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  1. DooMikE

    Lunar Eclipse

    I totally forgot about the eclipse, but will surely remember the date for as long as i live. My dear Mother passed away on 21. dec. 2010. She loved the day of winter-solstice and both the date and the event will have a special significance for me too now. Merry Christmas...
  2. DooMikE

    Impossible? [Surviving the Hell invasion in Doom 3]

    Schwarzenegger in a 1980´s movie playing Doomguy would. Definitely! In real life too...
  3. DooMikE

    Annoying backround

    Maybe his priorities changed between "subject" and "message" because of the annoying background and the beef he had with "Backround" slipped into the background?
  4. I´m sorry if this is just too dumb an observation, but why would there be "air" in cyberspace? The base building-blocks is code, not atoms.
  5. DooMikE

    Forwarded jokes

    "A gorilla escapes from the zoo and after 3 weeks, the zoo keepers give up looking for him. Some time later, a man calls the zoo complaining of a gorilla in a tree in his back yard. The zoo keeper rushes right over. When he arrives, he has a net, a baseball bat, a shotgun, and a Dachshund. The man asks what the items are for. He's told, "I'm gonna climb the tree and hit the gorilla in the head with the baseball bat. When he falls out of the tree, you throw the net over him, and the Dachshund will go straight for his balls." The man asks, "But what's the shotgun for?" The zoo keeper answers, "If I miss the gorilla and fall out of the tree, you shoot the Dachshund."
  6. DooMikE

    Marijuana Decriminalized in Cali

    I´d NEVER drink and drive or rather, i´ll never do it again, after doing it once, one eyed drunk... you know, having to close one eye to see straight... my companycar full of tools was parked at a bar in a slightly bad neighborhood and i felt obligated to move it the 2 miles to my home. Damn i regret doing that. Even stopped for a pizza. Young and dumb and today very pleased that i didn´t learn it´s bad the hard way. Young and dumb, yes... drove my moped dead drunk and severely stoned many times... good times... dumb times... I rarely smoke and drive. Not because of any real ill effects, but since i become an Old Lady Driver. It´s a bad trip: i drive relatively slow, get overly causious and hyper observant of absolutely everything on or near the road, so it´s quite nervewrecking really. But i´d do it if i had to, as i think i´m a safe enough driver. Several of my friends can smoke and drive and i never knew of anyone who had an accident. People handle being stoned very different and there are degrees of stonedness. A friend of my gfs gfs husband had a car-accident a few years back, driving slightly drunk. He killed a woman and two children. Sentenced to four years in prison (ridiculous sentence), served two (there´s justice for ya)... now he´s out again and word is he´s driving drunk still, now also doing amphetamine and stuff... "I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out:" I´m hoping he kills himself some time soon and hopefully before and without hurting anyone else. --- "I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your fuckin' mouth."
  7. DooMikE

    Marijuana Decriminalized in Cali

    I care. I really dont like sponsoring criminal organisations. Edit: Im unsure whether the moron argument is a valid point in the legalizing debate. Whether or not pot is legalized will not affect the number of morons in the world, nor the having to deal with them bit.
  8. DooMikE

    Marijuana Decriminalized in Cali

    This is an ill heard truth about marijuana and other substances for that matter, but it´s very hard to prove that a person is prone to addiction. Medically that is. Therefore it´s still something any con-marijuana "expert" will often hang his hat on. Another hat-rack is the "marijuana can awaken dormant mental illnesses" and of course it can, as can several other substances like liqour and legal farmaceutical drugs, so the argument is not valid concerning the legality, in my world. "They" always mix the wrong facts into the legality-debate. Every single time. The usual: "some 15 year old kid started smoking pot every day the next ten years. He is now *insert something bad like: mentally ill, a social paria, dead, addicted to harder drugs* and that is why it shall not be legal" And this tells us that the kid would have succeeded at life had he/she not tried marijuana. Right... I´m happy to hear that Cali have eased up a little on the herb, as my country, the pityful US lapdog that it is, now will be more likely to be starting to decriminalize it. On a side note: I have been smoking hash "regularily" the last 20 years or so and is yet to feel any ill effects from it. Don´t think i´m a good con-marijuana posterboy. I have a steady relationship, going on 10 years and she´s 3.5 months pregnant btw, an appartment that i own, a car and have even been working steadily as a carpenter throughout all the years i have been smoking. Am i so effin special? Are my smoking "pillars of the community" friends? It is estimated that around 10% of adults are smoking "once in a while to regularily" (1/4 admits having tried it) and less than a small percentage of a percentage of these people have difficulty functioning in society because of it. Coincidentally these are the same figures when looking at the number of dysfunctional people within the population as a whole, when you don´t target any specific group. In Denmark bikers and gangs profit from selling the leaf, as there is a demand. There is to this date no good reason not to legalize it and tax it and thereby remove this billion kroner way of income from these people. Legalize it! Edit: NOW!
  9. I completely agree with this. Even when bearing in mind it´s a WIP. the videos display absolutely nothing that is worthy of the degree of hype around the release. Let´s hope ID realizes it´s not the year 2006 some time soon... I do however, in spite of this, think that they´ll release a worthy successor to DooM3. At least if you liked DooM3, because no future DooM game is likely satisfy the old school "nothing good has come from ID since 1995" -doomers. Psychological horror is something that fits well within the boundaries of the storyline of the game, but to implement it and make it work, is another thing. However may be almost impossible to make it NOT a cliché, since the concept and aim of the game is very well known. I actually felt they did very well with DooM3 in that regard. Looking at how unimaginative Rage "feels", one might hope for that they´re just saving the ideas for DooM4!
  10. DooMikE

