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  1. The three or four people I converse with on occasion know that I've moved about a year ago. From a small apartment of 8 or so years to a house..again. Next door is a duplex, as I'm typing the two small yappy dogs are once again suspended outside the sliding door by a small length of leash. No one ever walks them. Sometimes I see a woman, she comes out, sits down with a tablet, smokes a cigarette. Goes back inside. I've seen her on occasion, sitting in the van parked on the drive. It's not running. Just sitting, staring. The dogs..they are so tiny, surely it would be no effort to walk them. There's a baby in there, I never hear it.

    During the spring, a teenager was outdoors. He lifts a large rock, or sometimes a slab of masonry over his head, throws it into the side of their only tree. He does this everyday for a few days. In one instance it looks as though he is trying to toss the rocks up into the tree. Is this a new workout? Some kind of tree-vandalism? What does he hope to accomplish? I find this person's activities very distracting. I know you can't be well-off, your family doesn't own this property..why are you destroying this perfectly healthy tree? Bark keeps disease and parasites away. You idiot.

    At night, I contemplate going over there and taking the rocks and masonry from their little pile at the corner of the house and hiding them in my garage. One or two trips, I could do it. He would wake up, do god-knows-what before preparations for his daily battle, and find his implements missing. That would end this charade pretty quick.

    The other day, two men were chatting it up in the backyard. There's a small cover of greenery blocking most of the view, and a rickety wire fence that connects to my garage, which was obviously built several years after house. Now I see them often, they go into the duplex's garage..the car is still always parked in the drive. The door is open, once again I never hear anything. Only at night, around midnight, the sounds of a power tool, possibly a drill. They don't look particularly handy, there's junk strewn everywhere in the yard, obscured by the fence-growth. That little white bench could be easily fixed..why don't you at least pick up and stack the masonry littered about? I don't understand these people. If they would just walk their dogs, I wouldn't care...maybe fix those blinds on the second level, they look terrible all askew like that. It's the teenagers room, I bet.

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    2. Technician


      That's the problem with living next door to people, they're usually douche bags. I think we all have our stories.

    3. Tracer


      When I get to work I'll share some great stories about my old neighbors.

    4. 40oz


      Haha that kid throwing rocks at the tree is the best part of the story.

      I have a next door neighbor that takes care of her sister who is a paranoid schizophrenic. She takes pills that calm her down but last summer she stopped taking them and sits on the front porch smoking cigarettes 20 hours of the day singing, shouting at people either in her head that weren't there, or people that were there walking on the sidewalk. She tells crazy nonsensical stories, wearing the same outfit for weeks, flipping people off, and leaving her poor dog out in the summer sun for hours. The dog started digging holes in our garden to lay in to cool off.

      She still sits on the porch smoking cigarettes maybe 14 hours a day now, and she still occasionally talks to herself, but the worst of it is over for now.

      Still I got major beef with people who don't take care of their dogs. There are so many dogs in my neighborhood that bark at everything that moves. A ten minute walk a day would make such a difference. I only give my dog a 15 minute walk most days up and down the street just to sniff things and look around and pretend were on an adventure and she completely transforms.