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  1. TroubleWithCherubs

    Found a 'doom related' comic.

    Interesting art style, very well drawn, but it didn't really appeal to me as much of a "Doom" comic. Guess it's just my tastes though.
  2. TroubleWithCherubs

    Ever get sick of Doom?

    Quite simply, nope! Though you never can re-live the experiance of playing through the original wads for the first time again, Doom just has a charm to it that makes it so much fun to play over and over, even though you're going through the same levels fighting the same monsters. There's just something about it that makes blasting imps with a shotgun so much fun. More modern single player first person shooters lack the charm to their gameplay, and although they can be fun a couple of times their gimmick just starts to wear off. In addition, Doom as multiplayer, which allows for a unique experiance every time. Not to mention the fact that being a PC game there's plenty of room for custom maps and wads, so the only limit is really your imagination and the imagination of fellow Doomers. I can't see the game ever getting boring - I still love it today as much as I have since it first came out.
  3. While I feel the doom movie could have been done A LOT better, I don't really see how I am Legend is anything like Doom at all? Could you elaborate?
  4. TroubleWithCherubs

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Imps. There's just nothing like blasting an imp with the shotgun. The "tougher" demons in Doom 3 were just to easy and ended up not really being all that fun to fight.
  5. TroubleWithCherubs

    the most useless doom weapon

    I'd have to go with the fists too. In all my years of playing doom I still have yet to actually ever really use them, especially with the chainsaw around. Berserker mode is just to much fun not to use though! The rocket launcher was pretty useless as well. Not because it wasn't a good weapon, but because I never really needed it. I only ended up ever using the rocket launcher when I ran out of ammo in all my other weapons.
  6. TroubleWithCherubs

    What Doom do you have and where'd you get it?

    I own Ultimate doom through Doom 3. Bought them all, I still have the Ultimate doom poster that came with the game hanging on my wall, it's great!
  7. TroubleWithCherubs

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    The classic few episodes of Ultimate doom are a lot of fun, but are to easy. Doom II's great - but I'd have to select the two final doom wads as my favorites. They both provided me with a good combination of challenge and fun - and while Doom II may round off as the best overall doom wad for me, I'd go with the finals if I had to pick a favorite.
  8. TroubleWithCherubs

    Anyone here play Doom for the 360?

    I've played both doom 3 and the classic dooms on my xbox. I found doom 3 to play generally okay with a similar enough feel, but the classics just felt awkward with a joystick instead of arrow keys. Maybe it's just me, but I felt a little handicapped in a console environment. To each his own though - if I ever do play online I'll be sure to send a PM your way!
  9. TroubleWithCherubs

    Your most HATED monster?

    Agh, definitely the Archvile for me! When I was younger they always gave me the creeps, hated having to be "jumped up" by the flame attack. I'd rather take on a Cyberdemon - at least they're easy to dodge! I also really hated pain elementals, those were also a major pain to deal with, specifically in crowded rooms.