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  1. My only experience with Doom 64 irl was a sad one. "Oh cool, Doom!" *plays it in the game store, but gets fed up quickly, because N64 controllers are AWFUL* I couldn't even figure out how to shoot, as the shoot button was UNDER the controller, and the controllers were kinda locked in one position to avoid thievery.
  2. My favourite was the Devilution statusbar. I was sad that we couldnt keep it in Revilution, that status bar was meant to convey Doomguy just doesnt get a break, his status bar is smashed up and ruined and corrupted after his journey through Evilution, and now hes got another 32 levels to get through before he gets a break, poor bastard.
  3. Definitely the Arachnotron. With Doom Expanded, lots of monsters feel so much more satisfying to kill, with the demon and arachnotron both having pieces blown off at times, and seeing and hearing an arachnotron's metal leg bounce around the room, as it does its oh-so-satisfying shut down death sound, just feels GOOD.
  4. if accuracy is your goal, and you dont mind hunting for a ROM for it, Doom 64 EX is what you want. Otherwise, I'd recommend Retribution, which is still in development and will eventually have multiple extra campaigns alongside the official one
  5. that status bar looks a lot like TNT2 Devilution's status bar, from when I was testing it anyway.
  6. Switched to this the other day, after getting tired of the Sonic Mania one I made for myself
  7. Kind of a bummer that Revilution wasn't quite good enough for a cacoward. It was born primarily from my then-boundless energy towards TNT2 and that carried the initial team through the early days when we were all bummed by the split. But at least im happy with the parts of my overall design goal that survived the shift in management, all being the parts that got praised the most.

    A runner-up is great though, for something I put so much effort into before real life obligations pulled me away from the project.

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Others have said it already, but I think having runner-up status is less of a bummer for this year in particular, and the fact they ended up with nine runners-up overall goes to show how much quality stuff was released. I'd also make a point that Revilution is the only community project listed there ;)


      Guess I'll just have to knock it out the park with my take on TNT2!

  8. *sticks with Waterfox*
  9. Those skies <3 I was thinking of the exact same thing a while ago, but didnt post the idea >.> Part of Revilution's original final boss plan involved shutting off teleporters to seal off incoming hordes, the telefragging inherent to Map 30 would insure the trapped monsters killed each other nonstop. Thought the same thing could be replicated here to simulate the original ending map. Seems like a good way to preserve the original map's "close off the horde" behaviour, not sure about the extra areas though. Could each gate be timed, so have to survive X minutes for Gate 1 to close, X minutes for Gate 2 etc? With the Mother Demon being the final thing to survive?
  10. I am a bitter jaded burnt-out Rank 23 husk who runs a small clan on PS4. Currently taking a break till PoE hits. I main Inaros and my clan title is thus "The Undying" because I pretty much am unkillable. My personal favourite guilty pleasure weapon in the game is the Opticor, the laser cannon that some people call the "BFG", heh.
  11. I have a PK3 that replaces the soundtrack ready to go from right before the music system was changed, was going to release a set of three varieties. The update kinda shot it in the foot though, and with my computer dead, havent had much reason to look into how stuff is done now. Eris Falling tested it out for me even
  12. Still watching this develop over time, even if I no longer have a game-capable computer. I do hope the Outcast extras are implemented oneday, however silly they are, as I never got to play that original TC, nothing about it has ever worked on any of my machines. Rather just play on GZDoom which always works for me. No harm in variety and options.
  13. quite possibly the best username on Doomworld

  14. Sabotaging someones vision and work for your own preference is kinda wrong in my eyes :/
  15. I dont get the stigma. This is 2017, people generally have multiple terabyte drives, many backup devices, and connections good enough to download movies and episodes of shows nonstop, illegally or otherwise. If a developer makes an MP3 soundtrack for their work, thats part of thier overall vision for their project. Especially since, as mentioned, many gmaes from those eras did move to CD audio, and we already have PSX Doom and Doom 64 with low graphics + CD audio