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  1. video: download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mortal-kombat-doom-zandronum/downloads/mortal-kombat-doom-version-294 Description: A new update: Mortal kombat II still compatible for zandronum, zdoom 2.8.1 and gzdoom. Changes: Fixed lot of bugs from previous versions. New sounds. Added new effects. Included a new sub-mod called "enableshadows.wad" , this only works on gzdoom 4.10.0 this new sub-mod add true shadows to the characters (the video show that, watch the shadows of the characters). All the instructions about how to install and play are included in the file as well the credits. The mod can be played online on zandronum and zdoom/gzdoom using zdl and the same pc with another friend. Include a single player campaign for player 1 and 2. Include 3 modes if you choose the living forest episode: 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 3. The mod 2 on 2 can be played by 4 players online. Not included in the test file, but i will post here: Shang Tsung can perform more fatalities, 3 of them can transform into demon of doom: to become cyberdemon: press.... back, back, low punch (far distance) to become spidermastermind: press.... back, back, low kick (far distance) to become pinky/demon: press.... forward, forward, hight kick (close distance) credits:
  2. here a gameplay of the mod (tested on gzdoom 4.10.0) I started this mod since 2016, but always was paused..but thanks to the re4 remake...this project is back...i included some things of the remake like the parry and sounds (pistol sound of the remake and the kick sound too)..the result was this, the gameplay show the half of the demo.
  3. Changes: Lot of bugs from previous versions fixed. Decreased incredibly the file size now is only 20 mb (before was 113 mb) Include submods for change the music, the anouncer voice and true shadows (this last only for modern gzdoom) download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mortal-kombat-doom-zandronum/downloads/mortal-kombat-doom-version-298 All the instructions about how to install, play and credits are included in the file too. Credits: Bugs: Specially on zandronum multiplayer, some blood effects are not visible, maybe the cause are decimal values of x,y,z offsets from a_spawnitemex. On zandronum multiplayer too, the tremor effect is not enabled, possibly a setactorvelocity problem. The mod can be searched with getwad: (mkiib2.9.8.pk3) Enjoy.
  4. Here another progress, another battle agaisnt Krauser
  5. Here a gameplay of Hunk´s campaign, still in progress, finishing this mode, i will release it, but not sure when.
  6. the demo will include a bonus track, you can play as Hunk, but not gameplay yet.
  7. doomero-21

    Doom 3 in 2023

    good doom3 mods: tested 8.1 (need roe) "eldoom" classic doom3 the lost mission (not from bfg edition, well in part, is the same campaign, but for the og doom3, need roe also)
  8. New progress.... exist a hight probability of release this demo this month, i finished the 5 bosses.
  9. new progress, this guy want war
  10. Here another progress....introduce this one uggly motha....
  11. thanks, here the second part:
  12. here another progress, i reduced the resolutuon of the cutscenes, because consume a lot of memory and gzdoom is crashed sometimes, but at the end of the video, still crashing gzdoom XD , that is because i was using bandicam and my poor pc....maybe for great pc this will not happen.
  13. And hard as hell, all from scratch.
  14. 90% using acs and decorate.
  15. Is play mortal kombat II in doom, is a total conversion, you can customize the controls and fight against the cpu or with friends.
  16. I included now , shotgun and grenades.
  17. it's a habit. After so many trial and error tests on the keyboard, now all the special movements work very well for me. Although I have never tried it with a joystick, maybe there I have to get used to it more.
  18. New update: Changes: Fixed various bugs from previous versions. Included new sprites and sounds. Download link: https://mega.nz/file/w59QzAZA#r8JFjyGXUBWaz3Zmnr3l00Zbh3OZCJmZpd_w5YwU5wQ Tested with gzdoom 4.10.0 and works good. All the instructions and credits are included into the file. Can be played online on zandronum, or gzdoom using zdl and also can be played offline 1vs1 in the same pc. Can report me if other bugs appear, i want to fix it. Enjoy! Credits:
  19. try on keyboard, almost works very good.
  20. video: I started this some months ago, i think gzdoom have the tools for something like this. For the moment, Diddy and Rambi are playables, but i am coding Dixie too, next videos i will show the progress of her skills. The mod works good with the lastest version of gzdoom. The bandicam decreace a little the frame rate, but is very smooth playing on pc. One of my plans at the future is include Donkey Kong as playable character too with a cheat code.
  21. doomero-21

    Donkey Kong Country 2 for GZDooM

    well for that part i need first, make the prevoius levels, but the style of mapping here is different, the floor is a texture (the image of the level), the camera focus from a hight place and aiming the floor.
  22. Now this new version works for the lastest gzdoom, here the changes: Compatible with gzdoom 4.8.2 The AI is more aggressive (sorry guys, this demand more challenge). Fixed lot of glitches. The cpu can choose secret characters on versus mode in the living forest mode. Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mortal-kombat-doom-zandronum/downloads/mortal-kombat-doom-ver-292 can be played online, and contain submods included into the file (mk9 anouncer voice, sega genesis music, and graphics from mortal kombat trilogy) enjoy!!
  23. Hi, ok i am updating my old mod DooM the mercenaries, this time compatible with the lastest version of GZDooM, the mod also will include new addons, specialy new effect in the melee moves, here the trailer of the mod: Download link: https://www.moddb.com/company/doomero-entertainment/downloads/doom-the-mercenaries-deluxe Alternative download link: https://mega.nz/file/YxMxWCiZ#ANioFq78UMZIUcx7d7oUzZQTM6wp1yreKJ3LpzbZImo I will release more updates in the future, so this only just begun! Compatibility: tested with gzdoom 4.7.1, works well, but this mod work with gzdoom 4.3 series or hight. Not compatible with zandronum for the moment, sorry. Use this mod only with vanilla doom wads like alien vendetta, plutonia 2, etc. I do not recomment try this with advanced zdoom mods like brutal doom, maybe could not run well. Maybe i din´t include someone in the credits list, if you notice something familiar and i do not give credits, please call me and i will fix it, is not my intention do not recognize the contribution to this mod. This mod is free and always will be. The installation instructions are included into the file, enjoy!
  24. The mod update was released, go to the first post, compatible with gzdoom 4.7.1 , enjoy!