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  1. Doomworld is weird. Has its own share of toxicity and problems, but I can never seem to fully escape it. There was a period where the average hostility made me disillusioned with the place and I moved on to a nicer forum, until that place fell victim to moderator corruption and became a strictly controlled hell, now this place is MUCH nicer. Maybe I'll post more again one day. But without a computer to play Doom on, not really much to participate in.
  2. Just beam an archived Post Hell into space, That would be an interesting thing to receive
  3. So I have a Doom mug with all the monsters on it, lined up like prisoners. Is it bad that I like to put green liquid in it and pretend im drinking a nukage barrel?

    1. Master O

      Is the green liquid Mountain Dew? :)

    2. Devalaous
  4. got it in a thread just like this
  5. Another dead computer dilemma, another forced exile to the one computer that cant play any kind of Doom. When even printers and calculators can play it and this cant...

    1. geo


      So it must be a 286? Even a 386 can play Doom.

    2. Devalaous


      I dont get how a computer can be so useless, my mum must have gotten the most budget computer possible

  6. Mechadon's map from 50 Shades of Graytall, and pretty much every Mechadon map for that matter
  7. Mount Pain, lives up to its name.

  8. 667 profile views, I ruined my own evilness, crap D:

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      fuck sorry i just ruined it further

    2. Phade102


      Oops, even worse now.

  9. Finishing off an old TNT playthrough on the PS3, went from Deepest Reaches to Lunar Mining Project. Drake's maps are still wonderful.

    1. Devalaous


      Almost through Ballistyx tonight, until my headphones stopped working, getting me killed by rev missiles I didnt hear

  10. Havent been on DW for a while, busy with life. Easy to forget this forum exists sometimes

    1. nxGangGirl


      How long was "a while"?

    2. Devalaous


      I dont even remember the last time I was here. Good thing pretty much everything here is a slow burn sort of thing, hard to miss much of note

  11. I actually made the tracks the exact same bitrate as the one included in the TC, and made one for Doom 64 too. Had three I was going to upload; one that simply restored the music for Subspace, Subterra and Vesperas, one that was a total replacement of the TC versions for Aubrey's official versions, and one that replaced the TC's music with 20th anniversary versions and assigned all his bonus tracks (They would mostly have replaced the Lost Levels music, since not everyone will have those, or might prefer official Aubrey tracks in their stead)
  12. Argh! I somewhat recently made a few alternate music pk3s for this and Lost Levels, only thing stopping me from posting them was the ZMAPINFO stuff. Guess I wasted my time x.x Still, nice to have an easier method Yep, its always been planned. Its just that D64ID2 got delayed, stalled, delayed..
  13. The amount of arguing in project threads is insane. Might as well bring your popcorn to any thread these days

    1. DoomKnight1984


      Some people will nitpick anything...that's why they're never happy at life because all they do is complain. What a pity.

    2. Marcaek


      If you're referring to the revilution thread, the aforementioned concerns are entirely legitimate and barely qualify as "drama"

    3. Devalaous



  14. Alright, about all the stuff about "this version or that version versus that other version and versions yet to be released": Try to look at D64 Retribution as the counterpart to the PSX Doom TC; an accurate conversion thats easily accessible to all, doesnt require ROMs/discs, and highly moddable and user-friendly. Its only at v1.0 right now; as GZDoom expands features, and work continues on this, it will, like the PSX TC, become more and more accurate and modular, obtain multiple episodes to play, and will likely form the base in-between line of Doom 64 ports; people seeking absolute accuracy will gravitate towards EX and the upcoming other port, and more casual types can gravitate towards Brutal. Absolution and GZDoom64 still exist, but will be made fully obsolete by Retribution in time. I already made a music pk3 for Retribution, designed to be user-accessible and easily modifiable like the PSX one is (D64EX isnt really compatible with external music, so what you have is what you get, period). I actually offered it to Nevander before Retribution's release while I was making another one out of PSX tracks. Will be making one from the 20th Anniversary version, but probably not making it available even in lowered quality for a time. Aubrey's awesome, gotta respect his work afterall. What I'd like to see from Retribution as it develops: Additional refinement for accuracy Toggleable dynamic lights/sky enhancements for the sake of options, much like the existing animation toggles An "Absolution" campaign that accurately mirrors the original TC, thus putting that old thing to rest in obsolescence. Projects from other teams adding onto Retribution, much like how Lost Levels was made for the PSX TC. How about Doom 1 and Doom 2 remade in the 64 style, levels full of macros and creativity that breathes much more life into those old familiar layouts, for example?
  15. It'd be nice if people didn't argue about who's port is better all the time when TCs are involved. I'm hoping this gets official IWAD recognition like Harmony and so forth have. I'll be giving this a try later, the dynamic lights and animation updates have me interested. And I'll especially be interested if I can easily change the soundtrack to use the upcoming 20th Anniversary stuff, like ive done with the PSX GZDoom TC