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  1. Ah, Catwalk. Chris Klie, aka Mapslinger, made a ton of maps for the Master Levels, 6 of which were rejected and can be found on idgames. I'd recommend playing them as 'bonus content' Catwalk is a bit of an odd level, the titular catwalk visible at the beginning, and the rest of the level folded around it. Not as much dickishness as his later maps, but generally its small and somewhat easy. Still died a few times though! Theres a bizarre secret at the end that seems geared towards continuous play; Klie did once state that he hoped the master levels would be a megawad while he was making levels for them. This secret is only really useful for UV-maxing on PC and PS4, but its actually useful on the PS1 and PS3 versions, and probably Xbox (Never played that port much, despite owning it) I hope Klie tries his hand at mapping for modern Doom again some day, if Romero and Sverre can come back and make great content after all this time, im sure he can too ;p
  2. Canyon is the better of Willit's levels. Feels like a Map 02, and is rather easy. Not too much stands out, but I do like the nukage waterfall and the titular canyon, at least I assume its the canyon the level is named for.
  3. Ive been playing Master Levels again recently on the PS4, slowly chipping away at them. Only got three left. ______________ Attack is pretty much the opening level of the Master Levels, its relatively easy, and has been the first map in every form of Master Levels ever released, from the original alphabetical order, to the revised order on PS4, to the regular campaign used in PSX Final Doom, Xbox's Resurrection of Evil and PS3's merged mater levels campaign. Tim Willits has the boring entry-level maps of the Master Levels, and Attack is only memorable for be for being the ideal Map 01 for them. Played on its own, as its own thing, it just leaves me wanting something better ______________ Black Tower is weird to me being played this early; its easily one of the ones you'd only play near the very end, and the PS3 and PS4 versions do exactly this. Black Tower is from Soundblock, my favourite doom mapper of all time, and the guy responsible for me getting into custom Doom levels; I found his Cabal maps on a shovelware disc, and they were leaps and bound above all of id's content to me. I love the Cabal map's visceral nature, and really wish he would reboot the Cabal megawad that never was someday. Black Tower itself, is just like other Cabal maps, bloody, filled with a feeling of purpose, and balls-hard for its time. This map is all about revenge; in the Cabal storyline, your here to violently murder an old friend that betrayed you, and your going to tear apart his entire keep to get to him, and thats exactly how it feels. Climbing floor by floor, destroying everything you come across to get to the roof where your treacherous cyberdemon friend hides, slaying him and his guard with extreme prejudice, then escaping the tower cleaning up his angry minions out for revenge. It just feels so 'right', ive always loved replaying this map. On PC I run the Cabal maps with Doom Expanded just to really feel the oomph of all the carnage as I imagine myself in the shoes of the Cabalguy. Basically, this is a map that perfectly captures what I love about Doom; good fun combat, that keeps me on my toes, with a heavily told story through the map and action itself. Attack by comparison, is just an entryway to somewhere else, no real personality to it. ____________ Bloodsea Keep is a map much earlier in the Cabal campaign, and thus, leaps and bounds easier, but again, it has a very strong feel of place and purpose. This time your out to kill an important Archvile that rules over this keep, and have washed ashore after previous adventures from the Cabal mapset. A rather large keep in a sea of blood, fitting its name, I love the creativity of the map, with the 'shadow imps', the library with its amusing trapped weapon, and even the secret Map 7 flag that a lot of people miss. Special mention goes to the dungeon underground, and a certain trap. The archvile at the end, while technically just a regular one, feels like an important one that your killing, all the work to get to him, and the manner in which he appears, made it feel rewarding to put the bastard down. Probably your first real blow to the evil organisation that betrayed you.
  4. Kid Chameleon, Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, Forgotten Worlds (only if you had a second player, otherwise it was impossibly hard) and of course the Sonic games were my go-to Sega megadrive games.
  5. Devalaous

    Any Opinions On Episodic WADs?

    I strongly disagree. I know im in the minority, but there IS a large group of people that care about the worldbuilding and story within doom wads.
  6. Devalaous

    New Doom port cheevo lists

    you only have to do the first three episodes, and E1 is the hardest of them.
  7. ??? PSX Lost Levels is long complete and wont be touched further. Castle and Escape were designed with previous official PSX-exclusive secret levels in mind, they are half the original maps, and half new exclusive maps, geometry and layout is just that little bit different to feel familiar while also being their own levels. This project is different.
  8. on the Lost Levels project, we just replaced Wolfenstein with The Castle and Grosse with The Escape, de-wolfifying the levels and making them fit in with the creepy direction PSX Doom had, was quite a change. Wonder how this project handles them? Havent followed development that closely.
  9. I noticed Revilution's map 12 is counted as one of the top 100 memorable maps :)

    Feels good that the changes we caused to the original map ended up in getting so much praise. E2's original design
    was definitely an idea that would have great if carried through the full episode

  10. Devalaous

    We Need to Preserve the Vanilla Quake Experience

    I cant even see a difference >.>
  11. Devalaous

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I dont think the community would take it kindly if the only rerelease on PC thats ever happened, wasnt the original mapset, but instead altered ones for shoehorned multiplayer
  12. I hope Temple of Death removes the silly barrels at the start. They were rather indicative of the map being Sverre's first Doom map
  13. Devalaous

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Delayed with Eternal though, RIP
  14. Devalaous

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Please add the D-pad quick weapon selection from the PS3 version, the Dpad is entirely unused in this version. The inability to select the berserk fist if you have a chainsaw also needs to be fixed.
  15. Devalaous

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Still not really perfect yet; the d-pad is STILL totally unused, really needs the quick weapon select from PS3 version, and the spider mastermind's death plays one of the hell noble's sounds. Sounds a hell of a lot better, but I miss the 'incorrect lighting' as now the game is as dark as Doom 64 on my TV!