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  1. I dont post in blogs often but felt compelled to so bear with me

    Work today started mostly normal, a little slow, when a woman and her seemingly normal son come in looking around. The kids looks to be around 8 or so, and I notice his mother looking for a sales person. Like usual, I approached and asked if she needed anything. She wanted a hermit crab for her son. I then showed them the hermit crab cage and the kid gets very excited at this point, and tells me that his babysitter has a hermit crab. He instantly points out a random crab and says 'I want THAT one!'

    I pick it up and yes, its alive and it looks fine. But then I notice the price is not yet on the cage. That means the animals can't be sold yet, they've just arrived to the store less than a week ago. So to make busy-time I check with the boss and sure enough the crabs can't go home. The two customers are wandering around and I simply explain to the mother that the crabs have to stay another few days. The mother tells her son what I just said, and for a moment he seemed fine, then the former happy child turned beet red, and started shaking, then explodes into the most violent tantrum I've ever seen! He ripping his shirt off with his teeth, growling, stomping, rambling incoherencies, and all the while Mother stands there like nothing is happening. this episode went on for a minute at least, then the mother hurried the child out of the room. Sure enough a few moments later, the red eyed kid stomps up to me, mother in the background staring blanky, and screams:
    'Look, if you don't give me a hermit crab, I'm going to smash your puny head!!!'
    Mother again grabs the kid and hauls him away and out of the building, thus ending the most fucked up day I've had in that place for quite some time. I just hope I don't see that kid when he's 18 and a serial murderer - 'I WANTED THAT HERMIT CRAB YOU FUCKING SADISTIC FUCK!'

    And now a song...

    A piece of mail
    A letter head
    A piece of hair
    From a human head
    They're sayin' to me
    "I should've killed it"
    "I should've killed it"
    "I should've killed it before"
    You're right, you're right
    "Kill the body and the head will die"
    They're laughin' at me
    "I should've learned it"
    "I should've learned it"
    "I should've learned it before"
    -What a day, what a day
    If you can look it in the face
    And hold your vomit
    A wet sneeze and a "no left turn"
    A row of teeth and an encouraging word
    Beneath a mile of skin
    "I should've noticed it"
    "I should've noticed it"
    "I should've noticed it before"
    What a day
    What a day
    What a day
    Don't you touch it

    Faith No More - What a Day

    1. Psyonisis


      Seems perfectly normal to me... yes..

    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Did he turn Green?

    3. Bucket


      Really? I usually cherish the thought of young punks turning 18. Then you don't automatically get thrown in jail for starting a fight. The Young Punk Mentality usually doesn't follow law(or common sense, for that matter), so fortunately kids don't catch on to the fact that once they turn legal age, their ass is grass.