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  1. I've got to bow out of the project, sorry. My partner has the part of our map that I've done, but I can't do anything else right now. Someone else can take my place.
  2. My 11-year old just started mapping. Not as young as purists, but I still find it an awesome bonding experience. :P
  3. Sweet, Map 01. :) Let's get this started. :)
  4. Cool, thanks, glad you liked those three. :P
  5. Thanks! Which ones did you think were great?
  6. That's cool.
  7. Ha, blood on the snow, nice.
  8. Twas an asylum, and it's haunted. I'd guess it's about 50% ready for some initial play-throughs.
  9. Awesome, thanks for playing and for the feedback!
  10. Makes sense. The only thing incorrect was 8 hours per map. I have a problem getting obsessed with things and I spent way longer than that on them.
  11. Very good point, thanks. I designed it primarily through Risen3D, and then "retrofitted" it for the other ports. That was my mistake.
  12. Thanks for the info. What Boom feature? Ohhhh, the monster teleport at the end isnt standard, huh?
  13. See, here is a good (albeit negative) review: "No amount of hi-res texturing can save this. The levels are simply too big and bland for the most part, and I mean 'big' as in 'oversized sectors'. It's not entirely awful to play, but the sense of scale is just so completely cocked-up that it results in way too much running across vast empty areas. The levels make you feel like a midget, and that's really not a good thing here. The cheap and constant hassle from faraway Hitscanners just becomes mind-numbingly tedious too. 2/5 - BaronOfStuff" This was CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, which is helpful. Btw, I've gotten a lot of comments on the scale being too big. Maybe I was misunderstood, but the point was to make you feel small. The "king" of the castle is a cyberdemon, and everything is to his scale. Maybe some people didn't get it, but no worries. :)
  14. Do one for mine. :) Or smaller ones: