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Status Updates posted by Devalaous

  1. Finished the Raven series today. The final map could have fit in with Canyon and Attack, but the rest of his maps kind of exemplified that he was terrible at detail. His sister's maps were far better in that wad.

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    2. bLOCKbOYgAMES


      You should post that thought about Tim Willits in the "Controversial opinions of Doom." thread, lol.

    3. Devalaous


      Its not all that controversial really; hes well documented championing anti-consumer practices, being egotistical, and has been caught lying many times. Quasar posted something that implies he was sabotaging id from within during Quake too, which, coupled with his eventual co-ownership of the company, doesn't paint a good picture. Classic ambitious man throwing everyone under the bus to advance.

    4. bLOCKbOYgAMES


      Wow. I didn't know any of this. I kind of felt that he wasn't an amazing creator, and so was just involved more in the management/business side of things at id.

  2. Finished three long overdue protocacoward/top 100 wads tonight, alongside Sector 666. Naturally, im still avoiding must-plays like Memento Mori, after all these years. One day..

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    2. bLOCKbOYgAMES


      Wait what. There is  a Doom launcher app that tracks stats and stuff? srs?


      And yes Mark Klem is a cool guy. He allowed me to use one of his tracks for that little project you mentioned that you kept a backup of. :)

    3. Devalaous


      Takes a lot of tinkering to get set up, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes hard to live without.




      This is my setup after a LOT of work. Megawads (15+ maps), Miniwads (2 to 14), single levels, various official content, all the Master Levels in one spot (plus the 7 rejected master levels), various stuff for Heretic and Hexen, deathmatch stuff, all the millions of cacoward/top 100 wads, and a folder that shows everything ive ever completed.


      Life-changing stuff :D I went through all four Doom IWADs again this year JUST to get those stats recorded.

    4. bLOCKbOYgAMES


      Wow. That is amazing. I may play around with it. Lol I suck at technical things though. :) It took me years to get any good at mapping.


  3. Well, D2TWID is now completed, and I must say, very rarely did it feel like Doom 2; too often the mappers couldn't resist their personal tells, as I could frequently tell which maps were Tarnsman maps, and Xaser's Abyss was filled with his usual towers. And the final boss absolutely required straferunning to finish, almost noone back in the day would have EVER beaten the game if this was the real Doom 2.


    The original DTWID felt far more like an id-like product. I wonder if the rejected maps feel closer to Doom 2, but I doubt we'll ever see them. Its been 7/8 years and they still aren't released :V

  4. Played through the TNT map you did for a birthday of mine tonight, after finishing half of the TNT iwad. Still a good fun little map, thanks again for making it :p

    1. cannonball


      No problem, I can’t believe how long ago it was.

    2. Devalaous


      Thats the terror of the Doom community; stuff like BTSX E1 is almost ten years old now. I dont think I'll ever finish my wad backlog before I die or get too old to play :p

  5. So I wasn't misremembering your Plutonia midi pack Cyberden midi being in a beta form in one of my birthday maps afterall. I didn't think about actually finishing them again till they were recorded on Doom Launcher's stay tracking, and sure enough, that midi plays as the intermission in an early rendition. 


    The second map is still totally unwinnable BTW :p years of skill improvements have not improved me enough. 

  6. Finished A.L.T. and despite taking several days to do so, this was definitely one of the more memorable megawads out there. I only wish it had been finished with its original vision, the guest mappers detract from it so much. Map 27 especially ruins the feeling progression.

  7. So I spent the last 6 hours at LEAST (this doesnt count reloads from the many many deaths) playing through A.L.T's epic Map 11. This journey was the kind of thing we had in mind for the last map of Revilution originally (Admittedly we were nowhere NEAR as creative as this dude's map, but it still felt like a journey to close out the megawad's last normal map)

    Except, we didnt put a fucking Icon of Sin fight at the end, ruining the whole journey.


    The level was so amazing all the way through, then THAT had to piss all over it. Not enough ammo, not enough health, the thing shoots like 8 cubes at once, and theres a massive army already there waiting for you, AND you blow yourself up on the brain-killing platform because of the carpet of monsters that triggers autoaim.

  8. I noticed Revilution's map 12 is counted as one of the top 100 memorable maps :)

    Feels good that the changes we caused to the original map ended up in getting so much praise. E2's original design
    was definitely an idea that would have great if carried through the full episode

  9. Sigil is great. Played it together with Doom Expanded, felt like they were made for each other 

  10. I am alive. Still no computer of my own, but I do have access to my brother's gaming laptop now, including all the Doom stuff I stuck on it for him.

