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  1. How do the secret levels work? Do you say, go to Wolfenstein from Industrial Zone, then to Grosse, then D2TWID's map 15, THEN the keen levels?
  2. Devalaous

    Doom burnout - does this happen to anyone else?

    All the time. Doom is an intense game that require a lot of focus, I cant play it too much in one burst, or I'll burn out and do other things, potentially for months.
  3. Devalaous

    Best/worst video game flamethrower?

    Made worse in Kane's Wrath with the Black Hand's purifying flame upgrade. Just get a group of Purifiers, and move into an enemy base, not attacking. The flames wash over all, and destroy all. Its beautiful.
  4. Devalaous

    The DOOM 64 (rerelease) thread

    Maybe with the new owners. Current Zenimax seems to have treated Doom64 as a preorder thing to throw out then never support after, like most preorder pack-in games. The PC version should at LEAST be as modding friendly as the regular games. Was hoping editing for D64 would take off after the PC release, but the port problems make it difficult.
  5. those are probably licensing nightmares due to the amount of people involved. But if we do get DTWIDD, it better come with Episode 4.
  6. Ha, all the guesses were correct.
  7. Enigma in PSX Doom? Awesome. I loved all of Jim Flynn's maps, except for his cyberdemon fight, having his maps in PSX Doom is a neat way to honour his contributions to the community, RIP. He had a few standalone maps too, outside of Enigma and Titan
  8. ah, so we still dont have a definitive tnt.wad? Hope this gets fixed. Its only been...how many years? :p
  9. Devalaous

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    Yes, console has all of these. Its why I wanted Perdition's Gate and Hell to Pay on the service, so the full library of Doom 1 and 2 is on there (HacX would also be ideal as a look into Doom history, I enjoy reading the blurbs that sponge and co write for each add-on)
  10. Devalaous

    Crystal Caves Remaster incoming

    Yes, this is the kind of remaster I want. The good old apogee stuff
  11. Devalaous

    Questioning the stigma towards DOSBox

    I dont like DosBox because its generally unwieldly, archaic and not very fun to use, just like DOS itself. It feels like its designed by special enthusiasts FOR special enthusiasts, much like Chocolate Doom. I like my programs user-friendly, simple to understand, with a minimum of tedium to run. Its why I prefer GZDoom to any other Doom port, its simply the easiest to use and runs most everything. Eternity is similar in user-friendly status, and I'd use that too, if...there was anything exclusive to run on it :p the eternal Eternity problem, heh. DosBox is a DOS emulator right? Why cant I have it with the kind of menus all my video game emulators have, with controller support and all that kind of goodness, right out of the, ahem, box? I cant get ANY of my friends to play some of my neat games off GoG if they run on DosBox, except the one girl thats a hardware collector of vintage gaming; I gave her a copy of Jazz Jackrabbit, and she went down and bought the gamepad it was designed to be played with >.> In summary, I dont want to fiddle with command lines, cfgs, hidden shortcuts and commands etc to get a game running nicely.
  12. Devalaous

    Opinions on Social Media.

    I was dragged into various social medias over my life, usually by female friends/love interests. Once those circles friendsvanish, no reason to keep the account, so ive burnt all of them except facebook, as my family is on it and will give me no end of drama if I delete it (even though I havent logged in in....HOW long?) My sole internet social life is Doomworld, a single discord server, and a few groups on an art streaming site similar to twitch, that I stay connected to mostly because its an important place to my girlfriend. Over my life ive found that its impossible for me to keep friends on the internet for long, where one wrong sentence can cost you years of bonds without a second thought, so I generally stopped trying. Still gotta interact with people now and then for sanity though :V
  13. Another useful little thing that could be put into the UI is a checkmark on the Master Levels or also the Level Select, so you know which levels youve actually beaten. Could be more than a checkmark, could be a symbol that shows the highest level youve completed that level on. Just throwing out a few thoughts that crossed my head.
  14. Yeah, but it really isnt all that nice and presentable for the 'everyday audience'. Ive neverliked dealing with it, and its a pain in the ass to do anything with it, because god forbid I have an easy to use system. It was an absolute nightmare just getting my X1 controller to work with Jazz Jackrabbit on it, seems like everything in it specifically works against me, and every one of my friends that isnt a tech nerd feels the same about this.
  15. Devalaous

    Playing Metroidvania games.

    I love them, but in today's Soulslike-infested gaming culture, havent seen many worth my time. Axiom Verge was the big one; perfectly metroid-like at a difficulty level that average joes like me can enjoy. I hear Bloodstained will scratch the castlevania side of that exploratory itch, but the price tag is a bit too high, and I'd definitely prefer it with pixel art.