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  1. ...give a good goddamn if I borrowed music from STRAIN and ICARUS.wad? I know in the txt file they say please don't but I'll give credit to..er whoever the hell made those midis. I guess if anyone cares I'll hear about it huh? BLOg BLOGLLBOGBGLBOGBL

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    2. Grazza


      Sure, that's your choice, and one that I'm sure the community greatly appreciates. But if people have said something different in their text file, their wishes should also be respected.

    3. Use


      Ok Grazza, Icarus clearly states not to steal resources, but maybe I can get a hold of Mark by email and ask him about Strain. The project is a ways from finished anyway.

    4. Grazza


      FYI, Mark Klem's site is here. If the address there doesn't work, I recall that Archvile46 contacted him recently (about use of his music in CChest), so must have up-to-date contact details.