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  1. And the Unity versions, with even stranger names. Essel and Tarnsman have track records of weird names for things
  2. Devalaous

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    @pcorf thats quite a secret you made :p Dont think ive ever seen a hidden area that advertises previous works.
  3. Devalaous


    Since its clear my words have been taken out of context enough that it will get me in long-lasting trouble, let me try to reword it better. I suspect I will fail and get hung or something, but at least accept I meant no malice or any kind of ill intentions. I'm not at all saying doxing is okay, just pointing out that these people don't know My House isn't an ARG, and theres an awful lot of malice being attributed to people who are just jumping on some popular trend and trying to solve mysteries, and yes, we can thank 'youtube celebrities' for it. I don't really understand the ARG craze myself; I play only older games, and im regularly made fun of by younger folk by playing 'old outdated crap' like Borderlands 2, and god forbid im seen playing Doom. Ever feel really really old when something like Winter's Fury is made fun of? Like I said, half the references in that video were lost on me, like its some new culture im too old for (I mean hell, I didnt even know about 'Backrooms craze' till this wad, and I wish I didn't know now; its some of the most childish shit ive ever seen in the last few years), and I imagine his target audience wouldn't care in the slightest about things we care about, like wtf a wad is. I just know people go goddamn nuts over ARGs and can be weirdly voracious about finding clues. How many people here have popped in out of nowhere to examine metadata in images or other strange reachings? Me, I just played it to the good ending, thought long and hard about the meaning of this and that, wondered about the still-unsolved 'S+A' (Which is now solved, thanks to the Forbidden Site) and what the secret Hospital was really all about (this new video is the only one ive seen that tries to theorise about it, and there was no mention of the hospital bed your in being the House's upstairs bedroom, the one with the Navidson Hallway). I shared a few thoughts, ordered my own copy House of Leaves, and that was that. The only thing I'd want one day is for what happens with a lot of projects like these, for the creator to one day come forward and explain stuff to tie up anything left for people. Some people are just oddly thirsty for secrets I guess that they unknowingly invade peoples privacy.
  4. Devalaous


    I feel like the problem is that you guys are expecting these many outsider youtubers and article writers to know DW's culture, unwritten rules and decades of wad knowledge; to outside people looking in, MyHouse DOES look like an ARG, its full of cryptic nonsense in the pk3 itself, all over the journal, the files in the google drive, even the text file has bloody secrets in it. The fact Veddge went deliberately missing outside of secret exchanges with staff only draws more attention to these mystery seekers. People from outside communities with vastly different interests, and not really all that attached to a 30 year old game and its community's rules, they just jump on modern trends and dive into this new popular thing with Backrooms references and other common meme stuff and go digging. So much of that above video was alien as hell to me, so many bizarre references to modern childish nonsense and popular things, its like it really was from people from a different cultural world. Arlene says 'people are treating the project like an Alternate Reality Game, instead of, idk, a WAD.' and these people don't even know what a '.wad' even really is or what it entails. Its just 'a spooky ARG' in an ancient game 'older than everyone' to a lot of people.
  5. Devalaous


    That video's journal segments are the best yet.
  6. Devalaous

    Hello I'm new!

    Get on my face, ive got a pitchblack cavern to explore within 2 minutes
  7. Devalaous

    Quake II Remastered

    They used to have issues with actually reviving enemies, now they actually make a beeline for a corpse and revive it. At least, for me they do.
  8. Before the advent of Doom Launcher and its tracking making categorising completed wads so much easier, almost EVERY wad was this way. Almost no megawad ever captivated me enough to do it all in a few sittings, and I'd inevitably forget to resume it, play something else, then come back and find my save incompatible with updated source ports. My longest running one is Vilecore by @Doom_Dude, it was the very first megawad I ever found, and first played on Doom 95. Im currently 19 maps in and running it with my custom patch for it, and the TNT midi pack, and I think I can finally get through it this time, with DL keeping track of it and reminding me As for intentional 'forgetting to finish it', @NaturalTvventy, @Xaser and @Lutz's No End in Sight was so damn good and *everything* I ever wanted in an Ultimate Doom megawad, I deliberately stopped myself from playing it across months to preserve the experience. They all know im a NEIS fanboy, im certainly loud enough about it, but its always worth another mention.
  9. Devalaous

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Every time people say Revilution has the best soundtrack, it makes me happy. Working with Tristan, Bucket and Varis Alpha back then and getting an early version of the soundtrack with *all 35 slots filled* in record time, I knew people were in for an audio treat. Back then we didn't have the Jeremy Doyle or Eradrop midis, so it only really got better from there. We had some more traditional midis in the set by UltimateDoomer666, they'll see the light of day with TNT Forever/Convilution, whenever Kyka is done with that beast. As for my own audio choices, its hard to really pinpoint a favourite megawad soundtrack overall, but I do know whenever @Cammy has a bunch of tracks in a project, they tend to be my favourite ones.
  10. Devalaous

    What is a mega wad

    Ive been calling anything from 2 to 14 maps a miniwad for a long time
  11. Devalaous

    What is a mega wad

  12. Devalaous

    Doom II Extended: New Wad Idea

    All that really means these days is that it wouldn't end up on the main archive. Could probably build the map from scratch so it counts as a brand new level that just looks like the original file with extras on top :p
  13. Devalaous

    What is a mega wad

    Its basically a catch-all term for wads big enough to replace half the game, two episodes or more for Doom 1, 15 maps or more for Doom 2. Its why John Romero labelled Sigil as a megawad initially, as there was two sets of nine maps, but since the DM maps were inside the singleplayer maps, it technically was incorrect.
  14. Devalaous

    Doom II Extended: New Wad Idea

    While not part of PC Doom2, I'd like to see someone turn Redemption Denied, the closing map for PS1 Doom 2, into a proper arena map with a lot more stages to it than 'barons then two masterminds that take each other out'
  15. Devalaous

    Unity goes full Unity

    This is the company I left Revilution development to go join, and I can say with certainty, they absolutely mean every word. No PR stunts there.