good example of that. Not too exasperatingly hard, yet grandoise enough in scale that it was absolutely great to play. (The secret mario level was hilarious, as well)
  18. Ultimablah

    SuperSonic Doom...

    I'm having trouble finding the secret level in Zone 3, act 1. Anyone have any idea where it is? (And I'll probably have a lot more questions as I continue, so this'll be the topic I shove all this in) Thank you ^_^ New Question: In Volcano Zone Act 2, there's a point where there's a secret leading to an invisibility monitor, a platform with a backpack and bullet box, and a side room with a lava pit, and there's no where to go from there. What do I do?