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BJ Blazkowicz

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  1. BJ Blazkowicz

    PSX Doom

    Looking good, although I'm not too keen on the PSX Doom.
  2. BJ Blazkowicz

    Vanilla Doom sliding doors

    Isn't just a simple frame animation?
  3. BJ Blazkowicz

    Doom Connector 4

    You should be more optimistic.
  4. BJ Blazkowicz

    Airport Security Stumped over MacBook

    Someone's going to pay for making me find all these colored keycards.
  5. BJ Blazkowicz

    Where's George?

    Very cool, I'll be checking out Where's Willy personally.
  6. BJ Blazkowicz

    Doom: The Comic - The Movie?!

    Oh, the mess that is Army of Darkness' legal rights.
  7. BJ Blazkowicz

    Has anyone played every Doom game?

    Every DOOM PC game released Every console DOOM port DOOM RPG DOOM 3 + expansions DOOM 3 on the XBox GBA DOOM/DOOM II GP2X DOOM PSP DOOM Also, all the DOOM books except the lame DOOM movie adaptation.
  8. BJ Blazkowicz

    Doom = the ultimate gaming experience

    Doom isn't, vanilla Doom is.
  9. BJ Blazkowicz

    A DOOMed Vision!!!!

    Holy shit, I had another dream about Duke Nukem Forever last night. I play D3D too much.
  10. BJ Blazkowicz

    Where is /newstuff?

    Deathz0r said he was busy, "fighting monsters from China," last time I asked him.
  11. BJ Blazkowicz

    She was the host of a kids' show ten years ago

    This is worst than Goatse! What the hell man?! Don't post shock sites on here!
  12. BJ Blazkowicz


    That's one of the biggest reasons I'm looking forward to Fallout 3; Bethesda is involved.
  13. BJ Blazkowicz


  14. BJ Blazkowicz


    RPGM2K games are so... 2K.
  15. BJ Blazkowicz

    Imagine Doom like this

    The terrain looks like Oblivion played on the lowest setting.
  16. BJ Blazkowicz


    Nice little program you have there.
  17. BJ Blazkowicz


    The thread title looks like a misspelling of PRBoom. Also, there has been RPGM2K Dooms before, as well as an official Doom RPG.
  18. BJ Blazkowicz


    Can we mong this thread up with discussion?
  19. BJ Blazkowicz

    Game Recording Software

    Faps-I mean Fraps is good. I use it for machinima.
  20. BJ Blazkowicz

    Favorite Wad Ever?

    What he said.
  21. BJ Blazkowicz


    You should be mad at those damn pigs for not flying yet.
  22. BJ Blazkowicz

    Which Quake 1 Console Port Is Better?

    Reminds me of the Duke Nukem 3D on the Sega. Makes me laugh every time. As for Quake, I would say N64.
  23. BJ Blazkowicz

    The Commander Keen thing

    I could've sworn TNT/Plutonia used it indirectly. (like the room that crushes the Lost Souls so Pain Elementals can shoot)
  24. BJ Blazkowicz

    Favorite Maps in Final Doom-TNT and Plutonia

    Go 2 It was a classic.