    Wonder what notable stuff has come out in my long absence?

    1. Misty


      Eviternity and Hurt mapsets. 

    2. Devalaous


      I had a quick look at Eviternity the other day, looks interesting from screenshots alone, and an illfated music track for Revilution has found a home there, that alone warrants a look.

    3. Devalaous


      Oh my, Ultimate Doom the Way ID Did finally got out the door.

  11. Oh cool, Doom 64 in Doom 2 is out. Now I have something to look forward to one day when I have a good computer again. *returns to hiding*

  12. Sometimes when I play various older games, I find myself wondering what a Doom TC of said game would be like. Then I start visualising all these places in Doom's engine, how the monsters and weapons would work, and so forth.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Same, even tried my hand at making one...


      Key word is tried, "inexperienced moron gimps Marathon sprites" isn't a piece of work I want released in my name.

    2. Devalaous


      The recent game I imagined inside Doom was Jazz Jackrabbit of all things. Even pictured some Eris-remixed tracks for the second level of each world

  13. Watched a japanese godzilla movie today on my friend's birthday. Also totally destroyed all of the people I was against at air hockey at the arcade. Fun night.

  14. So I spent the last week and a half in hospital after having a sudden heart problem. Collapsed the day after I made my last update >_>

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    2. Eris


      christ dude, hope you're okay

    3. Devalaous


      I'm not Dedalaous yet :p At my mum's place now for two weeks, gonna be nice and quiet and nonstressful. Super-high stress, high humidity and genetic heart issues arent a nice combo, can screw you up real bad

  15. Having a lot of trouble with my breathing and my heart recently. A ton of people don't really believe me whatsoever for some reason, hopefully it isn't actually as bad as it often feels like it is.

    1. Fonze


      Shit, be careful out there. I've actually been having somewhat similar problems and have been thinking of giving up smoking for more oxygen intake later on, heh. Best wishes to you

    2. fraggle
  16. Kind of a bummer that Revilution wasn't quite good enough for a cacoward. It was born primarily from my then-boundless energy towards TNT2 and that carried the initial team through the early days when we were all bummed by the split. But at least im happy with the parts of my overall design goal that survived the shift in management, all being the parts that got praised the most.

    A runner-up is great though, for something I put so much effort into before real life obligations pulled me away from the project.

    1. Eris


      Others have said it already, but I think having runner-up status is less of a bummer for this year in particular, and the fact they ended up with nine runners-up overall goes to show how much quality stuff was released. I'd also make a point that Revilution is the only community project listed there ;)


      Guess I'll just have to knock it out the park with my take on TNT2!

  17. quite possibly the best username on Doomworld

  18. So I have a Doom mug with all the monsters on it, lined up like prisoners. Is it bad that I like to put green liquid in it and pretend im drinking a nukage barrel?

    1. Master O

      Master O

      Is the green liquid Mountain Dew? :)

    2. Devalaous
  19. Another dead computer dilemma, another forced exile to the one computer that cant play any kind of Doom. When even printers and calculators can play it and this cant...

    1. geo


      So it must be a 286? Even a 386 can play Doom.

    2. Devalaous


      I dont get how a computer can be so useless, my mum must have gotten the most budget computer possible

  20. Mount Pain, lives up to its name.

  21. 667 profile views, I ruined my own evilness, crap D:

    1. Eris


      fuck sorry i just ruined it further

    2. Phade102


      Oops, even worse now.

  22. Finishing off an old TNT playthrough on the PS3, went from Deepest Reaches to Lunar Mining Project. Drake's maps are still wonderful.

    1. Devalaous


      Almost through Ballistyx tonight, until my headphones stopped working, getting me killed by rev missiles I didnt hear

  23. Havent been on DW for a while, busy with life. Easy to forget this forum exists sometimes

    1. nxGangrel


      How long was "a while"?

    2. Devalaous


      I dont even remember the last time I was here. Good thing pretty much everything here is a slow burn sort of thing, hard to miss much of note

  24. The amount of arguing in project threads is insane. Might as well bring your popcorn to any thread these days

    1. DoomKnight1984


      Some people will nitpick anything...that's why they're never happy at life because all they do is complain. What a pity.

    2. Marcaek


      If you're referring to the revilution thread, the aforementioned concerns are entirely legitimate and barely qualify as "drama"

    3. Devalaous



  25. I really should get back to TVR