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  1. Told my close friends here this already, but why not vent it further.

    So, today I was assaulted in my own home, in my own room, by my mother's drug addict "partner" (I use that term very loosely, there is no love, obviously) and were it not for my mother's intervention, I could have been killed.

    I'm pretty lucky to (not only be alive) only have some minor bruises and grazes by the time she forced him to get off me, as well have a computer that SOMEHOW evaded total destruction despite being on my lap when he grabbed me and tried to choke me by forcing liquid soap down my throat (yeah, wtf?). Its entirely unscathed aside from a bloodstain on the lid from my finger that was cut from stray glass when I furiously smashed my desk lamp into his head repeatedly to stop the choke thing.

    This is his sixth assault on either me or my brother (Ive been attacked five times, because im the smaller weaker nerd brother, my brother is large. He only got attacked when he was recovering from knee surgery, coward)

    The saddest thing is that its a typical domestic abuse cycle; the type that cannot be easily left. He is the kind of slippery snake that dodges all charges, weaves his way through any and all loopholes and generally cant be dealt with legally without some huge carefully laid out plan.

    My stepmother had two people like this guy in her life; one during her teenage years, and one that was her best friend's partner. Her best friend was murdered in a similar situation to mine. So I know how much worse things can get and moves not to do at all cost.

    I know you guys cant really help with it (and would probably force his hand if someone did attempt to, he's deathly afraid of the cops actually busting him for real) but still, posting because it makes me feel a little better.

    HEY OBSIDIAN, I should sneakily move in with you. We can move to Mt. Doom and take over the words Dooming from there! No? Worth a shot.

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    2. Cupboard


      Don't look back.

    3. Devalaous


      Two days till a totally new life. While I will likely be at odds with my brother all the time over his lazy behaviour and tendency to live in his own trash, it definitely beats not..being beaten or choked etc.

      If I go offline and dont post anywhere for a long while, it'll likely be due to the internet at the flat not being sorted out, rather than being dead.

    4. CorSair


      At least you learn more about how to keep the flat tidy and in condition. Who knows if you start housekeeping business. :D

      Anyway, good to know you're getting back on track. Hope you don't need to fear for your life anymore.