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  1. Today I learned blogs exist. I guess I'm one less part noob now. Now I just need to contribute and make a map for something! Oh wait that will never happen, too unskilled for that. I'll just keep butting into projects with "helpful advice" instead!

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    2. Use


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    3. Devalaous


      Someones been reading too much Doom Body Allegory.

      @Eris: That is amazing. I have to wonder what BFG stands for in this case :p

    4. Sharessa


      This thread brings back a few memories.

      Khorus said:

      Hm, speaking of the spam photo, I wonder where Julian is at these days. It's been years since I've talked with him.

      I've got him on Facebook. He does...something that requires him to travel a lot and give speeches.

      Between this thread and the Fredrick one, it just goes to show you how little I pay attention to other people's lives.