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Status Updates posted by Use

  1. The three or four people I converse with on occasion know that I've moved about a year ago. From a small apartment of 8 or so years to a house..again. Next door is a duplex, as I'm typing the two small yappy dogs are once again suspended outside the sliding door by a small length of leash. No one ever walks them. Sometimes I see a woman, she comes out, sits down with a tablet, smokes a cigarette. Goes back inside. I've seen her on occasion, sitting in the van parked on the drive. It's not running. Just sitting, staring. The dogs..they are so tiny, surely it would be no effort to walk them. There's a baby in there, I never hear it.

    During the spring, a teenager was outdoors. He lifts a large rock, or sometimes a slab of masonry over his head, throws it into the side of their only tree. He does this everyday for a few days. In one instance it looks as though he is trying to toss the rocks up into the tree. Is this a new workout? Some kind of tree-vandalism? What does he hope to accomplish? I find this person's activities very distracting. I know you can't be well-off, your family doesn't own this property..why are you destroying this perfectly healthy tree? Bark keeps disease and parasites away. You idiot.

    At night, I contemplate going over there and taking the rocks and masonry from their little pile at the corner of the house and hiding them in my garage. One or two trips, I could do it. He would wake up, do god-knows-what before preparations for his daily battle, and find his implements missing. That would end this charade pretty quick.

    The other day, two men were chatting it up in the backyard. There's a small cover of greenery blocking most of the view, and a rickety wire fence that connects to my garage, which was obviously built several years after house. Now I see them often, they go into the duplex's garage..the car is still always parked in the drive. The door is open, once again I never hear anything. Only at night, around midnight, the sounds of a power tool, possibly a drill. They don't look particularly handy, there's junk strewn everywhere in the yard, obscured by the fence-growth. That little white bench could be easily fixed..why don't you at least pick up and stack the masonry littered about? I don't understand these people. If they would just walk their dogs, I wouldn't care...maybe fix those blinds on the second level, they look terrible all askew like that. It's the teenagers room, I bet.

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    2. Technician


      That's the problem with living next door to people, they're usually douche bags. I think we all have our stories.

    3. Tracer


      When I get to work I'll share some great stories about my old neighbors.

    4. 40oz


      Haha that kid throwing rocks at the tree is the best part of the story.

      I have a next door neighbor that takes care of her sister who is a paranoid schizophrenic. She takes pills that calm her down but last summer she stopped taking them and sits on the front porch smoking cigarettes 20 hours of the day singing, shouting at people either in her head that weren't there, or people that were there walking on the sidewalk. She tells crazy nonsensical stories, wearing the same outfit for weeks, flipping people off, and leaving her poor dog out in the summer sun for hours. The dog started digging holes in our garden to lay in to cool off.

      She still sits on the porch smoking cigarettes maybe 14 hours a day now, and she still occasionally talks to herself, but the worst of it is over for now.

      Still I got major beef with people who don't take care of their dogs. There are so many dogs in my neighborhood that bark at everything that moves. A ten minute walk a day would make such a difference. I only give my dog a 15 minute walk most days up and down the street just to sniff things and look around and pretend were on an adventure and she completely transforms.

  2. Yes, just got back from seeing them at St Andrews in Detroit, a small venue a block away from GM headquarters. It was fucking awesome. They sounded great and played some of my favorite songs. Now back to whatever it is I do.

    1. baronofheck82


      Hell yeah! What was the setlist? I would <3 <3 <3 to see them live someday.

  3. Happy birthday you mopey old bastard. Oh wait, me too. I'm 32. Oh god, my feet...

    Feel free in joining together to mock the old one. Me, not Cthulhu.

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    2. Khorus


      Use3D said:

      Once again, this time with feeling. Now I'm 34. With less free time, I wanted to have some big Doom projecty release this year..it could still happen!!

      Finishing up Nilla Doom? About time!!

      Oh and happy birthday. ;)

    3. darknation
    4. Jonathan


      “Age shouldn't affect you. You’re either marvellous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.”

  4. I can't afford my internet connection anymore so I might not be around much. This will give me time for my work though, so I guess it's okay...that is until my electricity is also truned off. Being poor is great.

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    2. Sharessa


      You should move in with Deadnail. :P

    3. Fredrik


      Bloodshedder said:

      Just get people to donate to the Use3D Housing Fund.

      I will pay for new Use3D Doom levels.

    4. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Damn that sucks I hope your back soon.

  5. YAY for me.

    I'm getting over a nasty cold/flu thing so I won't be doing much, prolly watching some Star Wars, playing Dreamcast and generally sitting around. Work was nice enough to let me go for the day. I'm 26!

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    2. Use


      Xenphire said:

      Happy birthday :)

      thanks everyone. my birthday was pretty lame. I was too sick to go out. :P

    3. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      May his suffering be long and legendary!

    4. Job


      Little Faith said:

      May his suffering be long and legendary!

      I don't know if the old fellow has much suffering left in him.

  6. Okay, I'm running my new AMD64, which I had put sp2 on for Winxp, only after reading about the horrible time people are having with this service pack. Sure enough, my system became very unstable, and would randomly bluescreen out and reboot. The screen would go by so fast I could not read it.
    So, I manage to uninstall sp2, but still encounter a random total hang of my system, no warning, no message, just dead. These seemed to happen anytime I was running firefox.
    Since then i have started to reinstall and update a few programs just in case sp2 had mucked them up.
    Just wondering if anyone had some insight into tracking down the source of the total hang, or has had any major stange issues with Firefox or sp2 on a AMD64. Event viewer is no help, and windows restarts as if nothing happened.

