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  1. so I went with some friends to a Slipknot concert in the area and it was fucking kick ass. Yeah you guys will probably be like \"lol slipknot isnt metal ahahah faggot lucario\" but whatever, the show was amazing. i can\'t fucking wait for there new album coming soon, its gonna be brutal.

    I\'m gonna meet up with Joey in ohio and wer gonna see Rush on the 30th, that\'ll be pretty cool too.

    any concert stories to share?

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    2. TawmDee


      Recently seen Dying Fetus. It was fucking quality.
      Though death metal gigs seem to be attracting a few scenekids that always hardcore dance to the opening bands. They get shoved over and then a mosh pit starts, thank god.
      Two scenegirls were like skanking reallybadly to the support band Burning Skies.. and one of them fell over. What the fuck, seriously.

      Anyway, on the subject of Slipknot, I think they're an alright band and it would be nice to see them live, though apparently they're really shit live. The new songs are a bit poor.

      I just want to go to a fucking true thrash gig. Thank god for Bloodstock. OVERKILLLLL

    3. GooberMan


      I was fairly surprised at how good Slipknot were when I saw them in 2005. Fairly energetic live set.

      I saw Children of Bodom the other week. They weren't worth the money, but it was still a decent set.

      The next gigs I go to will be VNV Nation, Covenant, and (if they're still on sale) Judas Priest.

    4. Jim Rainer

      Jim Rainer

      Slipknot has only been good since their Vol. 3 album. Hopefully their next one is even better, and maybe pull them out of the nu-metal genre they've been in.