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  1. Zafbot

    Steam Early Holiday Sale

    i love steam :D than again the only multiplayer game i play on steam is cs
  2. Zafbot

    Top 10 Best and Worst Films

    top ten movies i like in no paticular order: Apoacalypse Now Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction 28 Days/weeks Later A Clockwork Orange Resident Evil Films Training Day Saving Private Ryan Escape From New York Romeros Living Dead series. I cant really think of 10 movies i hate/dislike, since, i tend to forget about movies that i dont like, and thus, they are gone from my memory forever, or until i happen to see it again, in which i yell "i saw this movie, it sucks!" what comes to mind is: paranormal activity one missed call i dont know what else
  3. Zafbot

    what doom monster do you hate!

    i really, really hate lost souls. why is it that every time i go to shoot another monster with a rocket launcher, a damn lost soul flies in my face, and i end up blowing myself up, along with the lost soul, to bits.
  4. Zafbot

    all THINGS gone

    nope, everything is gone except for the map, o well, time to start another map. thanks anyway.
  5. Zafbot


    ok, thanks.
  6. Zafbot


    W_addfile: Couldn't open .wad. I tried using PRboom to test my map, and i get this as an error. i have my doom2.wad, and prboom file in the correct places, and im only using stock textures. does anyone know what is causing this? thanks
  7. Zafbot

    all THINGS gone

    hello, a map that i was 90% done with (and should have finished, but was lazy) i saved to my external harddrive. today, i decided to finish and probably post the map sometime this weekend. however, when i opened the map in doombuilder, all the textures on the walls were fine, and how they were supposed to be. but, all of my things are gone. all items, monsters, etc. except for 3 random things, a player start, random chaingun dude, and a yellow skull key. has this ever happened to anyone else? i will probably finish the map...but its going to take along time to replace these "things".
  8. i can play test it...once i get home on friday.
  9. Zafbot

    Anyway to get Doom Iwads to work on 360? NOT XBLA DOOM

    I threw out $60 for it the day it was released sometime in 2004, blegh! :(
  10. Zafbot

    Anyway to get Doom Iwads to work on 360? NOT XBLA DOOM

    I used to own the doom 3 collectors edition for the xbox...bought it when it first came out. Along with good ports of Doom 1 and Doom 2, it also game with a TV special that was on the channel G4 about the doom series itself...people like Tom Hall, and John Carmack talk about doom and give their opinions on the future of doom, iD, etc. Pretty interesting, watched it a few times, now I'm sort of disappointed i traded it in...might have to go pick up a copy of it again soon!
  11. Zafbot

    Dear chaingun dude/commando

    Don't get me wrong...i don't mind pistol starts...but after acquiring a decent amount of firepower...only to lose it because of some fat dude with a chain gun whose hiding around a corner, really grinds my gears.
  12. Zafbot

    Dear chaingun dude/commando

    I don't use ZDoom my good friend.
  13. Zafbot

    Dear chaingun dude/commando

    I hate it when you unload your chain gun on me and force me to restart the level with a pistol because i was not wise enough to save the game at the beginning of the level. Sincerely, Zafbot
  14. Zafbot

    Anyway to get Doom Iwads to work on 360? NOT XBLA DOOM

    why not just buy doom 3 resurrection of evil for original xbox? It comes with ports of ultimate doom, doom 2 and the master levels for doom 2 on the disc, along with resurrection of evil obviously.
  15. Zafbot


    Hardcore shows are no joke, especially if its a good band playing.