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  1. Strifeguy wasnt invited?
  2. I miss Doom Body Allegory.
  3. its a wad that plays Doom 64 music for non-vanilla ports. I already have it finished and configured for this project actually (just don't change the map order xD) I know there'll be all new music, but some people might be interested in playing through it with the original music. Was already done making a wad for something else with those files, so I figured "fuck it" xD
  4. Oh dear lord, my custom PSX TC music file with Aubrey's purchased albums is 1.02 gbs.

  5. Error in the OP, map 18 is listed as 15. Also, im making an unofficial add-on for this project atm. Cant map, but I can make a side-thing!
  6. a 64 barrelled shotgun!?
  7. I'm having a big problem in GZDoom 2.2.0 with the PSX Doom TC, ive spent the vast majority of the day working on replacing the OGGs of the PSXTCMUS pk3 with new ones manually converted from MP3s into OGGs of the same bitrate as the original TC files. However, while all the OGGs play fine outside of Doom, when I run the TC with the music replacements, none of them work. The old files still play fine, something in the new files makes them not work in GZDoom. The MP3 files work perfectly when put into the PK3 with the exact same names, so its only a problem with the OGGs themselves. Ive linked one of them, alongside the original TC OGG. Original TC version: New flawed version: new.ogg?dl=0 Can anyone help me fix this?
  8. Making a mod for this and the base TC which restores the original intended music for Subspace, Subterra and Vesperas, utilises the bonus tracks from PSX Doom, Doom 64 and PSX Doom 20th Anniversary, and replaces the PSX music with the 20th anniversary counterparts. Will be converting all that music from the high quality MP3s into oggs of the same quality as the PSXTCMUS offered with the TC (Even though Aubrey gave permission for his releases to be used in modding projects, im not going to casually upload a mod with the direct album contents I bought from him. My personal high quality version is 800mbs!)
  9. A playlist of the vast majority of the music of Eris Falling
  10. Your music is still some of my favourite midi stuff, right up there with Eris' tracks. Thought I'd drop by and say this :v

    1. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      oh jeez, all this love. makes me wish i weren't in an artist's block right now. :v

    A great add-on for giving new life to a fantastic megawad. Not every track is great memorable stuff which lowers the score, but still leagues better than no music at all. Hope many more of these packs are created, especially if they give an excuse to rebundle old wads and provide a new audience
  11. The forum software reminds me of Xenforo, something im very familiar with. I feel at home with this forum upgrade. Honestly, Doomworld was lacking before this. Status updates, likes, etc, will ultimately make Doomworld a more living place where users can connect better. Hell, I might actually start posting more often now. The status updates especially make forums a place with two halves, a social side and a serious side. In other communities, Eris Falling and I would shitpost on each other's profiles all the time, as well as browse other users and comment on the smaller things, and we also joked that if Doomworld ever got software like this, half the users would lose their minds and likely complain (we were right haha!) Im overall happy with the upgrade, and while it will still need a lot of ironing out an personalising, can only see good things coming out of this upgrade.
  12. Changed mine from "Ragnor" to the username I use everywhere. In my infinite stupidity, when I registered on DW in 2008, I must have been very sleepy, because I signed up with my actual first name by mistake (for proof of my doofus mistake, look in the credits for Terraria on console or mobile >.>) Been annoyed with this mistake for ever since. Thats... a long time. Feels good to have it fixed.
  13. Creating a mod for PSX Doom that uses Aubrey's additional tracks. Should be able to distribute it, given that he gave permission for the exclusive tracks to be used in mods.

    1. Devalaous


      Converting the 20th anniversary tracks and the bonus tracks from the other PSX albums to OGG with lower bitrates, the size of these albums is huge. 20th anniv album is close to 800mbs when merely 320kb MP3s, so really needs to be cut down as much as possible

      People wanting full sound quality should buy the albums anyway :v