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  1. SuperSlammer2

    Involuntary Celibacy

    I don't believe anyone who can't communicate with women and get laid is in any position to judge maturity. Just saying.
  2. SuperSlammer2

    Involuntary Celibacy

    Wow...just...WOW. I can't believe this discussion is ever going ON. You fucking virgins are just pathetic. I'm only 18 and I've gotten laid and have a girlfriend. How can you fuck up one of the most important human insticts? Jesus Christ, it's just mindblowing. If you don't have a girlfriend or at the very least haven't been laid by the age of 18, you are a complete loser-plain and simple. Shaikoten is right, you guys really are pathetic nerds. It's not even that fucking HARD to find a girlfriend. Only stuck-up bitches care about looks only, and they're easy to just weed out, but I guess living in your mother's basement will make you retarded to that kind of thing I guess. Maybe if you would go outside every once and a while you might find a girl you like, but then again, I guess that's asking too much of you. A shame, really. It saddens me to see this discussion even going on. I thought Doomworld was better, but I guess all the fat neckbeards really are the majority here.
  3. SuperSlammer2


    I was doing some reading about this so called ACTA or Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and it looks totally bad. They can search your computer, mp3 players, etc. for stolen stuff without a warrant and put you in jail over it. I really hope something like this doesn't pass. I don't steal stuff but I think it's wrong for them to just be able to fuck you over like that. Unfortunately dumbass Obama will probably pass it so we're screwed.
  4. SuperSlammer2

    Just a waste of time to read this!

    If you can't do better or contribute anything useful then you need to shut up. That said, this looks really cool
  5. SuperSlammer2

    Worst cartoon ever

    I'm sorry...I really have a bad habit of doing stuff like that >_<' It wouldn't be the first time. I'll try not to come off so hatefully next time
  6. SuperSlammer2

    Worst cartoon ever

    I didn't say I was offended buy it, I just meant that it's weird how they're basically going LOOK THIS KID AS TWO MOMS OMG ISNT THAT SO COOL AND UNIQUE GAY RIGHTS FOREVER instead of just presenting it normally. I have no problem with gay people, I just don't think it should be the focus.
  7. SuperSlammer2

    Worst cartoon ever

    Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? The graphics are horrible, and it's weird...two moms and me? WTF?
  8. SuperSlammer2

    worst game videos

    what are some of the worst game videos you have ever watched? for me its this one. This just sucks balls.
  9. SuperSlammer2

    Can the US win in Afghanistan?

    Not with stupid Obama as our president
  10. SuperSlammer2


    What do you guys think of like digital remasters of old Cds and stuff? I think alot of them sound really good and they improve the sound quality alot. For example, the remastered version of Megadeths "Peace Sells" is really cool, they made it sound heavier and louder. Most remasters I've heard are really good and clean the sound up quite a bit. What do you guys think? Any bad experiences with them?
  11. SuperSlammer2

    Wolfenstein 3D on a PC XT

    Dang, that's kinda cool, but it runs so bad...
  12. SuperSlammer2

    Favorite Albums Of The 00's

    Slipknot is a good band but I wouldn't put them up there with Mettalicca, that's a little too far. Nothing beats them.
  13. SuperSlammer2

    Doom Turns Sixteen

    Dang, Doom is as old as I am now! Happy late b-day Doom!
  14. SuperSlammer2

    Obama's Peace Prize

    Proably. Selfish little dick. I can't believe people voted for him expecting any good to come of it.
  15. SuperSlammer2


    Two dogs, one doberman and one yorkie. Dude... O_O