    Marathon, Hexen

    Marathon is a pretty shitty Doom-clone: animation, graphics and physics is shit, weapon selection and the controls is shit... its a veritable turd-burger: bun, shit, shit, shit, more shit and a bun, delivered in a nice sci-fi story wrapping. (I´d expect nothing less than the above myself, if i went to a Marathon-forum (hopefully there is no such thing?!) saying DooM is superior to Marathon) Sorry for random (shitty) post!
  11. DooMikE

    Threshold Of Pain

    Wow. Excellent first proper wad mate! It has been a long while since i felt immersed by a doom 1/2 wad, but this one sure hit the spot. ... "I may not know much about art, but i know what i like!"
  12. DooMikE

    Why "Titanic" truly sank

    The mythderps conducted the experiment wrong ( duh! ). They sunk a ship full to the brim with water. A sinking ship only create significant suction when it is displacing enough water, so if a ship is full of water, it is really not displacing that much water. The Titanic was HUGE and must have displaced millions of gallons of water and of course it created suction. Whether the scenario she discribes is plausible, i seriously doubt. I mean try and study her for a moment, not just look, study God damnit, shes promoting herself and who in their right mind would give a flying fcuk if she was telling the same old - same old. Shes Satan i tell you!
  13. DooMikE

    Youtube is strange.

    But why would anybody want to play snake on screen while watching a video on u-tube? Who are these people?
  14. DooMikE

    Why "Titanic" truly sank

    The picture in the article convinced me that this is truely a true story. I really want to believe what this casually posing woman is telling me. My personal opinion is that if the wheel was turned the wrong way, then that may be all that´s needed to seriously insinuate that a woman steered the ship at the time of the crash.
  15. DooMikE

    Buying Second-hand games could now be illegal

    A comment on the article, it´s a TERMS OF USE -case: I think the journalist is misinterpreting the court ruling. AutoCAD is sold under a special end-user licence, that you have to sign. Afaik. With your signature you agree to be the end user of the software and can not, without the consent of the developer, re-sell the software. Extract from the agreement: (this is the tl;dr/BOORING stuff usually written in small print and it certainly not the whole agreement) "Terms of use: 1. DEFINITIONS The following Definitions shall apply to the terms and conditions of your Subscription: “Software”: a copy of an Autodesk Inc. (or one of its subsidiaries) computer program which you are licensed by Autodesk Inc. (or one of its subsidiaries) to use and for which you have purchased Subscription. For purposes of this definition, if an Autodesk computer program is offered as part of a product series, bundle or family, then Software shall mean each of the computer programs included within such series, bundle or family. Any supplemental software code (which may include modular additions or extensions to Software, corrections, executables, libraries, plug-ins, enhancements or other software functionality which supplements and enhances that Software and which is considered part of the Software for which such code was provided) provided to you or your Users as part of the Subscription and/or Support is considered part of the Software for which such code was provided and the use thereof is governed by the Autodesk Software License and this Agreement. and: “Reseller”: a person or company that is authorized by Autodesk to sell Subscription (either directly to end users or to other Resellers) for a particular Software computer program." ... The case here does not involve an "owner" but a "licence holder" for a product. It´s a lease. Whether this may change what rights you have when "purchasing" software through "licenced providers", like steam, i can not say. I may be wrong, but sure hope not.