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  1. Because they dont have any real problems in their life and want to whine about something that isn't their business.
  2. Doom OG

    Demon Phobia - My First Complete Wad

    Congrats on your first creation! I think it has potential. I played until the crusher in Map03 killed me. :/
  3. Doom OG

    Mini-level Megawad demos

    Deleted, it was a video not a demo, sorry I didn't understand.
  4. I re-purposed a map I had worked on off and on for some time. It's called Haunted Asylum and it's been submitted to Obsidian.
  5. If I want to use custom music, I'll need to know what level slot my map will occupy...I guess we can sort that out during submission?
  6. I'll submit something, I've always wanted to be in a community project.
  7. Doom OG

    How and Where can I post my wads?

  8. You guys are absolutely amazing. I'm in awe of the beauty and grandeur of the architecture, not to mention the insane battles. Here is Map03 on UV with 100% score (after many re-tries to get this one success lol):
  9. Here is Map01... I'm currently trying to figure out how the hell to survive Map02.
  10. Doom OG

    Is map knowledge a skill?

    I began playing in 1995 :)
  11. Doom OG

    Is map knowledge a skill?

    Very good point.