    But, so far I've been running all day without a crash, so maybe I'm in the clear. Just gotta try some games and see what the deal is over time I guess. And just when I get HL2!! ;(

    1. Cyb


      did you just put in a new chip/motherboard and use the same hard drive? If you did that then you need to run a repair install of XP... normally when you install a new board it won't even boot, but stranger things have happened I guess.

  7. I dont post in blogs often but felt compelled to so bear with me

    Work today started mostly normal, a little slow, when a woman and her seemingly normal son come in looking around. The kids looks to be around 8 or so, and I notice his mother looking for a sales person. Like usual, I approached and asked if she needed anything. She wanted a hermit crab for her son. I then showed them the hermit crab cage and the kid gets very excited at this point, and tells me that his babysitter has a hermit crab. He instantly points out a random crab and says 'I want THAT one!'

    I pick it up and yes, its alive and it looks fine. But then I notice the price is not yet on the cage. That means the animals can't be sold yet, they've just arrived to the store less than a week ago. So to make busy-time I check with the boss and sure enough the crabs can't go home. The two customers are wandering around and I simply explain to the mother that the crabs have to stay another few days. The mother tells her son what I just said, and for a moment he seemed fine, then the former happy child turned beet red, and started shaking, then explodes into the most violent tantrum I've ever seen! He ripping his shirt off with his teeth, growling, stomping, rambling incoherencies, and all the while Mother stands there like nothing is happening. this episode went on for a minute at least, then the mother hurried the child out of the room. Sure enough a few moments later, the red eyed kid stomps up to me, mother in the background staring blanky, and screams:
    'Look, if you don't give me a hermit crab, I'm going to smash your puny head!!!'
    Mother again grabs the kid and hauls him away and out of the building, thus ending the most fucked up day I've had in that place for quite some time. I just hope I don't see that kid when he's 18 and a serial murderer - 'I WANTED THAT HERMIT CRAB YOU FUCKING SADISTIC FUCK!'

    And now a song...

    A piece of mail
    A letter head
    A piece of hair
    From a human head
    They're sayin' to me
    "I should've killed it"
    "I should've killed it"
    "I should've killed it before"
    You're right, you're right
    "Kill the body and the head will die"
    They're laughin' at me
    "I should've learned it"
    "I should've learned it"
    "I should've learned it before"
    -What a day, what a day
    If you can look it in the face
    And hold your vomit
    A wet sneeze and a "no left turn"
    A row of teeth and an encouraging word
    Beneath a mile of skin
    "I should've noticed it"
    "I should've noticed it"
    "I should've noticed it before"
    What a day
    What a day
    What a day
    Don't you touch it

    Faith No More - What a Day

    1. Psyonisis


      Seems perfectly normal to me... yes..

    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Did he turn Green?

    3. Bucket


      Really? I usually cherish the thought of young punks turning 18. Then you don't automatically get thrown in jail for starting a fight. The Young Punk Mentality usually doesn't follow law(or common sense, for that matter), so fortunately kids don't catch on to the fact that once they turn legal age, their ass is grass.

  8. ...give a good goddamn if I borrowed music from STRAIN and ICARUS.wad? I know in the txt file they say please don't but I'll give credit to..er whoever the hell made those midis. I guess if anyone cares I'll hear about it huh? BLOg BLOGLLBOGBGLBOGBL

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    2. Grazza


      Sure, that's your choice, and one that I'm sure the community greatly appreciates. But if people have said something different in their text file, their wishes should also be respected.

    3. Use


      Ok Grazza, Icarus clearly states not to steal resources, but maybe I can get a hold of Mark by email and ask him about Strain. The project is a ways from finished anyway.

    4. Grazza


      FYI, Mark Klem's site is here. If the address there doesn't work, I recall that Archvile46 contacted him recently (about use of his music in CChest), so must have up-to-date contact details.

  9. I'm moving shortly and may not have an internet connection for some time. I'm going to try and use this offline hiatus to get some cool Doom things worked on, not to mention playing with my new house ~.^
    Just wanted to let everyone know, and say it was nice to meet other Doomers here and participate. I'll be back in a few months at the most.

    And for no apparent reason, here is the letter H.

  10. Debating weather or not to use some third party drivers for my voodoo5 on my 98se box. Anyone have any experience with 3rd party voodoo drivers or have any reccomendations?

    1. AirRaid


      The latest Voodoo5 drivers from Voodoofiles work well with my friends Voodoo 5.

    2. AirRaid


      Actually I forget which ones he used, but they were 3rd party.

  11. Godfuckingdamnit, Ichor why the f00k did you trash the Homogay Marraige thread? We all know Doomedout is a freakin retard, Nanami was just pointing it out for the new people. There was still plenty of room for good discussion there!!! Gah it makes me MAD, whenever a cool thread like that appears it get closed just because some bigoted piece of shit can't keep his trap shut and gets called a retard like he is. Anyhoo, i felt this would be more appropriate than a private message. Im just venting. ..and DARKFOX came OUT!!! maybe I should ask him on a date...

    1. Ichor


      Sorry, but it was beginning to get out of hand there, and I had to dump it before it got any worse. Topics like that, religion, probably abortion, and a few others are very difficult to discuss without turning into a complete flamewar, simply because everyone's beliefs about these topics are so strong. I was kind of hoping that this time would be different, but if I had not killed the thread, someone else probably would have by now anyway.

    2. Ultraviolet


      Whoa, we have homosexuals on this forum? And here I thought we were all normal... very, very normal...