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  1. Godfuckingdamnit, Ichor why the f00k did you trash the Homogay Marraige thread? We all know Doomedout is a freakin retard, Nanami was just pointing it out for the new people. There was still plenty of room for good discussion there!!! Gah it makes me MAD, whenever a cool thread like that appears it get closed just because some bigoted piece of shit can't keep his trap shut and gets called a retard like he is. Anyhoo, i felt this would be more appropriate than a private message. Im just venting. ..and DARKFOX came OUT!!! maybe I should ask him on a date...

    1. Ichor


      Sorry, but it was beginning to get out of hand there, and I had to dump it before it got any worse. Topics like that, religion, probably abortion, and a few others are very difficult to discuss without turning into a complete flamewar, simply because everyone's beliefs about these topics are so strong. I was kind of hoping that this time would be different, but if I had not killed the thread, someone else probably would have by now anyway.

    2. Ultraviolet


      Whoa, we have homosexuals on this forum? And here I thought we were all normal... very, very normal...