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  1. Kind of a bummer that Revilution wasn't quite good enough for a cacoward. It was born primarily from my then-boundless energy towards TNT2 and that carried the initial team through the early days when we were all bummed by the split. But at least im happy with the parts of my overall design goal that survived the shift in management, all being the parts that got praised the most.

    A runner-up is great though, for something I put so much effort into before real life obligations pulled me away from the project.

    1. Tristan


      Others have said it already, but I think having runner-up status is less of a bummer for this year in particular, and the fact they ended up with nine runners-up overall goes to show how much quality stuff was released. I'd also make a point that Revilution is the only community project listed there ;)


      Guess I'll just have to knock it out the park with my take on TNT2!