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  1. Okay, I'm running my new AMD64, which I had put sp2 on for Winxp, only after reading about the horrible time people are having with this service pack. Sure enough, my system became very unstable, and would randomly bluescreen out and reboot. The screen would go by so fast I could not read it.
    So, I manage to uninstall sp2, but still encounter a random total hang of my system, no warning, no message, just dead. These seemed to happen anytime I was running firefox.
    Since then i have started to reinstall and update a few programs just in case sp2 had mucked them up.
    Just wondering if anyone had some insight into tracking down the source of the total hang, or has had any major stange issues with Firefox or sp2 on a AMD64. Event viewer is no help, and windows restarts as if nothing happened.

    But, so far I've been running all day without a crash, so maybe I'm in the clear. Just gotta try some games and see what the deal is over time I guess. And just when I get HL2!! ;(

    1. Cyb


      did you just put in a new chip/motherboard and use the same hard drive? If you did that then you need to run a repair install of XP... normally when you install a new board it won't even boot, but stranger things have happened I guess.